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Any other particular technologies or techniques, esoteric or otherwise, that you are really excited about these days?

I have been composing on the Eurorack modular quite a bit lately. So a lot of my recent productions have been built around the idea of creating patches and building a song out of a patch from the modular system. I have recorded almost 93 new tracks this past year. I have been really inspired by this new way of working. There isn’t any computer or other hardware involved in the process. It’s just building a patch from the ground up, and seeing what happens. It’s a very organic way of working with sound and music. I was an early adopter of analog synthesizers back when I first started making music. I originally learned about how to shape sound on a Arp-2600 synthesizer which is a semi -modular format system with 66 patch points. That synth taught me a lot about how to modulate, envelope, color, and filter sounds. I have been doing a lot of beta testing and helping with design concepts for many different euro companies. It’s been a lot of fun. I have been spending the last 6 years building up my system. My latest release on MakeNoise records called “Creature’ was just released a few months ago.

It was recorded entirely on the MakeNoise shared modular system. The concept was that each artist was sent the same system, and was only allowed to use this system to record their compositions which would be later released on to a 7” inch limited edition record with patch notes on how the piece was created. The music you hear on the records is a result of each artist’s approach using this fixed modular system. The main inspiration for my two piece was derived from the early works of Morton Subotnick. I can remember listening to Morton’s “Until Spring” and “Wild Bull” records thinking how amazing the timbres and gestures where. I loved the unusual places these pieces took me. I loved the way everything sounded so organic and rich but at the same time synthesized. I also loved how these works almost told a story in that it conjured up so many interesting spaces and images in my mind. The “Creature” series is in a way paying homage to those works. I recorded 26 different version of the Creature II track here before I got the right one.

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