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MacroMachines – Karplus Web from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

Late night patch experiment using the new MacroMachines Memory manager expander for the Mungo d0 module. Noise snare source made with the noise engineering ataraxic translatron module that was running into the top section of a Optomix. The setting was set to a closed decay time and I set the dampen control clockwise to cut out the low end frequencies. From there I set the memory manager in sequence to clock at half the time of the main sequence tempo. I purposely set nothing to control the delay modulation inputs on the d0 for inputs A and B, so that we only hear the delay line open and just changing the slew rate times and feedback intensity caused some interesting feedback swells. The output signal was then ran into another Optomix bottom row then set it to a medium decay time so could ring out in more of controlled manner.
Other modules used was the ALM Pamela’s workout doing the tricky high hat pattern and kick drum via Tiptop BD 808. Scattered melodic notes dashed in reverb from the Mutable Instruments Braids running in WXT4 mode, and then being ran through an optomix for extra closed fast envelope control. The intellijel µScale was used for the subtly modulated plucks in conjunction with the Dixie and another Optomix. Trigger output from Pamela’s workout to a 8th division sequence with 9% random value. This was sent into the Uscale A trigger input. Then I took the VCO output on the Wogglebug which caused this super fast zigzag effect on “shift” input B . I took the output to a intellijel Dixie which was set to the FM input, for a marble scrambling type of sound. All outputs ran into one Intelljel Mutagen mixer running in my new Enclave 12U case. Reverb from the Eventide Space pedal.


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