5hifting Shap3s

Our buddy Joseph Fraioli ripping it.

5hifting Shap3s from joseph fraioli on Vimeo.

patch designed to utilize preset sequencing as a percussion element with the intellijel/cyclonix shapeshitfer in percussive mode. the shapeshifters presets envelopes were further controlled by use of an additional envelope and VCA. this way the percussion can be tight and small as well as opened to reveal accents that are generated naturally in sequence mode if the preset is not perc enabled. manual modulation of the envelopes decay creates changes of tight and more open percussive accents…
clock source and main modulation source is coming form the livewire chaos computer. clock sources are multiplied, divided, and additionally modulated by the 4ms RCD and SCM, make noise wogglebug, pressure points, brains, tiptop z8000, SSF propagate and pamelas workout.
other sound sources:
kick – bd808 >µfold
drone – hertz donut MKII
metallic oil drum like hits – cyclebox > echophon > MMG
FM drum percussion – braids
vocal like accents – gamma wave source > optomix > e580 > piston honda EXT in > grendel formant filter > mungo d0
reverb – eventide H8000fw.

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