Dark Corridors

Dark Corridors – Modular Patch from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

This patch was built entirely around the Delptronics Trigger Man which is a unique trigger/gate sequencer module with a 8HP format. The idea was to take 8 different patterns consisting of 8 steps for each of the 8 outputs. Then run the trigger man in pattern play mode using the VC input to determine the currently playing pattern. The 8 patterns where programmed to flow into each other in sort of a quasi random string. Output one was sent to the Tiptop BD-808 kick drum. Channel 2 was sent to the Snazzy FX Ardcore triggering one custom snare sound created with a NordLead 2X, these sounds where imported into the “fac drums” Arduino sketch. This output was then ran into the Synthrotex Eko to provide flowing delay slap back effect to the snare sound. Channel three output was sent to the first channel of the 4ms QCD, running at the 6th knob position in divide mode, then sent to the trigger input on the Mutable Instruments Braids VCO running in “CLKN” mode using the “PIK” envelope setting to create a very short synthetic hi-hat sound. Channel 4 was sent to the external clock input on the MakeNoise WoggleBug which then triggered out the stepped random sequence into the 1volt into the intellijel shapeshifter, and also splitting the signal using stackable cable to the Macro Machines “Storage Strip” module that was controlling the program step modes to the Mungo d0 delay module. Input to the Mungo d0 was from the “DAC” output 2 from the Ardcore. Channel 5 was ran into the “Sync” input on channel one of the Modcan Dual delay. Another stackable cable going from channel 5 went into the 4ms SCM clock input. The drones are created using two sine outputs from the MakeNoise DPO. Sine output one is running into one MakeNoise Optomix with a slow rate LFO (intellijel Dixie) controlling the damping/contrl settings. This output is then sent into the Tiptop Z-DSP running the new Halls of Valhalla cartridge. The Reverb algorithm used in this patch is “Ginnungagap” for the atmospheric drones of the modulated FM sine waves. The second output from DPO is running into another Optomix with the another intellijel Dixie controlling the damping and CV-control settings, but with slower rate times. The output from this was then sent to the Strymon “Big Sky” reverb pedal running in “Chorale” mode for the vocal like resonant drones. Other sound sources used are the Intellijel Shapeshiter for the high end DSP-FM scatters, which is being triggered by the inverse out on the 4ms QCD expander. Next is the Modcan CV-Recorder playing back recorded noisy computer glitches being controlled by the Modcan Quad LFO which is being clocked by the channel one output on Trigger Man. The murky watery sounds came from the second Mutable instruments Braids oscillator running in “Cloud” mode into the channel input 1 of the Modcan Dual delay with lightly filtered position. The last sound source is the Qu-Bit Electronix Nebulae playing back a single shot 40 second sample in loop mode of sounds I created in a Reaktor patch. All signals routed into the Intellijel Mutamix and Steady State Fate- Mixmode. With 4 additional output being mixed into an Allen & Heath mixer. :-)

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  1. joem March 28, 2014 at 12:00 am #

    Wow. I love it. The visuals, too!

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