Mothership Transmission: SSF Propagate Trigger Shifts

Mothership Transmission: SSF Propagate Trigger Shifts from Joseph Fraioli on Vimeo.

a patch focused around using modulated trigger delays via the steady state fate propagate module.
the main trigger sources are coming from the deplhtronics triggerman and 4MS RCD, the outputs are fed into the SSF propagate where the delay input on each channel is then modulated by the modcan quad LFO with different synced waveforms.
sound sources:
make noise mysteron
verbos harmonic oscillator
cylonix shapeshifter
noise engineering basimilus iteritas
mutable instruments braids
modulation sources:
modcan quad LFO
SSF ultra random analog
make noise wogglebug
make noise maths v2
make noise function
tip top z8000
synthesis technology e355
intellijel dixie
doepfer a-147
processing sources:
mungo d0 with macro machines storage strip
modcan dual delay
tiptop ZDSP with halls of valhalla card
make noise erbe verb
synthesis technology e560
make noise MMG
intellijel ufold
serge resonant equalizer
no computers or editings were using in this videoness.

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