DivKids Month of Modular Magazine

Interesting idea of consolidating and curating a scene that has blown up exponentially the past couple years. Excited to see what DivKid does with future issues! Link at the bottom.

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Issue #1 October 2015
Published on 29 October 2015 in “Music, Hobbies”, language — English. 6 pages.
Issue description:
The first issue, seems like a big step forward seeing this go live and public. Already ideas are flying around for how to develop this so feel free to get in touch about it at any of the links inside.
Magazine description:
A magazine to support and promote the modular synth scene based around the video demo work of DivKid – http://www.youtube.com/divkidvideo You’ll find news and features from around the web alongside more personal news from me and an interview each month.

DivKid Month of Modular Issue 1

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