Having the previous two Driven Machine Drum sample banks, I can say without a doubt that these are among the highest quality samples for electronic percussion. For $77 (until November 25th), its an incredible deal – and if you want a taste, DMD has a 131 demo sample available. Read more about it: HERE!

Driven Machine Drums 3:

2,426 Samples subdivided into 9 percussion types
422 KICKS (deep, soft, glitch, analog, harmonic, beatbox, dirty + more)
473 SNARES (big, electric, snappy, vintage, dirty, tight, FSU, industrial, exeriemental + more)
212 CLAPS (analog, wet, classic, bent, soft, small, digital + more)
210 TOMS (analog, beatbox, electroacoustic, industrial, vintage + more)
284 PERC REAL (beatbox, hand perc, metal, ethnic, vintage, electroacoustic + more)
231 PERC SYNTH (analog cowbells, rims, bongos, congas, electro, bells + more)
273 HATS (analog, shakers, modular, inharmonic, noise, vintage/beatbox, experimental + more)
51 CYMBALS (analog, hybrid, vintage/beatbox)
270 UNKNOWN ELECTRONIC (analog glitch, bwaps, dirty electric, pings, liquid creature, random bent, harmonic glitch + more)

4 modular systems to generate fresh and unique analog percussive sounds:
MakeNoise Modular System
Wiard / Richter / Malekko Modular System
Hordijk Modular System
Serge Creature

SP-1200 processing for a classic hip-hop sounds:
Gotharman SP-Box with SP-1200 D/A converters and analog vca + filter
Modern Digital FSU machines:
Gotharman Little Deformer 2
Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas
Intellijel Shapeshifter

Physical Modeling for electroacoustic hybrid sounds:
Nord Drum 2
Korg Wavedrum Oriental
Elektron Machine Drum
Modern and Classic analog drum sources:
Elektron Rytm
Vermona Kick Lancet
Roland TR-909
TTA 808 Modules
Vintage Digital Sources:
Roland R-70
Casio RZ-1
Emu Procussion
Additional creative analog effects processing:
Cwejman MMF-6 analogue filter
Cwejman FSH-1 frequency shifter
Intellijel uFold II wavefolder
Dynacord VRS-23 analog delay
Ibanez AD-202 analog delay
Demeter RV-1 spring reverb
Doepfer A-199 spring reverb
Additional analog processing to boost harmonics and shape the samples:
Atlas Pro Juggernaut Twin (with iron and nickel transformers)
Angel Lofte Source +
NOS French Mazda Tubes
NOS Valvo Tubes
Foote Control P3S
Valley People Dynamite
Analog Equalization:
Kush Elektra Electrified Transient Equalizer (19” rack)
GML 8200
AMS Neve 1081
API 5500 Dual Equalizer

Driven Machine Drums 3

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