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Suit & Tie Guy + WMD = ?

No clue what this is but I’m excited to see manufacturers collaborating.


Richard Devine – Buckeye Creek Farm

Multi-channel field recording of 12,000 bees at Buckeye Creek Farm.

Multi-channel field recording of 12,000 bees at Buckeye Creek Farm. from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

Richard Devine Soundcloud
Richard Devine Vimeo

Vladislav Delay – Shark Reef Studio

A previous interviewee of the Workspace and Environment series, Vladislav Delay has a new studio.

Vladislav Delay has been searching for the better and more personal sound since he started producing records in 1997. Through several studios (two in Helsinki, one in Berlin) his experience and the collection of equipment has grown and his current Shark Reef studio in Hailuoto, Finland is a testimony of that development.




Vladislav Delay

Carl Oliver – Experiments

Beautiful mind bending experiments from Carl Oliver to start off your week. More on his youtube channel linked below.
Carl Oliver Youtube

Workspace and Environment: Valance Drakes


My parents are originally from Barbados, West Indies. They came to England in the 60’s, They lived in West Kensington London, I was born at Westminster Hospital in 1985, then my parents moved to the Borough of Ealing where I currently live.

My Biological father, he was a vinyl junkie, his friend Bobby and himself use to take me to every record store in London and they would be in there for hours, he also owns a akai reel to reel, the generation of today is very lucky with technology because in my father days when he wanted to listen to one of his favourite tunes he would have to fast forward or rewind the tape in order to find it, so one day he sat me in the corner with my fisher price turntable and he tracked down every song he wanted, he started cutting and splicing until he ended up with his very own mix tape. He passed away when I was 8 years old and my Step Dad Kenneth Knight came into my life when I was 10 years old.


He got me in the music orchestra in primary school, the clarinet was my weapon of choice, I did many solo performances at school plays, In 97 was first time I witness The Come to Daddy Music Video by Aphex Twin, I told my mom the following day that I wanted music from him, so she went to HMV and purchased the EP which I still have to this day. I was also getting into Hip Hop at the time and one of my best mate played to me Delarosa and Asora: Sleep Method Suite, I also came across Autechre: Chiastic Slide, my mind was blown.

As years went by I got into Japanese Animation, Classics like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ghost In The Shell, Paprika and etc, I always based my music around the concept of Anime. One of my best friends from Australia (Daniel Lambert) influence through out the years.

Favorite Hardware
My Technics turntables. I got into Scratching before I got into production, I still dab into scratching because It’s one of of my favourite pass time and I love the Rane mixers, I also hang out with The Community Skratch Games Crew in Ireland and Brighton. I recently purchased a Binaural Microphones / Earphones by Roland, A japanese friend of mine told me about the experience of capturing audio in 3D, I take those and my portable recorder everywhere I go and record random stuff.


Favorite Software
I use FL Studio from the get go back in 97 and 16 years on i’m still using it because it was the only program that I could afford at that time and I just grew with it, many people were shocked to know that I use that DAW but I made projects such as my first album Digital Ninja Lp (Global Vortex Records), Tales from A Gameboi EP (Briefcase Rockers), Subliminal Arrangements 12″ (Alkalinear Recordings), Sky Open to Those Who Have Wings LP and Unseen Intruders collab with Qebrus (Bedroom Research), a tape release along side ilkae (Onibaba Records), Fallen Innocence (Bunkai – Kei Records), Biomorph Demo for Glitchmachines, Remix Richard Devine track from Risp and A Fatherless Child EP 12″ dedicated to step dad who passed away last year (Detund).

I also have an iPad, a portable recorder and some of my father’s vinyl for samples.

Workspace and Environment
I mainly make all of my music in my bedroom or walking around my area recording sounds on the go. Where I live in Ealing is a very mysterious and quiet place, it’s like the whispers is louder than the shadows at times so I add that element to my music. My ideal creative location would be a japanese garden where I can capture a lot of inspiration with all the surroundings or hi jacking Ivo Ivanov aka Glitchmachines music gear :P.


I am a strong believer of the term less is more so I make everything in FL Studio, I gather a lot of sounds through my portable recorder as well as improv session with mom in Native Instruments Reaktor, she’s becoming a boss cat now as when she hears the slightest sounds she’ll be like valance get your recorder and iPad ha ha

I did a remix for a mate in Birmingham: Defunkt Dialekt, I’m also going to working on a EP with 3x World DJ Champion: Tigerstyle, Working on some tunes with Enabl.ed from Cyuild Apo, working on remixes for Detund and carry on Beta Testing for Inear Display (France) Mitchell Nordine (Australia) and VI-Sounds (Netherlands)

I’ll be debuting at The Community Skratch Games in Galway Ireland at the end of March and will be showcasing in Leeds with The Tomorrow People. I’m planning to make a trip to the states next year.

Valance Drakes Facebook

Big Black Delta – Side of the Road

One of my favorite acts, Big Black Delta, premiering his video for Side of the Road whilst rocking a Surachai shirt.

Big Black Delta
Surachai Cover of Big Black Delta

MakeNoise – Creature III Patch Outtake

MakeNoise – Creature III Patch Outtake from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

Third patch outtake from the Creature series. This patch was contrived completely using only these MakeNoise modules, Pressure Points, Rene, Optomix, Moddemix, Wooglebug, Maths, DPO (Dual Prismatic Oscillator), Echophon, and Phonogene. The patch was clocked using the Wooglebug as the main tempo, and then sent to 4 different sources. Trills courtesy of the Maths output then triggering sporadically the strike inputs on the Optomix. Rene CV plots the pitch inputs on the DPO and fluttering CV/Gate data to the Phonogene. Woogle stepped out controlling various parameters on Echophon, and Phonogene for extra animation. Reverb splashes by the Eventide Space pedal which was used on the Echophon feedback output and return. One output on pressure points to toggle on and off the freeze function on Echophon for the held feedback effects. This patch was inspired by Morton Subotnick’s “Sidewinder.”

Make Noise Records

Performances + Workshop. Presented by Make Noise


◤ Friday March 29th:
Performances using the Make Noise Shared System
( )


► Robert A. A. Lowe: One of Chicago’s finest. Former member of 90 Day Men. Performs as Lichens. He has released music on Thrill Jockey, Type & Rainbow Body, among others.

► Richard Devine: Warp & Schematic Records recording artist. His sound design has been praised by abstract electronic luminaries Autechre.

► Subtle Gardener AKA Splendid Table: Collaboration between Joe Moresi and Dash Lewis of Subtle Body and Gardener.

◤ Saturday March 30th:
Free Workshop at Make Noise, 25 Carolina Lane
► 2:00 — 2:30: Intro to Modular Synthesis & the Functionality of Modules.
► 2:30 — 3:15: Modular Patch Demonstrations by Richard Devine & Robert A. A. Lowe.
► 3:15 — 3:45: Panel: Modular Synthesizers for Musical Purpose with Tony Ranaldo, Robert A. A. Lowe, & Richard Devine.
► 3:45 — 5:00: Make Noise Systems set up with headphones for user experimentation.

◤ For more information visit:
Facebook Event Page

Elektron Analog Four Sound Pack: The Richard Devine Collection

Download for free at: Elektron

128 experimental, haunting and outright bizarre Analog Four Sounds. Created by sound designer Richard Devine.

“I wanted to create a collection of abstract sounds that took advantage of the Analog Four’s extensive modulation capabilities. I hope these sounds inspire new ideas and offer some interesting starting points for a song.” — Richard Devine

Halfanese – Venom

If you’d rather not look at a pretty girl, here is just the audio.

Video: Halfanese
Model: VenomSuicideGirls
Audio: Surachai

Previous Halfanese videos: