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T_A NAMM 2012

Thank you Scott McGrath, our sponsors, the crew behind Wham Bam, and everyone that came to the BBQ. We’ve learned a lot from this experience and hopefully will be able to accommodate everyone we turned away next year. We hope to see both coasts for T_A events in 2012 but more information on that later…

The photo session in the video was run by Sarah Sitkin and her work can be found here: Sarah Sitkin’s Flickr! She’s responsible for the visual glory on To No Avail and a session with Sonoio. You can read an interview with her about her work on To No Avail here: Sarah Sitkin To No Avail Interview. Below are some selects from photoshoots from this past weekend.

Richard Devine

Nayib of Gorillabox

Scott & Julie Jaeger of Harvestman


A Spell To Ward Off Darkness

For the past several months whenever Rob AA Lowe (Lichens) and I met, he has been showing me progress of this film he’s starring in. It first began with productions stills, vague plots and shooting schedules and finally, about a month ago, he showed me this trailer that has been haunting me since. The video went public today.


From pagan re-enactors to Scandinavian communes, black metal concerts to Arctic hermits, and the forever Golden Hour to the Northern Lights, A SPELL TO WARD OFF THE DARKNESS is an inquiry into the possibilities of a spiritual existence within an increasingly secular world.

Starring musician Robert AA Lowe (LICHENS) and co-directed by Ben Rivers (UK) and Ben Russell (USA), A SPELL is a feature-length film that lies between fiction and non-fiction, a record of experience that proposes belief in transcendence as a viable outcome of living in the now.

NAMM – This Weekend

Here are a couple events that we’ll be attending. See you around Anaheim/LA!

Richard and Surachai will be playing at Wham Bam Friday, January 20th in downtown LA. These parties have always been incredible in the past and confirms that LA’s electronic music scene is one of the best in the country. Facebook Event Page

The TRASH_AUDIO BBQ has reached its capacity and RSVP’s are over. If you have paid and have not received information, please e-mail us. The party would not be possible without the help of our sponsors, check them out.


GearTrack, the organizational tool, marketplace, and answer to the music industry’s age-old problem of instrument theft, is currently in development. Through the creation of its searchable database, GearTrack aims to address four main goals: instrument and music gear management, to become a communicative platform and place for exchange, provenance for all levels of musicianship, and prevention of theft through the power of community.


You know about Matrixsynth already, it’s probably the reason you heard of our site. I’ve wasted months off my life staring at this site but at the same time getting schooled with “everything synth”. A valuable resource for news/researching, synth pr0n and watching incredible and incredibly horrible videos.

Tip Top Audio

Gur of Tip Top Audio has been dubbed “the smartest man in the room” by his competitors and the quality of his new-school meets old-school designs is a testament to this statement. Redesigning a Prophet filter, TR-808 drum instruments or making technological advances with the Z-DSP computer module – Tip Top Audio is making new audio tools with a nod to the past.

Make Noise Music

Tony Rolando, formally of Moog, has a deep musical background which is very apparent in Make Noise’s designs. Emphasis is placed on performance orientated modules and these modules breathes new life into entire modular systems. With products like the Pressure Points and RENÈ the word ‘presets’ become a reality and performance becomes a possibility. Oh, Make Noise loves vactrols too.

Harvestman Digital Electronics

Scott Jaeger embraces the advantages of analog and digital worlds and combines them into hybrid destroyers of the audio spectrum. If bitcrusher, wavetable distortion, and circuit bending mean anything to you, you’ll understand the potential destructive force behind Harvestman’s designs but the strange thing is – his modules play very well with others as well.

Twisted Tools

Twisted Tools offer an incredible amount of products for such a young company. Their Reaktor patches create sounds you’ve probably heard but never dreamt would be in your control. The layouts and designs are inviting and not littered with hard to reach menus. Focusing on From beautiful performance oriented Reaktor patches to stunning sample packs, Twisted Tools knows what the seasoned musician wants.

Late Night Desires
Anonymous donor. Enjoy this site.

Video courtesy Nordvargr

TipTop Audio Station 252 Website Update

TipTop Audio has updated their website with essential information and a borderline porn-esque photo gallery of their beautifully designed Station 252 case. It comes in two flavors, the Silver Bullet and I’ve been rocking the Black Widow for a few months and it’s easily the most portable and dependable case out there.

To all our customers who own a Station 252, we just want to assure you that this is not a new version or updated design. This is a website update, probably one that we should have done long ago – TipTop Audio

Official TipTop Audio Station 252 Page
TRASH_AUDIO Station 252 Overview

WHAM BAM: Richard Devine, Surachai, Drumcell, More!

Friendly Integration & Baseck present the 5th Annual: WHAM BAM!

Richard Devine
[D]Squared (Derek Michael & Baseck)
The Tleilaxu Music Machine
Nero’s Day at Disneyland

Friday January 20th, 2012. 9PM – 4AM
Downtown Los Angeles!
Directions & Info: 323-213-9736

Facebook Event Page

TRASH_AUDIO 2011 Videos

These are some of the events TRASH_AUDIO documented in 2011. We already have a few events planned for 2012 for LA, Chicago and hopefully New York.
There are a total of 89 videos on our YouTube Channel, so feel free to waste away.


Module Overviews

Harvestman Double Andore Curves

These are the envelope curves on the Harvestman Double Andore that have been documented by bluemeanie from Muffwiggler about a month ago. Below the curves is the “official” Harvestman Double Andore overview video.

The Harvestman Double Andore at AnalogueHaven

Tip Top Audio – BD808

The Tip Top Audio BD808 is the first in the proposed line of Roland TR-808 inspired modules. The manual is strangely captivating with its description of the creation process and detailed explanations for a seemingly simple 4hp module. My favorite section is where Tip Top Audio explains the beauty of “inconsistent sound” – something that manufacturers usually frown upon but is what makes the 808, and this module, really shine. At 4hp of space and a price tag of $99, I don’t see how this is even a consideration, get it.

BD808 Manual
Analogue Haven

Sonoio – Creating the Scientist Vinyl

Album version/ Drumcell remix. Limited and signed, 350 copies. Red vinyl.
Now available at


TRASH_AUDIO 2011 Releases

It’s been a busy and exciting year for us at TRASH_AUDIO. We threw parties and played shows around the country and have plans for next year already! Every one of our crew has released something and here is a roundup of everything we’ve done in 2011!

To No AvailInfo

Plague DiagramInfo

The Speed of ForeverInfo

Unreleased Demos


Red Remixes & 7″ Scientist VinylInfo


Twisted Tools: Transform – Info
Hollywood Edge: Mechanical Morphs – Info