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Droid 6th Year Anniversary – Venue Change

I just received this e-mail and if you were planning to come to the party in L.A. tonight, the venue has been changed.

due to some unforseen circumstances….we are now located at the emery
loft in east LA. the addy is as follows:

3411 e 15th St, EAST LA 90023

Only staff and DJ’s will be allowed to drive up to venue and enter
through the front door normally…..all other guests will have to be
shuttled in at the nearby drop point @ the corner of S Evergreen Ave &
E Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90023

they can call the droid info line at 323 743 8419…please spread the word.

For tickets, set times and more information, look down a few posts or follow this LINK. See you all tonight!

Droid 6th Year Anniversary – L.A. Here I Comes

*update: I have just received the set times. Hope to see all you there!

1000-1130 eezir live pa
1130-1200 tleilaxu music machine live pa
1200-1230 eustachian live pa
1230-0100 surachai live pa
0100-0140 derek michael live pa
0140-0240 jimmy edgar live pa
0240-0340 richard devine live pa
0340-close baseck vs general malice vs slyten

I will be heading to L.A. area for the second half of October. Droid Behavior is making the mistake of having a metal act open up their night but it seems like I’ll be among my kind with Eustachian and Richard Devine. The show, for certain, will be massive! More so than the NAMM show earlier this year. As usual, I’ll be bringing one my Doepfer suitcases full of goodies and an assortment of pedals. Come out and say ‘HAIL AND HORNS!’ Get your tickets: Here!
More information: Here!

Live audio_Output: POLYFUSE

Check out the tunes before you come:

As always, we’re going to bring out a substantial amount of gear that hopefully will melt the sound system. This should include a Doepfer modular synth for noise/processing. Access Virus Indigo, Virus Polar, random analog effects and….a guitar! Gasp!

Fuck it! We’ll do it live! – Surachai

Strangely after the European tours and shows around the states, this will be my first Surachai gig in Chicago. I’m not sure what to expect other than not fitting in but I’ll be bringing my modular, freshly constructed ThingmamaKIT and a bunch of delays. You can prepare yourself here: Programmed Cell Death

HITODAMA (members of DOSES)
SURACHAI (Fathme Records / shade:red)
LING LING (ex Elders and Tales Of Genji)
2101 N. California ave. (Logan Square) Chicago,IL
Sat. Jul. 26 – 9PM – 21+ –

LIve audio_Output: Live Acid Improv, TONIGHT!

Live audio_Output: 6-6-08

Tomorrow! If you’re in Chicago, this show should be pretty interesting and offer some intense variety. Ambient, 8 Bit, Dance, IDM and from me, electro/industrial under the name Polyfuse. I am dragging Surachai into this mess to help with processing through his modular, and another keyboard player (Jesse Meyer) to help make this performance an actual performance. More usefulness below.
presale tickets (All Details here)

We’ll do it live! Fuck it! – Surachai Gear Tour Diary

From the massive herds of 800 in Liege, Belgium to the desolate crowds of 20 in Zaragoza, Spain this tour was as moody as a buffalo’s teat in June. There are a few things I will remember to do next time. 1) Print out a personal bio on little cards to hand out to everyone because the essential (but exhausting) question of ‘what do you do’ can only be extravagantly lied about so much. 2) Put more filters in my modular system in order to kill more sound systems that don’t have limiters. Between our performances through the nights, we killed 3 systems. One of the systems even had a light inside the speaker to warn of impending melt-death. Pretty sight, bad smell. 3) Travel lighter! Plugging the modular system in the line-in on the Macbook gets noisy but it saves me from carrying an interface and mixer. The act is noisy by default so it turned out to be desirable.

I could talk about interesting setups I saw which included a family of Kaoss pads, or Wii controllers used with max but it more or less consisted of laptops and midi controllers. My camera’s LCD display got smashed in leaving me to take blind shots early on the tour. Not that I would take decent pictures anyway! Here’s an abbreviated tour…..

Liege, Belgium

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Madrid, Spain

Paris, France

Hamburg, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Modular through an X-Ray!

The setup!


I’ll be playing a one off show tomorrow tonight in Paris, France opening up for Rotator and Krumble. Usually these promoters have insane artwork for their flyers. Last year they came up with some real brutality and accurately visualizes how that night sounded: peep. This year they made the flyers before I confirmed and got them printed sans my name, so after taking some cue’s from Donnie Hoyle I made my own modest version. Come out and say ‘bonsoir’ and I’ll hand you a little satanic sticker. Details Here.
You can find what you’re getting yourself into: Rotator, Krumble, Surachai.

Oh and on a totally related note, I ran into Mike Brown of Liverwire Synthesizers’ blog and found a remnant of NAMM. Mike took this picture when Richard, Justin and I tried to pry ourselves from conversation to get food. The second one is a full on shot of what he brought out. Those AFG’s should be reaching people relatively soon. And DAMN, I need that Chaos Computer. Oh the things I would do to you……

Thanks, Europe Tour, Help Us Gig and Links….

There are a few more Workspace and Environment articles to post before I’ll be leaving for Eurolands but I’ll get to those details in a second. I’d like to take this space to say thanks for all the e-mails of support and to all the anonymous readers alike. We haven’t gained a penny since we started this blog and while we really have no clue how to capitalize on something like this, we’ll most likely continue the blog for quite some time for the sheer pleasure. And according to our hits, it’s a great place to promote friends and their artistry be it audio, physical or whatever garbage they produce. So I only hope we expose you to new music, products and thoughts.

With the thanks and sentimental crap out of the way. I will be on tour in Europe, destroying cities with my great friends Eustachian. A big chunk of the shows will have The Teknoist headlining with us and I’m sure we’ll have fun melting faces around his hood. I’m hyped to be a part of great lineups to play again with Captain Ahab in Madrid! I’m expecting to see a lot of familiar faces as the hardcore/grind/loudfastwhatever community is intensely small and personable. However I hope to meet new people! So if you’re on the list of cities, come out and say hi! If you mention you’re a reader of the blog, I’ll hand you out a nifty Surachai satanic sticker and a You Are Beautiful sticker to patch up the evilness. While I’m not on the road, I’ll be using Paris as a home base, so if any of you want to buy me cheese, drop a line! The schedule changes from day to day and we’re still looking for gigs on our off time. If you know someone or are someone who can find us a gig, please drop an e-mail to the address to the right ( While my makeshift Surachai site is the best source for updates on the gigs, here is the path of destruction as it stands:

March 22 2008 – Liege, Belgium – Peace and Corn w/ Eustachian, Teknoist
March 27 2008 – Madrid, Spain – w/Massive Lineup!
April 4 2008 – Zaragoza, Spain – Day of the Droids 11 w/Electric Kettle
April 5 2008 – Erfurt, Germany – Hellsbreakz w/Eustachian, Teknoist
April 30 2008 – Ghent, Belgium – w/Eustachian
May 1 2008 – Bristol, United Kingdom – Drum Disciples w/Eustachian, Teknoist
May 2 2008 – Barcelona, Spain – Day of the Droids w/Massive Lineup
May 3 2008 – Paris, France – TBA – w/Eustachian, Sgure, Autopsy Protocol
May 9 2008 – Leuven, Belgium – TBA w/Eustachian
May 10 2008 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Kunstvlaai Festival w/Eustachian

Live in LA : NAMM Afterpartys, This Friday & Saturday!

Create Digital Music is hosting a killer unofficial and free NAMM afterparty…

Performances from Trash_Audio Include
The Deep Element
Justin McGrath

Friday, January 18th
Handmade Music + Motion 8:00pm
Live sets start 9:30pm – late

Basswerks in Mid City LA
5411 W Adams Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90016
(323) 939-2535
Free! (Cash bar)

Thanks to:

Saturday January 19th
Droid Behavior + F.I. presents NAMM Afterhours
129 E. 3rd st. LA 90026
10pm – 6am :: $10 :: 18+/21+

Droid Behavior is joining forces with the Darkmatter Soundsystem and it will be massive. Richard Devine, The Flashbulb, Captain Ahab, Eustachian, D2 and Surachai (my grind/metal project) will destroy you. Come prepared for an aural assault. This party is so massive that the flyers gobble up all the space on your screen, check them out for the complete lineup! If this night doesn’t melt your face off, then I will do it personally afterwards in an alley. Keep current: Here or Here Additional Information…

Friday, January 18th
ALSO from Create Digital Music, Workshops!
Handmade Music + Motion:

– Bring your own DIY music or motion creations and other hardware toys and geek out with an international crowd of hipster-nerdsters! All projects welcome (space first come, first served — think small, bring portable speakers if you can)

– Put together free kits to make your own ribbon controllers without soldering

– Learn how Bryant Davis Place (future-tense-cpu) built his own DIY VJ sequencer for M8 using the Lemur multi-touch controller.

– Learn about the wonders of wireless MIDI sync in AV Performance with Acid&Bass&Momo producing a live remix of Karate Kid.

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