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Laurie Anderson and Guests


Richard Devine is playing a show curated but Laurie Anderson on June 19th in NYC.

One of America’s most renowned — and daring — creative pioneers, Laurie Anderson joins guest writers and musicians on stage for two singular events at Rockefeller Park. Often known for her multimedia presentations and innovative use of technology, the River To River Festival 2013 also features Anderson as a curator, presenting a series of projects that demonstrate her interest and investment in fellow writers, directors, theatre, and visual artists working in and around New York City.

“In addition to the guest artist line-up, I’ll be participating in two evening events; one that is focused on music and the other stories. My hope is to bring the spirit of improvisation into these two evenings and try to work very much in the present time.” – Laurie Anderson

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PSA: Half Nails, Half Asian

Justin has joined the Nine Inch Nails crew as Alessandro’s tech and they have been rehearsing for the past few weeks. Richard and Surachai are still Asian.


Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 8.35.15 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 8.33.56 PM

Performances + Workshop. Presented by Make Noise


◤ Friday March 29th:
Performances using the Make Noise Shared System
( )


► Robert A. A. Lowe: One of Chicago’s finest. Former member of 90 Day Men. Performs as Lichens. He has released music on Thrill Jockey, Type & Rainbow Body, among others.

► Richard Devine: Warp & Schematic Records recording artist. His sound design has been praised by abstract electronic luminaries Autechre.

► Subtle Gardener AKA Splendid Table: Collaboration between Joe Moresi and Dash Lewis of Subtle Body and Gardener.

◤ Saturday March 30th:
Free Workshop at Make Noise, 25 Carolina Lane
► 2:00 — 2:30: Intro to Modular Synthesis & the Functionality of Modules.
► 2:30 — 3:15: Modular Patch Demonstrations by Richard Devine & Robert A. A. Lowe.
► 3:15 — 3:45: Panel: Modular Synthesizers for Musical Purpose with Tony Ranaldo, Robert A. A. Lowe, & Richard Devine.
► 3:45 — 5:00: Make Noise Systems set up with headphones for user experimentation.

◤ For more information visit:
Facebook Event Page


We didn’t go to NAMM this year but a bunch of other people did and this is what we’re excited about.

Quad Clock Distributor (QCD)
Quad Pingable LFO (QPLFO)
Shifting Inverting Signal Mingler (SISM)
Pingable Animation Generator (PAG)
PEG Parameters (PEGP)

Make Noise
“MMG filter based on the QMMG. Single channel. Vactrols based. Voltage controlled mode fades continuously from LP to HP. Has Strike and Accent inputs. Voltage Controlled Resonance with automatic gain compensation. Input has compress and clamp circuit for overload.”
Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 11.22.48 AM

RXMX Routing Mixing Module



Synchrodyne Expander

Tip Top Audio
Trigger Riot – More Information

Buchla Easel


Korg MS-20 Mini

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12

Harvestman – English Tear / NAMM Notes


Many good things were displayed at NAMM. To me, one of the most important was the new Korg MS-20 Mini. I played with it for a long time and enjoyed it very much. It is very close to my full-size model. The MS-20 itself is an electronic instrument of extreme cultural importance, being the tool that motivated the development of several significant electronic music styles. This new version, available to all at a very low price, can only mean good things for the further development of these styles, and modular synthesis technique in general.

Because of this impending instrument release, I announce with great satisfaction ENGLISH TEAR, the first in a line of small utility modules. This module features the expected “voltage processor” attenuverter and big offset knobs, but also includes a full set of functions for interfacing to an MS-20. Easy conversion from exponential volt-per-octave to linear hertz-per-volt and back, as well as V-trigger to S-trigger conversion. Jack normalling fixes the voltage processors to these converter circuits, so you may scale the input voltages as desired. The log/expo converter ciruits also have many other uses in your modular system beyond the conversion of pitched voltages.

Price? Cheaper than anything else I’ve done. It will be released when the MS-20 comes out. I was thinking of dropping it into the Zorlon/Donut production run scheduled for April, but if the MS is somehow released before that I can expedite the build.

– Scott Jaeger of Harvestman

Los Angeles – January 2013

TRASH_AUDIO went to Los Angeles to aid DROID BEHAVIOR with throwing BL_K NOISE all the while avoiding NAMM. BL_K NOISE was incredibly well received, one of the best shows I’ve been to, and lucky to be involved with.

BL_K NOISE – LA, January 25th, 2013


The 6th annual convention inspired event brings together forward thinking production groups Droid Behavior, Capsule Labs, Trash Audio and Friendly Integration to present a night of analog and digital hardware performances. Expect a variety of modular synthesizers, drum machines, control voltage and random noise generation. These activities will take place at Capsule Labs pressing plant. Vinyl production demos will be held throughout the night as well a direct to lacquer disc recording of select performances. BL__K NOISE is for industry by industry. Outside guests and appreciators of the art are welcome.

Vatican Shadow (Live PA)
Alessandro Cortini (Live PA)
Mark Verbos (Live PA)
Richard Devine (Live PA)
Drumcell (DJ Set)
Surachai (DJ Set)
Baseck (Live PA)
Derek Michael (Live PA)

Capsule Labs Pressing Plant
2415 Eads St. Los Angeles, CA 90031
9PM – 4AM | $20 | 21+
Early Arrival Suggested

* Tickets are limited to around 200 and are going very fast!
Presale Tickets:
Facebook Event Page

Make Noise Records Presents: Shared System Series

Make Noise Records is proud to announce the Shared System Series! It is available for purchase and TRASH_AUDIO is the only place you can purchase it from online for the time being. Please visit the Make Noise Records webpage for more information and artist statements.

The Shared System Series compiles the separate recordings of several artists utilizing the same electronic musical instrument, the Shared System. At times it feels as though electronic music has become an overly automated form driven by simplified genre specific apps and software. What happens when the signal path is not pre-defined or optimized for a popular result? The Shared System is a modular synthesizer developed by Make Noise. It has no pre-determined signal path, and is not designed for any particular musical destination. In limiting the artists to this one instrument, we hope the Shared System Series of records will purely illustrate the intentions of the artists.

Mastered for vinyl by Audible Oddities, etched into high quality master lacquers made by SAE Mastering, and shipped to URP for pressing. The result is a high fidelity 7″ record. Like the Shared System instrument, the sleeves for these records are a combination of digital and analog technology. They are designed using computer software and printed using a hand-cranked letterpress called the Vandercook 4.

MNR_RichardDevine_Front_5x5_300Richard Devine: Creature I & II – $8
7″ Clear Vinyl, Limited to 500, Letterpress Cover.
Includes downloads to alternate takes & stickers.







MNR002Alessandro Cortini: ACMN1 & ACMN2 – $8
7″ Clear Vinyl, Limited to 500. Letterpress Cover.
Includes downloads to alternate takes & stickers.








Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe: Heptagramic Approximation & Alpha Crucis – $8
7″ Clear Vinyl, Limited to 500. Letterpress Cover. Includes stickers. Shipping mid/late January 2015







MNR004_666Keith Fullerton Whitman: Vehement Denial & Platelets – $8
7″ Clear Vinyl, Limited to 500. Letterpress Cover. Includes stickers.







a3948736473_10Surachai – Aeon / Belial – $8.5
7″ Clear Vinyl, Limited to 500. Letterpress Cover. Includes stickers and downloads to additional tracks. Order through Bandcamp








Side A – Aeon
Dual Prismatic Oscillator
DPO Final -> Optomix
DPO OSC 2 Square -> Phonogene Shift
DPO OSC 2 Sine -> Echphon in
Optomix Channel 2 in -> Echophon out
Optomix sum output -> Echophon in
Optomix Sum output->Moddemix Aux In

Phonogene Audio Out -> Wogglebug Ringmod In
Phonogene Audio Out -> Moddemix channel 1 Carrier (left input)

Pressure Points
Pressure Points Channel 4 Gate -> MATHS Channel 1 Trigger
Pressure Points Channel 4 Gate -> Phonogene Record
Pressure Points Channel 4 Gate -> moddemix channel 1 modulator (right)
Pressure Points Sequencer 2 output -> DPO Channel 1 v/oct

Maths Channel 1 -> Phonogene Gene Size In
Maths Channel 4 Cycle Mode -> DPO Angle In

Wogglebug Ring Out -> Modemix Channel Two Modulator (right)
Wogglebug Stepped VC Out -> Phonogene Slide

Rene XCLK -> Wogglebug Clock out
RENE QCV -> DPO OSC 2 v/oct
RENE CV -> Maths Both Channel 4
RENE Gate X -> DPO Strike

Main Output -> Moddemix Sum output

Side B – Belial
Heart In -> Echophon Clock Out
Ringmod In -> Echophon Feedback Out
Stepped CV Out -> DPO Fold CV In
Stepped CV Out -> Echophon Echo CV In
Stepped CV Out -> ModDeMix Channel 2 Carrier (left input)
Stepped CV Out -> MATHS Channel 4 Fall CV In
Random Clock -> RENE XCLK In
Clock Out -> RENE YCLK In
Woggle CV Out -> MATHS Channel 1 Fall In
Woggle CV Out -> Phonogene Gene Shift In

X-CV In -> MATHS Channel 3 (Negative Voltage)
YMOD In -> MATHS Channel 1 Out
Y-CV -> DPO Channel 2 Sine Out
QCV Out -> Echophon Mix CV In
QCV Out -> MATHS Channel 2 input (Negative Voltage)
QCV Out -> DPO FM Bus CV In
CV Out -> DPO Angle CV In
CV Out -> DPO Channel 1 1V/oct In
G-X Out -> DPO Strike In
G-Y Out -> MATHS Channel 1 Trigger In

Pressure Points
Channel 1 Pressure Out -> DPO Channel 2 Expo CV In
Channel 2 Pressure Out -> DPO Channel 1 Expo CV In
Channel 3 Pressure Out -> Echophon Depth CV In
Channel 4 Pressure Out -> Echophon Freeze In
Channel 4 Gate Out -> Phonogene Rec In

Channel 1 Both CV In – > MATHS Channel 4 out
Channel 1 Out -> Phonogene Slide CV In
Channel 1 Out -> DPO Modbus Index CV In
Channel 2 Out -> Echophon Echo CV In
OR Out -> Echophon Feedback CV In
Channel 3 Out -> DPO Shape CV In
Channel 4 Out -> MATHS Channel 3 In (Negative Voltage)
Channel 4 Trigger In -> Echophon Clock Out

Dual Prismatic Oscillator
Channel 1 Triangle Out -> ModDeMix Channel 1 Modulator (right input)
Channel 1 Saw -> Phonogene Gene Size CV In
Final Output -> Optomix Channel 2 In
Final Output -> ModDeMix Channel 1 Carrier In (left input)
Channel 2 Expo In -> ModDeMix Out 2

Moddemix Channel 1 output -> Echophon Audio In
Moddemix Channel 1 output -> Optomix Channel 1 Audio In

Aux In -> Echophon Mix Out
Sum out -> Phonogene Audio In

Main Output -> Phonogene Out




Unfortunately for international buyers, shipping rates have nearly doubled. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Make Noise Records
Make Noise Shared System
Make Noise Records Facebook

Macbeth – NEXUS 1

Macbeth will be showing the NEXUS 1 at NAMM 2013.



We took a little trip over to Knobcon this weekend, which was a lot of fun. Big thanks to Suit and Tie guy for setting this up and being the champion of organization. This is just a quick video edit of some footage I shot and doesn’t really capture the event as a whole. I heard a rumor that this may be happening again next year!

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