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Sonoio – Red Remixes

Alessandro has employed some of the top electronic musicians to rework his Red album released earlier this year. The list of remixers include Telefon Tel Aviv, Alan Wilder (Ex-Depeche Mode, Recoil), Eric Avery (Ex-Jane’s Addiction, Giraffe Tongue Orchestra), Daniel Myer (Haujobb) and more. In addition to the free download of the remix album, Sonoio has a limited edition 7″ vinyl single of Scientist with Drumcell’s remix.

The Scientist vinyl 7″ is $8 and if you’re quick, you can grab a test pressing limited to only 6 for $30. Hi-definition downloads of the remix album are $5.

Also, there’s a holiday sale going on with back catalog CDs, posters and digital downloads!


Scott Jaeger (Harvestman) – September 2010

Scott Jaeger of Harvestman performs in Chicago at the Trash_Audio & Xart Synth Meet 8 on September 18, 2010

Cameras – CCDM, Jamie Pool, Dave Jones, Surachai
Edit – Surachai

Charles Cohen – June 2010

It’s a bit overdue but I’ve been meaning to move a couple videos from ExposureRoom to YouTube. Here is Charles Cohen from a clinic Xart and Trash_Audio had in the summer of 2010. Coming up is Harvestman performance at Synth Meet 8.

Xart and Trash_Audio hosted Charles Cohen and Tyler (together known as Color is Luxury) from Philadelphia for a day of guided improvisation workshops and conversation. Their style of improvised electronics has been garnishing attention internationally, particularly Cohen’s mastery of the Buchla Music Easel. Here is their performance from June 19th in Chicago.

Charles Cohen

The Luminists

8 years earlier than planned, here is some “vintage” Charles Cohen, along with Eric Shefter’s visuals.

Studio overview:



the luminists at work:


more luminists at work:


and one last one:








Alessandro Cortini + Don Buchla performing Everything Ends Here

Richard Devine: RiSP EP Promo

Video promo for the new RiSP-EP release date on December 12 2011. Four tracks on limited edition clear vinyl and special packaging/design by dmas3 & remix by Drumcell. Digital version will be available with 6 tracks.


Surachai – To No Avail (Out Now)

I’m proud to announce that To No Avail is out now. You can download and pay-what-you-want at Handshake’s Bandcamp page. I recommend downloading the FLAC version and listening in it’s full merciless glory and of course grabbing it on vinyl when January comes around.

I’d like to point out that the intended format of this release is vinyl and was contemplating releasing it as only that. So I’ll make sure TO NO AVAIL gets released in accordance of the high quality standards Plague Diagram went through. It’ll be a on 180 gram vinyl and a beautiful gatefold showcasing Sarah Sitkin’s artwork in its full beauty.

Pre-orders for vinyl are available! The first 100 copies will be on white vinyl and will include either a copy of Plague Diagram or a refined logo shirt. Thanks for the ongoing support! Winter is Coming…

Surachai – To No Avail

Surachai – To No Avail (Preview)

A preview of Surachai’s forthcoming release To No Avail which will be released digitally on October 25th and on vinyl January 14th through Handshake Inc. Enjoy!

Handshake Inc.

The Sound of Data Transmissions – Electromagnetic fields

The Sound of Data Transmissions-Electromagnetic fields by RichardDevine

Recordings of various electrical devices (printers, scanners, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation, Mac-book hard drives, 5 different wireless modems, fax machines, iPhone, iPad, and computers.
Recorded with two telephone recording microphones (induction coil) into a Sound Devices 744T recorder 24-bit 96khz.

POLYFUSE Live, TWO different sets this Saturday (Chicago) (Update!)

This Saturday (July 30th) in Chicago I’ll oddly be playing two shows in a row. Surachai is joining for both. The first is at the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival and will be us doing some dark-ambient (but not TOO ambient) music. The second is at the AHHH!!! Music Festival and we’ll be doing the full out Industrial / Punk / Dark-Acid set with lights and modulars. Two very different experiences, come to both! Tons of amazing artists are playing at both of these events.

The guys putting together the AHHH!!! Music Festival currently have a kickstarter page going to help raise funds for their event. There’s some nice bonuses for donating, please check out the site for details. They are ALMOST at their goal, but time is running out, help if you can!

(The kickstarter funding was cancelled due to a small change in the festival, due to an issue with having part of the festival outdoors, everything is now moving indoors, the festival is still going on, full details here.)

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival:
2515 N Milwaukee Ave, 8pm


Facebook Event

AHHH!!! Music Festival:
Simone’s Bar, 960 West 18th St.

Saturday July 30th – 1pm

2:00 pm Rock Falls
3:00 pm- Bob Rok and DJ Mar
3:45 pm- Close Hits
4:45 pm- Natalie Grace Alford
5:45 pm- Lechuguillas
6:45 pm- Philip Morris
7:30 pm- Moonrises
8:30 pm- Magic Milk

AHHH!!! Music After Party
Saturday July 30th –9PM
Free- 21 and up

After party schedule:
Front room:
10pm-3am- Ghetto Division curates

Back room:
9:15pm- Margot/The North
11pm- Polyfuse
1145pm- Margot/The North
12 midnight- VALIS
1245: Margot/The North/Clit Talk (feat. Kool Kunts Klan)

Other events throughout the day include
Giveaways and raffles from:
Sailor Jerry Rum
Lucky’s Barbershop
Studio One Tattoo
Smoking Buddha Shop
Live painting, face painting and side walk drawing by
Yollocalli Arts Reach

Facebook Event
Main Event Site

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