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Tonight! Live in Chicago, Celldweller! w/ Polyfuse, Cyanotic, Prep School Tragedy and The Dead Room

Celldweller – a hybrid fusion of aggressive electronic music combined with orchestral and rock influences. Klayton, the multi-instrumentalist artist, producer, songwriter, performer, programmer, and re-mixer, is the mastermind behind it all. Klayton’s music has been heard by millions between in placements in Film/TV, and Video Games.

Tonight Surachai and Alibi Visuals will both be joining me on stage for the craziest POLYFUSE set ever, opening for Celldweller alongside Cyanotic, Prep School Tragedy, and The Dead Room. It’s going to be nuts and we think you should come…

Facebook Event

POLYFUSE – The Speed Of Forever

Album Artwork by Bridget Driessen
Guitar on ‘Dagger Hero’ by Corey Mixter
Modular Synthesizer on ‘The Last Thing You Said Was Fall’ by Surachai
Everything else: Justin McGrath

The Speed Of Forever (Minisite)

This one took a while, but it’s finally done and I am excited for everyone to hear it. This is the first official full length Polyfuse album and there is a (very different) second one, La Petite Mort coming right behind it. The recent Polyfuse releases have mainly been done on hardware only, but these were created with the entire studio arsenal. Enjoy and feel free to hit me with questions on this post!

Sonoio – Red Announced

SONOIO – Enough from Alessandro Cortini on Vimeo.

Alessandro Cortini has announced the second installment of SONOIO called RED. While BLUE was a work of art by utilizing a minimal set of tools to their fullest extent, RED is easily my favorite album that Alessandro has released. It’s catchy as shit, created with beautiful instruments and has Alessandro’s signature sound – a perfect summer album and will undoubtedly follow you for years to come. You can download the first 4 songs for free right now but the album drops on June 21st and physical products ship out around then. SuONOIO V2 has a new faceplate and sample bank full of sounds derived from RED. Like the first two batches of SuONOIO, these noisemakers won’t last very long. Support independent artists and buy something.

BLUE is still available as well as NON – a free remix album that features Ladytron, Big Black Delta, Richard Devine and other artists interpreting SONOIO’s work on BLUE.

Interview coming soon… If you have something to ask Alessandro, write it in the comments on this post and if it’s not stupid, we will ask it. We’ll stop taking questions Thursday evening.
*UPDATE – We’re cutting off the questions. Thank you come again.
*UPDATE 2 – If you’re still into badgering him with your questions, ask him on Reddit: HERE!


Tracking Drones with Eventide Pedals

While waiting for client reviews, updated revisions and general contact, I get inspired by whats laying around. Fortunately Eventide sent over these pedals for Synth Event 9 but unfortunately I’m an idiot and had them delivered to the wrong address so no one got to mess with them. But they’re here now and every single one of them is amazing. My favorite being the almost unobtainable Space which has been backordered until summer and the PitchFactor!

The audio was created entirely with the SuONOIO, a Kalimba and an Ekdahl Moisturizer – the Eventide pedals gave the instruments a depth and quality I’ve only experienced with… well Eventide products. This video shows me adding the Ekdahl track to a session. The signal chain is Instrument – > Pitch Factor -> Time Factor -> Space. The video itself is a bit boring, so the best bet is to hit ‘play’, open a new window, and continue browsing…

Ekdahl Moisturizer

Trash_Audio & Xart Synth Event 9

We did a few things this weekend…

Richard Devine and Alessandro Cortini Live at Trash_Audio Synth Meet 9

Act 1: Richard Devine

Act 2: Alessandro Cortini

Act 3: Richard Devine + Alessandro Cortini

Trash_Audio & Xart Synth Event 9
– Video by Dave Jones (kernelslacker)
– Live Visuals by Johnny Woods on an LZX system

Plague Diagram: Evidence

First two weeks of sales have been doing well. I’m unloading to European distribution and will keep some for shows and the website. Vinyl and shirts are still available from me, visit

A few local stores are carrying Plague Diagram – If you’re in Chicago its the best and cheapest way to grab the beautiful 180 gram and clear vinyl. Some more stores have expressed interest in carrying a few copies and they’ll be announced when they’re carrying it.

Plague Diagram

Check the metal sections in these Chicago stores:
Reckless Records – Milwaukee Ave Location
Bucket O’ Blood

Wall of Sound

Toolbox – They’ll be in stock in the coming weeks.

Plague Diagram – OUT NOW!

It has been an incredible amount of work to get to this point and I’m proud to announce that Plague Diagram is now out!! Pre-Orders got shipped out today.

The album is free to download, has a $3 Hi-Def download option, is available on 180 gram, clear vinyl (limited edition of 500) and there is a sick shirt – all physical orders come with stickers. I’m partial to the vinyl release as it was the reason the album was held up for a few months and it sounds sick – lots of clear highs, sub bass and transients that punch at your chest! Not to mention, the vinyl edition is beautiful in its minimalistic design. Also with the vinyl purchase, I’ll pass over the vinyl digital masters if you request it in your order. The video below is of the assembly process.

This is a 100% independent release, having no help from labels or outside funding. Any promotion, interviews or help would be appreciated as I’m only one person. Contact for inquiries.

Plague Diagram Notes
Isolation (Featuring Alessandro Cortini, Richard Devine, Otto von Schirach)
Ashes (Featuring Nordvargr, Andre Sanabria)
Void (Featuring Otto von Schirach)
No Names (Featuring Richard Devine)

Artwork – Bridget Driessen
Digital Mastering – James Cigler
Vinyl Mastering – Shawn Hatfield
Devised by Surachai Sutthisasanakul

Plague Diagram

Plague Diagram Vinyl Arrival

I’ve been in LA since the 11th and all 200 pounds of my 180 gram clear vinyl arrived at my doorstep the day after I left. You can imagine my frustration as I tried to coordinate having vinyl available while hanging out at NAMM/LA. But they’ve been sitting in my freezing basement and I came home tonight to hear it for the first time. They came out better than the test pressing – lots of clear highs and that smooth vinyl burn. Can’t wait to get this out to you all! YES!

I’ll be sending out an e-mail offering pre-order specials, including discounted vinyl editions and access to limited edition test pressings. If you want in, sign up below! Deadline is January 22nd. This is the cheapest the vinyl and shirts will ever be.

Surachai – Plague Diagram: January 24th!

Plague Diagram has a release date: It will be January 24th! I’ll be sending out an e-mail offering pre-order specials, including discounted vinyl editions and access to limited edition test pressings. If you want in, sign up below! E-mails go out tomorrow! Deadline is January 22nd.
*update: I’ll be sending out e-mails every few days to new persons that signs up.

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