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Caption Contest

Justin sent this picture in. I’m busy. You caption it. Winner gets nothing.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 3.29.14 PM


cyrusrex + Baseck – #DBC611G-1D

cyrusrex + Baseck – #DBC611G-1D from Muff Wiggler on Vimeo.

Cyrusrex + Baseck – Modular Synth, DSI Tempest, DevilFish TB303, Strymon BigSky, casio #DBC611G-1D

Surachai – Form Thirty-Five

This summer has been busy but managed to find a some moments to piece together this patch. Overall the patch is 6 channels with some sub mixing.

Channels 1 & 2 – Harvestman Piston Honda MKII > Tip Top Audio ZDSP running Valhalla Shimmer DSP chip.
Channel 3 – Tip Top Audio BD808 + RS808 + HATS808
Channel 4 – Cwejman VM-1 + Synth Tech E350 + > Make Noise Optomixes
Channel 5 – Mutable Instruments Braids + WMD Gamma Wave + Tip Top Audio Z3000 > Make Noise QMMG
Channel 6 – Blue Lantern Asteroid BD

Sequencing was performed on Mutable Instruments’ Grids, Tip Top Audio Z8000, Harvestman Stillson Hammer, 4ms RCD/SCM, Doepfer A155/154.

WMD Sequential Switch Matrix Overview

Been using the SSM module a lot the past few months and it has brought new life to modules I sometimes overlook. Using the ins/outs of a single module with the SSM is the closest thing to circuit bending it and creates new sounds from every module I’ve used it with.

Overview video of the SSM by Alex at WMD. Full basic function explained.

Universal Audio Releases Thermionic Culture Vulture

A few weeks back, the UAD Thermionic Culture Vulture plug-in blew my in ear monitors and I took it as a sign to pursue the hardware version. Compared to the standard issue Culture Vulture that UAD emulates, The Culture Vulture Super 15 edition has 7 additional distortion functions, additional drive settings, and a few extra features – and decided on this model. Between the order and arrival, I spent many hours with the plug-in and used it in non-traditional ways.

The Soundcloud example below is a single take starting off with the dry signal and then initiating different gain stages. The Culture Vulture Super 15 is being used serially, one channel feeding into another, rather than in parallel in order achieve extreme results.

- Thermionic Culture Vulture

Closing track from my modular set at the Tokyo Modular Festival 2014, visuals by BR-laser

Closing track from my modular set at the Tokyo Modular Festival 2014, visuals by BR-laser from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

Last track of my live modular set at Tokyo Modular Festival 2014. Mesmerizing laser visuals by BR-Laser. The module used is a creation from BR laser, and makes a laser projector work in the fashion of an analog oscilloscope in X/Y mode. The signal flow from the interface module to the laser is fully analogue, because of this the visuals are extremely responsive, and the module can connect to RGB laser projectors.

- BR-Laser Facebook


Basimiuls Iteritas is a parameterized digital drum synthesizer with its roots in the analog world. At its heart it is a simple six oscillator additive synthesizer with adjustable waveform, harmonic spread and decay. Adjustable attack including a noise oscillator is also included. These are summed and fed into an infinifolder for crunch and variety.

- Noise Engineering: Basimilus Iteritas

Twisted Tools – Darkmorph

Twisted Tools and Soundmorph again make a no brainer sample pack at a great price.

DARKMORPH delivers drums, impacts, bass morphs, passbys, ambience, user interface and robotic sounds, derived from both field recordings and designed sounds. The package is made up of over 2.9GB of 24bit/96kHz metadata enriched WAV files, along with the MP16e sampler for Reaktor and presets kits for MASCHINE, ABLETON, EXS24, BATTERY, KONTAKT and REAKTOR.

DARKMORPH was hand-crafted for Twisted Tools by Jason Cushing and Yan David of SoundMorph and is available exclusively at the Twisted Tools shop for just $69.

Main Features:
• Over 2.9 Gigabytes of sound effects and designed sounds
• 24bit/96khz wavs
• Soundminer enriched metadata
• Files can be used with almost any media software application or DAW
• Maschine ready metadata
• Sampler instrument presets for Maschine, Ableton Live 9, Battery, EXS24, Kontakt, Maschine and Reaktor
• A brand new version of Twisted Tools’ MP16 sampler, called the MP16e

Sound Categories:
Cinematic Matter
Pass By
User Interface

- Twisted Tools Darkmorph

Peter Speer’s Scream Patch

Heard this during Peter’s soundcheck and was pleasantly horrified.

Scream Patch Tutorial from Peter Speer on Vimeo.

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