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Critters, synths, Nails.

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My corner (and @treznor ‘s piano) from the Troubadour show. #nin2013 #prophet12 #tascam #nagra #elektron #soundplane #op1

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Art Direction : @rob_sheridan

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Version Industries Blog: surachai_090313

Caspar of Version Industries wrote up on the process of creating the artwork to Embraced. He’s created some of my favorite artwork for Big Black Delta, Sonoio, and the recent Activator. His clients include Louis C.K., Daft Punk, and of course, Jennifer Lopez. I’ve always loved his artwork, as if you could touch them, or already have had a physical encounter with them before – instant nostalgia. I was curious what he’d do when given the direction of “extreme” and fuck me was I blown away.

“i met surachai sutthisasanakul through alessandro cortini. alessandro would always be laughing about something surachai sent him via email or ichat – usually something grotesque pulled from the murkier depths of the internet. sharing a penchant for the disgusting to the point of having a secret online forum where my friends and i post the most vile things we can find, i knew one day i had to meet this surachai.

the first thing that struck me about surachai’s music was that it didn’t immediately fall into any categorization other than the one he chose to put it in himself. it was spawned from black metal for sure, but really it was a melange of things both experimental and cinematic. moreover it marked a departure from the slightly ridiculous “second wave” of black metal that i’d read about in the pages of UK rock rag kerrang! during my teenage years.

surachai put out two LPs before he and i had a chance to work together. both of these releases in terms of their accompanying artwork revealed once more a taste for a more refined, original and considered presentation than you’d expect from the genre. surachai himself even quipped that his sound was more ‘plagued’ metal than ‘black’. either way all my friends were impressed with the sounds he was making and whilst it still wasn’t entirely my scene, he had me convinced it was worth some serious attention.

it must have been late last year that surachai told me he wanted me to work on the artwork for his next record. given he’d already employed the likes of bridget driessen and sarah sitkin to handle such duties on his last two records, it came as a great compliment. he said the record wasn’t anywhere near done yet, and in typical fashion i told him i’m not really much use until i hear something closer to the final music. it’s always the sense that something’s close to done that allows me the chance to fully immerse myself and see what images come.

finally in march of this year i holed myself up in my studio for the weekend, put the record on loop for the umpteenth time and let loose. i remember clearly that i’d wanted to create something close to how it felt to read the end of DM thomas’s novel the white hotel. this was a book i’d recently finished that had an ending so fiercely out of left-field that i’d found myself in tears on the train i was riding at the time. the feeling of despair i’d been left with was quite unmanageable and combined with a photograph surachai had shown me a few weeks before of fingernail scratch marks on the wall of a concentration camp gas chamber, i felt compelled to make him something that would tear the world down. something that at the very least was as harrowing and sad.

however, as i’ve learnt over the years if you go into these things trying to force a thing like that or even start with a visual idea so incongruent from what you were actually hearing in the music and lyrics of the songs, it’s not going to work. i hold the belief that the artwork for a record must in some prevalent capacity be a visual response to the sound. it can speak to outside influences without question – doubtless you and the band will have discussed the many ideas that went into making the songs – but hopefully you’ve not been hired to simply imitate another artist or illustrate someone else’s description. hopefully your job here is to interpret what you hear visually, and in so doing create something that gives people a unique and unconscious taste of what they’re about to hear.

the lyrics to embraced of course painted a dark, bleak and hopeless image, but one of a resoundingly science-fiction nature. in fact once i started to really listen to them in the context of the music, all the imagery and ideas i’d had up tp that point about how the record should look and feel just fell away. i was all of a sudden very clear on what i wanted to make and soon i was looking at a dark field of stars with some kind of nightmare seeping slowly and bloodily out of its shadows, ruptured amniotic sacs and all.

not wanting to make the visuals too alien and dissociative for people, the album’s inside spread was a way for me to humanize the overall story i was trying to tell. i wanted to show some kind of ‘down to earth’ response to the horrors out there in space – some kind of worship perhaps. it was then that i remembered i’d taken photographs of my friend lena marquise performing a macabre burlesque piece in the early hours of the morning at a club i used to work at. flipping through them again it wasn’t long before i was adapting them to this new world i’d created.

surachai didn’t hesitate for a moment when i sent him the final layouts. in fact i think it was just minutes after emailing him that i got a message from him on ichat saying, ‘i fucking LOVE you.’ still i can’t say i wasn’t terrified as to what he’d think. interpreting someone else’s music with a picture takes a lot of trust, and you just have to hope they really understand what they’re asking when they hire you for the job. in this case i think it’s fair to say we made a good match and i’m still incredibly honoured to this day to have been responsible for producing the artwork for such a fantastic record.”

Version Industries Surachai Blog
Surachai – Embraced

TRASH_AUDIO Synth Event 13. October 27th. Asheville, NC.


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Facebook event page started: HERE!!

Hey. This is next week.

Alessandro Cortini added to the live performance lineup and Justin Mcgrath will be teching for him – this means the entire TRASH_AUDIO crew will be in attendance! How To Destroy Angels canceled their show at Mountain Oasis Festival and is giving us their leftovers.

Official announcement on Mountain Oasis’ site

Mountain Oasis is proud to partner with TRASH_AUDIO to bring you Synth Event 13 Sunday, October 27 live at The Apothecary from 1:00-7:00PM. TRASH_AUDIO is an audio artist collective comprised of four accomplished musicians and highly regarded sound designers- Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails, How To Destroy Angels), Justin McGrath (Nine Inch Nails, former Senior Sound Designer for Motorola Mobility), Richard Devine (Recording Artist, Sound Designer), Surachai (Sound Designer, Location Sound Engineer, Recording Artist).

Synth Event 13 will feature manufacturer demonstrations and hands on opportunities to interact with the products and people responsible for making them a reality. These demonstrations will be followed immediately by live performances curated by Richard Devine to close the evening. Come by and experience these incredible creations live thanks to TRASH_AUDIO.

Full details on participating manufacturers and live performances can be found below. TRASH_AUDIO Synth Event 13 will be open to the public, including all Mountain Oasis pass and ticket holders, free of charge.

The Apothecary
39 S Market St #B
Asheville, NC 28801

TRASH_AUDIO is confirmed for the Apothecary in Asheville, NC for October 27th! We’re working with Mountain Oasis Festival to make sure we get publicity and an audience. We’re currently reserving spots for manufacturers so if your company has not been contacted and you are interested, please e-mail and we’ll work it out.

Following the template of the last few T_A events, Synth Even 13 will feature manufacturers for the first part of the day and performances curated by Richard Devine to close the evening.

Confirmed Manufacturers:
Abstract Data
Enclave Cases
Keith McMillen Instruments
Macro Machines
Make Noise
Malekko Heavy Industry Corporation
Steady State Fate
Snazzy FX
The Harvestman

Jason Butcher/Don Hassler
Carl Oliver
Richard Devine
Walker Farrell
Alessandro Cortini


Record Release Party For Make Noise Records 003. September 8, Brooklyn, NY.

Make Noise Flyer 2013-01-01

Demonstration / Question & Answer with Tony Rolando of Make Noise.
416 Lorimer St #1R
Brooklyn, NY

Record Release / Performances
Robert A.A. Lowe
On A Clear Day

9pm – 12am
The Silent Barn
Top Floor
586 Bushwick Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Nine Inch Nails 2013 Festival Tour Behind The Scenes

An interesting look into what everyone in NIN has been occupied with the past few several months.

Mungo d0 dual channel delay – CV Glitch feedback patch

Mungo d0 dual channel delay – CV Glitch feedback patch from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

Zigzag karplus strong feedback percussion patch made with the Mungo d0 dual channel delay. Clocking sources MakeNoise wogglebug, using clocked and noise bursts outs. Muti clock to the 4ms SCM input, shifted and rotated. Noise sources are one single sine wave running into one channel on the Optomix, strike input via the S5 output on the 4ms SCM. This plucked sine wave is then being processed through the Mungo d0 delay. Gate burst out into the clocked input on the d0, creating broken glitchy iterations in the feedback path.

Mungo d0

1280 waveforms of the Richter MegaWave

1280 favorite waveforms of the Richter MegaWave from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

I wanted to show a simple patch showcasing my favorite 5 banks of the Richter Megawave. Each bank has 256 waveforms that I slowly cycle through. These include the Miniwave, Socket Rocket, PPPGVS, Darwin’s House, and Monowave. The external Wave select input is being CV controlled by a intellijel Dixie sine output slow rate (LFO). No other processing or filtering has been applied.
Really helpful guide to all the wave-shapes and ROMS here in the MegaWave guide:

First look at the Malekko/Richter Megawave Voltage Controlled Wave Table Device

First look at the Malekko/Richter Megawave Voltage Controlled Wave Table Device from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

First patch using the Malekko/Richter Megawave. Using multiple synced Intellijel Dixie LFO’s CV modulating the wave, bank, and Rom inputs. Cycling glitching through banks (MiniWave, Socket Rocket, PPPGVS, Darwin’s House, and Monowave). CV control zigzag LFO patterns from the E355 Morphing Dual LFO set to control the Rom select. The output was then ran into the Synthesis Technology e560 Deflector Shield in phase mode. Drums courtesy of the Mungo g0 with rippling sound effects recorded from the Cwejman S1. Everything clocked and mangled from one single MakeNoise Woggle bug.

Malekko Megawave

Soniccouture Geosonics ft. Chris Watson


Chris Watson interviews


Ice and Water



SonicCouture Geosonics

NIN Lollapalooza August 2nd, 2013

Got a new camera. No idea what I’m doing.




Full set from Lollapalooza