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I started using tumblr. It’s only going to be for photos directly from me either live right from my camera phone or from shots I’ve taken with a real camera uploaded as soon as I can get to them….
Polyfuse Tumblr

No sequencer Patch experiment – modular freejazz sequence

No sequencer Patch experiment – modular freejazz sequence from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

Patch experiment trying to use just a few LFO’s synced together at very slow rates to generate a loose arrangement of triggered square wave pulses. These pulses where sent out to a few voices on the delptronics
ldb-1e and the DrumDokta & “Clap” Breakout running through a MakeNoise Phonogene/Echophon delay. FM swells courtesy of the MakeNoise DPO and Intellijel Rubicon, ran through a Strymon TimeLine delay pedal. Haunting drones coming from the Cycle Box II and WMD wave gamma.

Macbeth – NEXUS 1

Macbeth will be showing the NEXUS 1 at NAMM 2013.


Halfanese – Shanti

Shanti from Francis Kmiecik on Vimeo.

Model: Shanti
Visual: Halfanese
Audio: Surachai

Extended version of the Shanti:

Navs Modular Lab reviews Cwejman MMF-2

The MMF-2 came out this summer and quickly sold out. Having spent some time with one, it’s easy to understand why. It offers a wealth of possibilities and sounds great… More info after the link

Navs Modular Lab

Trifonic’s new album release ‘Ninth Wave’ out today!

Trifonic is finally back with their second album release to date, Ninth Wave. This time around there is a lot of bonus content that’s especially interesting to all you electronic music producers out there. Here’s a rundown of the album variants available…

Digital Plus: Includes album tracks (WAV, FLAC, or 320K MP3), plus bonus instrumentals and an audio producer’s commentary.

Limited Edition CD: Includes an insert of the album cover image, plus immediate download of all the files in the Digital Plus package.

Producer’s Edition: Includes full audio stems of all album tracks, production video tutorials, and multi-instrument sample kits.

An overview by Brian from Trifonic showing what’s included in the massive producer’s edition…

And finally, some new shots from the Trifonic studio!

Trifonic: Ninth Wave
Workspace and Environment: Trifonic

Elektron: Doing it weird.

Elektron has just posted their second short film to date, this one to tease at the upcoming 4 Voice Analog Synth they have coming out soon. I admire their willingness to be different when they could have just had a guy with a bad haircut show us some great new features. Do it Elektron!

Tradition & Future

Edit: Because I know you’re going to do it anyway:

Ekdahl Moisturizer – Modded

Before meeting Ekdahl in NYC earlier this year, I didn’t know Moisturizers could be modded. After messing with a modded version, it was clearly the version to have. Mods include signal chain switch, increased resonance, LFO speeds, overdrive and, my favorite, feedback. Only a modded Ekdahl moisturizer was used in this recording. If you want your Moisturizer modded, get in touch with Karl of Knas Music:

Moisturizer Mods

Sound of Close Encounters of the Third Kind

For Close Encounters of the Third Kind, however, Steven Spielberg decided to do something different. Like Alfred Hitchcock filming a terrifying attack scene in the middle of the day, Spielberg wanted to film his big reveal in an eerie silence. For the video below, critic and Slate contributor Tom Shone spoke to Spielberg about the sound design of that scene, when Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfuss) first encounters a UFO. (He made the video for his students at NYU, but posted it on his blog over the weekend.) Spielberg tells Shone how he and sound editor Frank Warner scored the scene with almost complete silence—you literally hear crickets—to enhance the suspense and bring out all the “particulars” of the scene. Since they didn’t mix in booming timpani or a roaring engine, they could focus the audience on details: the clanking of nearby mailboxes, the hiss of the car engine overheating, a dog barking somewhere in the distance.

Full Article on Slate

Tyme Sefari MKII – A Sound of Thunder

An expansion for the Harvestman Tyme Sefari MKII is apparently being worked on and if it’s anything like its predecessor it’ll be able to obliterate whatever is in its memory.