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Elektron: 4 Voice Analog Synth Coming Soon…

You do the math…

And this, is what it sounds like:

Tradition and Future (Elektron Teaser site)
Discussion on Elektron’s Official Forum

How To Destroy Angels – Keep It Together

Sleepy gear porn…

Cyrusrex – Below

Our friend and previous Workspace and Environment participant Cyrusrex released this video a few days ago.

“Live Recording of Tonight’s Modular Ambience. Sleepy Little piece. Used in this Recording: Various Modular Gear, TB-303 Devilfish, Strymon BlueSky + TimeLine, Eventide Space, Moogerfooger Delay.”

Make Noise Records – Shared System Series Update

Received a Richard Devine 7″ test pressing from Tony of Make Noise Music today and can confidently say that this is the best sounding 7″ record I’ve heard. Shawn Hatfield of Audible Oddities and Roger Seibel of SAE take their jobs seriously and it sounds fucking incredible. APPROVED!

We have a couple Make Noise systems out in the wild and we hope to keep the flow of releases coming but for now, this picture is all you get. Availability and prices are yet to be determined. Also, we did not request the large centers. The final version will have the small standard hole.

*Update 11.15.12

Depeche Mode – In-Studio Collage 2012

Gear porn.

H3000 Factory Ultra-Harmonizer

H3000 Factory Ultra-Harmonizer native plug-in – Devine Presets from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

Just released today Eventide’s H3000 Factory Ultra-Harmonizer Native Plug-in for AAX, VST, and AU is a re-creation of several algorithms from the H3000 that combine pitch, delay, modulation, and filtering in a modular interface. Video link here of some of my artist presets I created, some serious sound mangling going on here!

Eventide H3000 Factory

LinnDrum – LM2 Samples

My friend Aleks brought over the Linndrum to track for her live show and while doing so, this sound bank came into existence. While I am sure there are numerous sound libraries that feature the LinnDrum’s 12 samples, I decided to create a sample library of the way I wanted it to sound.

These 155 normalized samples were recorded at 24 bit, 48kHz (even though the sounds on the LinnDrum were sampled between 28-35kHz), and straight out of the main output. There will be noise, much like the TR-808 sample bank, that I’ve decided to keep in the recording as filtering it out would degrade the sound and strip away the character.

Download LinnDrum Samples (11MB)

Suggested $3 Donation

Roland TR-808 Samples

POLYFUSE – La Petite Mort

The day has arrived. Despite this album being my most personal and emotional album release, I am really happy that it’s finally out of my hands. I’ll elaborate much more in another post about the making of La Petite Mort, but for now I think that it’s important to mention that this is absolutely an album that’s meant to be played in its entirety from beginning to end. Originally I was going to release this all as a single hour long track, but I decided to break it up since I know a lot of people won’t sit listening through all the way. I hope you do though, because the journey through this album is crafted in such a way that it should evoke some type of emotional response.

La Petite Mort on Bandcamp
Review on Weirding Module

Mu5ca-diN3 – Late Night Modular Patch

“Mu5ca-diN3”- late night modular patch from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

Modular track I recorded late last night. Everything clocked from one intellijel Dixie to a Doepfer A-160,161, MakeNoise Brains, Pressure Points X 2. Clock division gates sent out from the 4ms SCM, and RCD. Beats courtesy of the CycleBox II and TipTop BD808 kick. Make noise phonogene processing the cwejman S1 analogue percussion zaps. String layer and and lead created with a Cwejman VM-1 and VCO2RM with the help of a intellijel uScale quantizer/MMF-1/ washed through a bit of reverb from the Eventide Space, and Tiptop Z-DSP, Z-5000.
Note: No drum machines or computers used in this video.

Glitchmachines – BIOMORPH

A new sci-fi themed sample library by Ivo Ivanov. 2.3 GB, tagged with metadata and equipped with Ableton Live & Native Instruments Kontakt sampler presets.

Biomorph by Glitchmachines
Free Samples