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Lexicon 224 For UAD-2 Announced!

From the moment it was unleashed on the audio industry in 1978, the original Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb — with its tactile, slider-based controller and famously lush reverb tail — almost single-handedly defined the sound of an entire era, and remains one of the most popular and influential digital reverb units of all time.

The result of UA’s acclaimed modeling expertise, the Lexicon 224 plug-in for UAD-2 precisely captures all eight reverb programs available in original 224 firmware version 4.4, including every tunable parameter, with unique fader-style controls — inviting easy experimentation and sonic exploration. In UA’s exhaustive modeling tradition, the Lexicon 224 emulation also incorporates the original unit’s input transformers and early AD/DA converters — nailing the entire signal path right down to the last detail.

More via Sonic State

Universal Audio also has a great article on the topic of Reverb that goes into a little more detail of classic reverbs like the 224.

Trash_Audio & Xart Synth Event 9

We did a few things this weekend…

Richard Devine and Alessandro Cortini Live at Trash_Audio Synth Meet 9

Act 1: Richard Devine

Act 2: Alessandro Cortini

Act 3: Richard Devine + Alessandro Cortini

Trash_Audio & Xart Synth Event 9
– Video by Dave Jones (kernelslacker)
– Live Visuals by Johnny Woods on an LZX system

Flame – Talking Synth

Usually, circuit bent stuff doesn’t appeal to me unless its presented in a creative and functional form (see GlitchMachines) Richard showed me Flame’s Talking Synth this morning and holy shit! This is far and beyond normal circuit bent sounds and into the realm of high quality synthesis.

There are three modes:
SYNTH – internal synthesizer sounds
PHONEMES – speech phonemes and effect sounds
WORDS – ready-made words/phrases/sentences.

Flame Website with Audio Demos
Talking Synth at Analog Haven

Captain Ahab, Surachai, Polyfuse – Chicago – April 11th

One of my favorite live acts is coming to Chicago on April 11th: Captain Ahab!
Justin will be doing a Polyfuse acid set that will test the limits of the sound system. Surachai will be summoning hell spawn. Captain Ahab will destroy the place by bringing in the beats. Give the finger to mondays and come party with us.

Monday, April 11 at 8:00pm
Chicago, IL

Captain Ahab

Facebook Event Page

CAPTAIN AHAB “The End Of Irony” from Deathbomb Arc on Vimeo.

Prototype Music Easel Repair

The Music Easel is the street name for the combination of the Buchla 208 and 218 touchplate keyboard. I was recently called upon to repair the prototype unit, built in 1973. This unit was resurrected in 1987 and had since been in a basement, used from time to time without ever being moved. He built a very cool blue wood enclosure for it with a built in linear power supply….

Read the entire article here!
Buchla Tech

Dudes FSR Box

The main points are that it is passive, allows passage of audio or control signals, costs 100 dollars and comes in either 3.5mm or 1/4″ options. – Liam of Dudes

Dudes FSR Box
– Contact:

Twitter Roundup + Random Picture

Are you on Twitter? We are!


Surachai wasting space in Richard’s studio.

Photos by Moe Drumcell

Make Noise modDemix

About a year ago, Tony from Make Noise sent me a very beta version of the modDemix. I haven’t had a chance to mess with the final product but if it kept half of the audio spectrum the beta produced the modDemix would still one of the heaviest sounding audio modifiers I’ve ever heard.

I had been planning to use this balanced modulator circuit within my VCO design, but it works so well I decided to do it as a 6hp module. It is unique in that, unlike most balanced modulators, it will turn off around at zero volts applied to what would be the Carrier input. Because it has this behavior, it will work very well as a VCA, and thus, I’d call the Carrier input a combination of a Carrier and Control Voltage input. A balanced modulator could be thought of as a VCA that goes through zero, meaning that when the control signal (usually called Carrier), is positive, the resulting signal will be positive. When the Carrier/ CV goes Negative, the resulting signal’s phase will flip, and become negative. The modDemix has a distinct sound at audio rates, whether you use it as a VCA or a Ring-Mod. When processing Control Voltages, I’d say it is more of a utility circuit. Folks will find that it pairs well with MATHS. – Tony Rolando

They’re available now at Analogue Haven for $140!

Pro-Modular Elektron End Cheeks

If you’ve read any of the Workspace and Environment series articles on the lefthand side, you should know how much emphasis we put on ergonomics and workflow. And when ergonomics becomes a setback, especially with individual pieces of gear, it’s nice to see the problem addressed. Thank Pro-Modular, he’s saved your neck and back if you have Elektrons’ Monomachine/Machinedrum/Octatrack. I’ve had the Octatrack for a few weeks and have had it both rack mounted and as a tabletop. When rack mounted, it felt too far away and not as easy to concentrate, while in tabletop mode it was at a distance I liked but after half an hour or so I needed to step away and stretch. Pro-Modular has made a perfect solution!

Pricing is $35 for a set and custom etching is available. Available colors are black, red, orange (all in opaque or transparent), white, gray or clear.