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Hail TRASH_FUCKING_AUDIO. Teabagging NAMM is our business.

Picture by The Harvestman.

NAMM – Not here!

Our buddy at Matrix Synth is covering this event better than we ever could. We’re here at NAMM to just mess with people and party. If you want to see what we’re up to follow Surachai, Justin and Richard on twitter but here is some stuff we’re excited for as of right now:

Eventide Space Stompbox

UAD-2 Firewire

TA Synth Meet #6 photos by Chadd Foy…

Surachai – Plague Diagram: January 24th!

Plague Diagram has a release date: It will be January 24th! I’ll be sending out an e-mail offering pre-order specials, including discounted vinyl editions and access to limited edition test pressings. If you want in, sign up below! E-mails go out tomorrow! Deadline is January 22nd.
*update: I’ll be sending out e-mails every few days to new persons that signs up.

American Heritage – Sedentary

American Heritage is releasing a record that I, along with apparently everyone else, worked on called Sedentary and it’s available for pre-order at Translation Loss. Here are some links then a look at the guest-free-for-all credits.

Translation Loss Records Store
American Heritage Myspace

City Of God
Bass and Keyboards: Lon Hackett [Sulaco]

Sickening Rebellion
Vocals, Bass, and Guitar Solo: Rick Leech* [(Lone) Wolf & Cub]

Chaotic Obliteration
Bass: Leon del Muerte** [Murder Construct, D.I.S., Exhumed, Intronaut, Phobia]

Kiddie Pool Of Baby Blood
Bass: Jon DeHart*** [Fight Amp]

Vessels / Vassals
Bass: Sanford Parker [Buried At Sea, Minsk, Circle Of Animals, The High Confessions, Nachtmystium, Twilight]

Fetal Attraction
Bass, Guitar Solo, and Fuck Eating: Bill Kelliher [Mastodon, Primate]

Tomb Cruise
Bass: B. Sanders [Lioness]

Slave By Force
Vocals and Bass: Botchy Vaquez* [Sweet Cobra, The Killer]
Guitar Solo: Ray Donato [Dark Fog]

Abduction Cruiser
Bass: Erik Bocek* [American Heritage, Ghosts And Vodka, Exociser]

Morbid Angle
Vocals: Josh Rosenthal* [Plague Bringer]
Rhythm and Solo Bass: Rafa Martinez****[Black Cobra, Acid King]

Bass and Guitar Solo: Dallas Thomas [The Swan King, Asschapel]
Analog Synths: Jason Goldberg* [Beak]
Additional Sound Design: Surachai Sutthisasanakul [Surachai, Exorciser]

* Recorded at Studio G by Francis Gilbert
** Recorded at Architeuthis Studio by Sean Vahle
*** Recorded at Gradwell House by Steve Poponi
**** Recorded at La Casa Nuñez by Jonathan Nuñez [Torche]

American Heritage is:
Mike Duffy, Adamn Norden, and Scott Shellhamer
All songs written by American Heritage

Recorded and Mixed at Semaphore
by Sanford Parker

Mastered at The Boiler Room
by Collin Jordan

Artwork by Stephen Kasner
Design by Scott Shellhamer

Listen to these bands:
Sulaco, Murder Construct, D.I.S., Exhumed, Fight Amp, Buried At Sea, Minsk, Circle Of Animals, The High Confessions, Twilight, Mastodon, Lioness, Sweet Cobra, Dark Fog, Plague Bringer, Black Cobra, The Swan King, Beak, Surachai, and Crowpath.

Colin Marston – The Thousand Caves Studio

Studio Tour: Colin Marston – Scion Music(less) Music Conference from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

If you read my 2010 playlist you will have seen three engineers that I mention, Colin Marston is one of them. He’s either involved as a musician or behind the engineering on some of my favorite albums. So it’s without saying that seeing his workflow and workspace is insightful.

WMD – Gamma Wave Source

Seeing how the WMD Geiger Counter is one of my favorite modules the Gamma Wave Source is going to be on my hit list on things to look for at NAMM. This one came with warning and at the time of this writing, no information. But from looking at the panel it seems to be a module that has dual oscillators with routing capabilities to two effects sections featuring bit crushing and filtering. It’s at Analog Haven right now.

Tip Top Audio – Zeus

Quick, cheap and powerful! Tip Top has their shit together!
The links to the User manuals don’t work up there, but they will here.
Flying Bus Boards User Manual
Quick Fit Terminals User Manual

SUBCON Beyond FEST 2011

The Subconscious crew will be back on the road, this time on the left coast. Once again, I’ll be playing only their first show in Santa Monica and sending them off while I mess around in LA for a few days before NAMM. If everything goes to plan, I’ll have some Plague Diagram vinyl with me!! Hope to see you guys out there.

JANUARY 11, 2011
Santa Monica, California – Zanzibar
cEvin Key – Tokyo Decadance Live + DJ set with Dead Voices On Air / Gnome & Spybey / Cyrusrex / Wet Mango / Surachai / NAHA

Tickets $10
Facebook Event Page

JANUARY 12, 2011
San Francisco, California – Elbo Room
cEvin Key – Tokyo Decadance Live + DJ set with Dead Voices On Air / Gnome & Spybey / Cyrusrex / Wet Mango

JANUARY 13, 2011
Portland, Oregon – Fez Ballroom
Download / PlatEAU / Dead Voices On Air / Gnome & Spybey / Wet Mango

JANUARY 15, 2011
Vancouver, Canada – Rickshaw Theater
Download / PlatEAU / Dead Voices On Air / Gnome & Spybey / Wet Mango

JANUARY 19, 2011
Denver, Colorado – Gothic Theater
Download / PlatEAU / Dead Voices On Air / Gnome & Spybey / Wet Mango

Twisted Tools – Analogue Microcosm: A Sound Library by Richard Devine

“Analogue Microcosm” Analogue Modular Sample Library.

Analogue Microcosm was designed by Richard Devine in conjunction with
Twisted Tools. This Twisted Tools sample-pack will include a custom
Reaktor sampler along with kits for Battery, EXS24MKII and more.

Over 570 unique analogue, royalty free sounds.
Includes Sample kits for Battery, EXS24MKII and many other formats.

“Included is the Twisted Tools MP16 Sampler”

• 16 Voice Polyphonic Sampler
• MPC Pad style layout
• Unique parameter and modulation settings for per voice
• Grain delay effect per voice
• Beat repeat effect
• Two LFOs per voice
• Kore and Maschine Templates included
*Change Beat Repeat to Note Repeat feature.

Available now for $39 from Twisted Tools!