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Tip Top Audio: Z8000 Matrix Sequencer

This sequencer has been getting me hyped for some time. Namely because my current sequencer system consists of three parts: The Doepfer A-155/A-154/A-151 that costs about $700 new and takes up 76 TE/HP of space. Price tag and space issues aside, this thing is great, it does everything I need it to do. Forward, backward, pendulum, random, one shots, all the normal things. It also does some strange things with enough patch cables and experimenting. But does it do everything I want it to do? Instantly controlled chaos off the bat? No. See the thing about Doepfer modules is that while they’re instruments that perform their function – they need some inspiration and patience when approaching them. In other words, they’re boring but still essential. Tip Top Audio, as well as other current modular manufacturers, are beautiful in their functionality and invite you to play with them, figure them out and have fun in the process. There are features that may take getting used to, for instance not having gate/triggers out but these are to be addressed with future releases or you can figure a way around it with its given 10 CV outputs. The obvious reasons to grab this instantly are in plain view, its compact, 57% the price of my current system and looks fun as hell.

Ok, very basic, just one sequencer out of 10 is used. The CV that goes to the VCO also triggers the EG, strange ahhh(: : – Gur from Tip Top Audio

My first few minutes with the Z8000 Prototype from GM on Vimeo.

This is the first completed Z8000 Matrix Sequencer/Programmer for Eurorack. The module is now finished and goes into factory production soon. Tiptop Audio plans to show this module at Winter NAMM 2010 and we should have stock by the end of January. The price should be about $395.

Pictures and Information: Analog Haven.

Namm 2010 + BBQ 5000 + Gig

The Trash_Audio boys are heading to LA/Anaheim once again in January 2010 for ‘coverage’ of the NAMM show. I use quotation marks because if you saw the last NAMM Video we made, you’d understand we’re not exactly reporters. Hell, they wouldn’t give us passes this year and after talking to many people, I’m finding out that NAMM is extraordinarily stingy on the passes this go around. Don’t worry, the Trash_Audio team found a legitimate way in. We’ll try to cover interesting new instruments and technology or at least make fun of them.

Since 2008, things have changed dramatically – We have more friends and we have more readers. With the said ‘success’ we are hosting a Trash_Audio BBQ Saturday the 16th in Anaheim with some of the modular synthesizer manufacturers, software synth manufacturers and the addicts they supply to. It’ll be like the Totally Wired documentary except with a pool and grill.

I’ll be playing downtown LA on Friday the 15th 2010. Here is an absolutely worthless link but hopefully it’ll be updated as the date gets closer. HERE! So far, I know its John Tejada, Jimmy Edgar, Richard Devine, Deru, Drumcell, Acid Circus, Brion Trifon and much more.


The Trash_Audio boys will be heading to Anaheim, CA for the NAMM Show in January 2010. We’ll be covering whatever we want for reasons we don’t have to explain. We’re inviting all the synthesizer manufacturers to a BBQ Saturday the 16th, it will be massive. Also, Surachai will be performing downtown Friday the 15th 2010. More details on that to come.

Server Fossil

After sifting around my server for the past couple of days, I realized there was an album thats been in the dark for a few years and the only way you could download it was through Amazon or the iTunes store. I figured since I’m releasing the follow-up for free in a couple of weeks I might as well give this one out. Like the new one coming up, [co]sen_tasi is heavy electronics smothering twisted melodies. Click HERE for the download site.

Also, Trash_Audio will be at NAMM next month. There will be a synth BBQ! I’ll be performing at party with tons of great artists like Deru, Richard Devine and much more. More information later.

Rammstein Vs. Cookie Monster Electroinc Toy…

The Age of Customization: ProModular

A few years ago, hell, only a few months ago you could buy one case from one company, one faceplate from the same one and if you ordered a case, you got a case. No extras, no bonuses. Now, we’re seeing people like Pro Modular and Monorocket fulfilling peoples customization needs not only visually but also with functionality. Call me shallow but if I look at an instrument and am turned off by the very sight, I’ll most likely avoid it when I’m reaching for the closest thing that makes noise. Current modular manufacturers are breaking away from Doepfer’s dreary gray mold with LCD displays and catchy graphics on their modules and further more are the aforementioned companies making the housing more ‘you’.

Pro Modular makes custom blind panels for modulars in every format. If you don’t like staring into the abyss of wires and power boards or are too poor to fill your modular with modules, you now have an alternative to make it feel more complete while giving it an aesthetic of your choice. I spent a second with Stephen, the man behind Pro-Modular:

When I purchased my first case (a subrack from Elby) it had no top. I have a laser cutter/etcher and made myself a top. Then I made a post over at Muff’s seeing if anyone would be interested in blind panels or panels for DIY. I have also made a custom face panel for my TR-606 out of acrylic. After the comments at Muff’s, I built the site, stocked up on materials and let it go. I sent out some promo panels to Muff, Devine and James Ciglar. I also brought some sample panels to an NYC Wiggler meetup at Dave from Bubblesound’s place for some promo. Just trying to spread the word. It’s also not limited to euro, we can do all modular formats and will be expanding to 19″ racks and cool little acrylic cutouts. Think keychains.

I love having something to really make your own. I grew up writing graffiti (I’m from the Bronx NY and still here!) which is such a personal way to mold yourself into something. That extended into graphic design. I basically merged my two loves, synths and design, into this project. I mean, what better way to fill up those blanks spaces than with a panel of something you absolutely love or designed yourself. I still have my 9-5, but am really excited to have this to offer to a community that I feel thrives on personal customization…


Front 312 @ Liars Club

Surachai and I are going to pull off a sort of half acid half industrial set at Liars Club this coming Friday THE 13TH. Come out and say hi….

More Details

Ignoring You – Winning You

I’ve noticed a strange spurt in our visitors for the past couple of weeks: Our daily visitors have almost doubled. This is following one of the most article-barren months we have had at T_A. Logic would see that an article-lacking website would be forgotten considering the pace of the internet. It could be that you all heard that we received our first hundred dollar check from the bullshit advertisements to the right and you wanted to see what hundred-dollaraires look like. Yeah, two years on and we received one hundred dollars – clearly we’re on a winning streak *sarcasm*. Anyways, made you look cause this post has everything to do with nothing.

Tip Top Audio: Z-DSP

Our friend Stretta has one of the few beta Z-DSP modules running around and has compiled a great review with amazing quick demos to further our enthusiasm for smart modules.

“I’m one of the lucky few beta testers of the new TipTop Audio Z-DSP eurorack module, and boy is it a lot of fun. The Z-DSP is a lot like the TipTop Audio Z5000, except embiggened. A lot. There are three CV controlled parameters per program. There is a feedback loop that you can tap into on the front panel so you can insert a filter or whatever module you can think of inside a part of the DSP process that is usually closed to tinkering. You can change the personality of the DSP by inserting a different card on the front panel. You can even voltage control the clock. This is serious sound-mangling mayhem. “ Read the rest of his experiments: Here!

Check out the TIp Top Audio Homepage from more information: Here!

Trash_Audio & Xart: Synth Meet 5

The Trash_Audio team and Xart Studios are planning to have the synth meet on Sunday, November 15th starting at 4pm going to 9pm. While bringing your modular/synth/ keyboard/ drum machine/ whatever-makes-noise is not necessary, we highly encourage it. BYOB but if you spill it on someone’s synth, Rob lives on the second floor and has many windows you can ‘fall’ out of. These meets have been extremely resourceful, informative and invaluable to the midwest community by providing a mass of equipment for users to try first hand. If you’re a manufacturer I recommend you send an e-mail to have your gear featured at our events.

We will supply mixers for you to plug into, electricity, tables and a couple monitors – other than that, bring what you need including headphones, controllers, patch cables and the like. Please let me know if you decide to bring people, they are completely welcome – Just have to prepare for the arrival of additional people.

If you’re interested, have questions, comments or bullshit opinions, send an e-mail to and I’ll be sending out information (addresses, secret handshakes) on the meet next week.