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Tip Top Audio: Z-DSP

Our friend Stretta has one of the few beta Z-DSP modules running around and has compiled a great review with amazing quick demos to further our enthusiasm for smart modules.

“I’m one of the lucky few beta testers of the new TipTop Audio Z-DSP eurorack module, and boy is it a lot of fun. The Z-DSP is a lot like the TipTop Audio Z5000, except embiggened. A lot. There are three CV controlled parameters per program. There is a feedback loop that you can tap into on the front panel so you can insert a filter or whatever module you can think of inside a part of the DSP process that is usually closed to tinkering. You can change the personality of the DSP by inserting a different card on the front panel. You can even voltage control the clock. This is serious sound-mangling mayhem. “ Read the rest of his experiments: Here!

Check out the TIp Top Audio Homepage from more information: Here!

Trash_Audio & Xart: Synth Meet 5

The Trash_Audio team and Xart Studios are planning to have the synth meet on Sunday, November 15th starting at 4pm going to 9pm. While bringing your modular/synth/ keyboard/ drum machine/ whatever-makes-noise is not necessary, we highly encourage it. BYOB but if you spill it on someone’s synth, Rob lives on the second floor and has many windows you can ‘fall’ out of. These meets have been extremely resourceful, informative and invaluable to the midwest community by providing a mass of equipment for users to try first hand. If you’re a manufacturer I recommend you send an e-mail to have your gear featured at our events.

We will supply mixers for you to plug into, electricity, tables and a couple monitors – other than that, bring what you need including headphones, controllers, patch cables and the like. Please let me know if you decide to bring people, they are completely welcome – Just have to prepare for the arrival of additional people.

If you’re interested, have questions, comments or bullshit opinions, send an e-mail to and I’ll be sending out information (addresses, secret handshakes) on the meet next week.

Venetian Snares & Wisp w/Surachai

Alright, a few things. I haven’t been posting here lately because of the tour and this past show, I don’t know what Justin’s excuse is but we’re working on a few things for november including the Trash_Audio and Xart Studios Synth Meet 5 on the 15th. If you’re interested in coming, start sending me e-mails at with your name, what you’re bringing and who you’re bringing. You’ll receive a reply around the first week of November. Anyways, if Venetian Snares and Wisp run through your town on their tour, check them out!

Tonight, 303% (Chicago)

Tonight @ Around The Coyote (Chicago) and The Smell (LA)

Tonight in Chicago I’ll be playing an extended dark-ambient set at the opening party for Around the Coyote. Full details here. Also, I got my Drone Commander in the mail and I am pretty happy/impressed by it, I am going to bring it out tonight for the good old ‘live show’ test and early next week I’ll have a full review with some sound examples.

I have three other shows in Chicago coming up soon, including a full on Acid event on Wednesday, details @

Also, if you’re the LA area, Surachai is playing an excellent show tonight @ The Smell with Captain Ahab, DJ Skull Vomit (Tony of Eustachian) and Basek. Details/flyer here.

Necrophagy Tour: This Week!

If you’re on the West Coast, Dj Skull Vomit (Tony from Eustachian), Baseck and Surachai are coming this week.

Monday, tonight, we’ll be melting Seattle at Rebar, Portland at Plan B on Tuesday, San Francisco at 5lowershop on Thursday, LA at The Smell on Friday, LA with Droid Behavior Saturday and Creative Space on Sunday.

We’ll be playing alongside Captain Ahab at The Smell in LA, Kid606 at the Droid Behavior 7 year anniversary party, and at Creative Space. If you think three dates back to back in L.A. is a lot, you’re right but each night we’re doing something different. At the Smell we’ll be doing our standard tour style. At Droid, Tony and I have a joint set where we’ll merge sets. At Creative Space we’ll be more focused on metal as the venue will have other metal acts that night!

A few days after the tour I’ll be playing with Venetian Snares and Wisp at Reggie’s in Chicago. Then I’ll go into hibernation. You’re welcome to join.

Grendel Drone Commander by Eric Archer

Just a quick update…Either at the end of this week or early next week I’ll be receiving a new synthesizer I’ve ordered from Eric Archer. It’s the Grendel Drone Commander, and quite honestly, my favorite thing about it is that it is built into a military ammunition case. It also happens to be a very interesting and great sounding drone based synth. When it arrives I’ll have photos, video and a review of the one I ordered (their look is highly customizable) and soon I’ll have an interview with the creator who is also working on some other interesting projects.

The Drone Commander is now in stock at Analog Haven if you’d like to order one right away. Otherwise, the lead time is generally three weeks if you want the faceplate/knobs/text customized to your tastes.

New Free Polyfuse Release…

I’ve just wrapped up a quick Polyfuse release titled ‘No One Will Come To Save Us’ that is a complete diversion from how I would normally make music. Typically I would do everything on the computer, in Logic, and record any outside elements in. This time I tried something new and went for the ‘all hardware’ approach, so no computer was used. I picked the most minimal setup possible and used it throughout the whole album: x0xb0x, TR-808, Moog Prodigy, Grundig G5 (A shortwave radio), Line6 DL-4 pedal, TubeWorks RT-901 overdrive pedal, Alesis Ineko and a TC Electronics M300 all plugged into a small 10 channel mixer. From there I just improvised and recorded long sets which I then cut the best parts out of to put on the album. Anyway, it’s all done now, it’s streaming on my site and it’s completely free! Get it here…

Also, I’ve decided to make one of my previously released albums free now. ‘The Night That Laid Still’ is an EP + Remixes and a high resolution video. You can get that at the link below. This release is a completely different side of me and is mostly atmospheric/ambient music with touches of violin, upright bass, and pianos.

The Night That Laid Still

This Week: Comfort Zone

This week will be a strange one. Out of the three events I have going on, I’m only comfortable with today. I’ve played at and seen some amazing shows at Ronny’s before – It’s a shithole that everyone loves.

Tomorrow, I have a radio interview at WCRX 88.1 FM at Columbia College located downtown Chicago and is a student run show. What’s strange about this is that the radio host thought Surachai was a complete band and when I warned him it’s just me, he continues to write ‘you guys’ in his e-mails. So, I’ll just have to trick Justin into coming and say he’s my drummer, whoever else wants to come can be assigned a role.

The strangest is on Friday. I’m playing a show at a venue that wrote me a myspace message: “hey do you need anything? and btw, do you have a pa system?” Uhhhhhhh… maybe I can share my in ear monitors with someone that comes to the show.

WCRX 88.1 – 10PM Tuesday, September 15th – You’ll need VLC to listen

Surachai Muxtape

Temporary Post – Polyfuse + Surachai This Weekend

Plans have changed!

Thursday, September 3rd – Chicago – Tacoskull has added Surachai to their lineup! Polyfuse + Surachai = Trash_Audio!

Friday, September 4th – Detroit – Schizophrenia has added Surachai to their pre-party lineup!!

See you crazy people tonight and this weekend!

TacoSkull Information

Schizophrenia Information

If you were interested in seeing me tonight in Akron, Ohio please still make it out there to support Eustachian! It will destroy you!