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The Great Mundane and DJ Slouch: The Wires Remix EP

The Great Mundane and DJ Slouch have just teamed up to release a free Remix EP that is avaliable in both high quality MP3 and Apple Lossless formats. Definitely check out this release and also The Great Mundane’s Workspace and Environment article/video!

The Wires Remix EP
Workspace and Environment: The Great Mundane

Imperfect Samples: Schimmel Braunschweig Piano – Group Discount!

Going on right now, and only until January 19th is a group purchase deal that can get you this amazing sounding ‘Imperfect’ upright piano library for up to 50% of the normal price. Right now the current discount is at 30% off, two more orders will tip it to 40% off…

The Schimmel Braunschweig 24 bit multisampled upright piano delivers an unusual, dark and extremely dynamic range. This virtual instrument enables composers and producers a-like, to create a stunning and moving, intimate performances for piano passages.

Unlike most piano sample libraries, the sounds of the fingers tapping the ivory keys, the pedal, subtle mechanical sounds, and even occassional seat noise, has been recorded in order to preserve as much of a life-like performance as possible. This is what is referred to as “imperfect”.

Imperfect Samples
Group Buy Details and Status

Our Music – shade:red

There have been a lot of e-mails asking about the music in the Arlovski series. So far, it is all unreleased material except for a remix I did on Justin’s The Night That Laid Still release which is featured during a montage in episode 2. I shouldn’t say that the material is unreleased rather specifically made for this documentary. I make skeletons of the tracks during the week and when I receive an OMF, I lay the track against the video and see what needs to be added or taken away to fit. This is usually done at two in the morning and with people breathing down your throat. People have also asked about our solo projects and releases – Justin and I run a small label called shade:red which is basically an output for our projects. Here is a quick run through of most of our recent discography.

Surachai’s Releases
[co]sen_tasi – Clarity in Japanese – Save some money and get it through Amazon. If you want to pay more for the exact thing feel free to use itunes.
the deep element – currents – Free album or pay at Amazon.
Surachai – Programmed Cell Death – Free album. Plague Metal.
Surachai – Form – Free album. Modular Soundscapes.

Justin’s releases:
Justin McGrath – The Night That Laid Still – Beautiful compositions and the latest from Justin
Justin McGrath – Life Through Small Windows
Justin McGrath – Document for a Week – Justin made this album within a weeks time.

There. Now if I get another e-mail asking – I can send them straight here.

Beater…with a heater, please….

Who needs some beats? Can you pay with a trashed up car?

via Craigslist, Chicago….


Chicago, TONIGHT!

There’s a rather large show happening tonight just blocks from Trash headquarters: Venetian Snares, Otto von Schirach, Cyrusrex, DJ NAHA, and Surachai. I will be attending, I hope Surachai will be kind enough to sign my MIDI Specification poster.

Details: TONIGHT! (December 5) • 8:00 PM • Ages 17+ • Reggie’s Live • 2105 South State Street Chicago, Illinois 60616. More info here.

Venetian Snares – Otto von Schirach – Cyrusrex – DJ NAHA

I’ll be opening up for this tour in Chicago. Bring your moshing shoes cause faces will be melted! I don’t want to sound like a d-bag but the cliche “tickets are going quick, get yours now!” applies in this case.

Buy Tickets Here! Friday, December 5 • 8:00 PM • Ages 17+ • Reggie’s Live • 2105 South State Street Chicago, Illinois 60616
More info: HERE

From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Venetian Snares is known for making experimental electronic music often in odd numbered time signatures (often 7/4). He is an unusually prolific artist, having released records on the History of the Future, Isolate/DySLeXiC ResPonSe, Addict, Zod, Distort, Sublight, Low-Res, Planet Mu and Hymen record labels.

Ipecac recording artist Otto Von Schirach is an IDM and breakcore artist from Miami, Florida of Cuban/German descent. His style is more sporadic and noisy than other artists in the genre, and his visual aesthetic leans on the heavy metal side rather than electronic. He has released most of his work on the Schematic and Beta Bodega labels, and was featured in the 2002 documentary Electro Dziska. Most recently he worked and went on tour with Skinny Puppy and produced a remix for Miss Kittin.

Cyrusrex has an extended history in the LA Electronic Music Scene, starting out as the sound designer for annodalleb in 1995, he quickly became recognized by the local music community. Since annodalleb, he has moved on to collaborate with KDC on DARKSKIES, worked on several projects with BOL, and Skinny Puppy. In 2004, cyrusrex completed his first release all.ofmeHyde, a well received album, featuring remixes by Venetian Snares & cEvin KEy.

NAHA is a Seattle based DJ. In her ten years behind the decks, NAHA has crafted her mixing style and technique which is as diverse as the genres she spins, including techno, breakbeats, digital hardcore, hip-hop, and jungle. She has found an amalgamation of these sounds in her specialty, breakcore. Her latest accomplishment is making the #33 spot on the international list of Top 100 Female DJs.

Fathme Records plague metal artist Surachai has been clearing dance floors for years leaving only true worshippers of metal. Providing punishing disjointed blast beats and spitting out non-time signatures, the once ‘breakcore’ categorized Surachai has been mending it’s own path. Focusing purely on melting off faces, he heavily relies on modular synthesizers to provide a crushing tower of sound. He currently runs the infamous Trash_Audio blog and shade:red record label with Justin McGrath.

Visuals by VJ DizyPixl!

Flashbulb – 8-9
Surachai – 9-10
NAHA – 10-11
Cyrusrex – 11-11:45
Otto von Schirach – 11:45 – 12:15
Venetian Snares – 12:15 – close

Detrimental Disco Wibble Tour – Venetian Snares, Otto von Schirach, Cyrusrex and DJ NAHA

Dec 5 2008 Reggi​e’s Rock Club – Chica​go,​ Illin​ois
Dec 6 2008 305 Music​ Loung​e – Miami​,​ Flori​da
Dec 10 2008 (Le) Poiss​on Rouge​ – New York,​ New York
Dec 11 2008 Elysi​um – Austi​n,​ Texas​
Dec 12 2008 The Knitt​ing Facto​ry – Los Angel​es,​ Calif​ornia​
Dec 13 2008 Histo​ric Sweet​s Ballr​oom – Oakla​nd,​ Calif​ornia​
Dec 20 2008 The Fez Ballr​oom – Portl​and,​ Orego​n
Dec 21 2008 Necta​r Loung​e – Seatt​le,​ Washi​ngton​

Trash_Universe: Live Video Cast, Tonight!

Join the Chat!

Early warning for tonight, we’ll be broadcasting live from Trash_Audio headquarters in Chicago tonight with special guests The Flashbulb, Machinedrum and more! I will update this post later with the time of the broadcast. Two past shows are archived here: Blog TV

*update* Broadcasting live now, improv electroinc music around 10PM Central time.

audio_ Output: Devine Sound

For some reason it has taken Richard Devine and Josh Kay both an exceedingly long time to do the inevitable: Launch their own sound design company. The boutique company, Devine Sound, has a well rounded client base that includes Coke, Lexus, Nike and other companies in their ‘Clients’ link (Hey, do you think I really know this off the top of my head?). So if they already have an incredible clientele why is this important? They want your business. They will be offering an extensive library of sounds that will make your next post-production project stand out from the rest. I was able to throw some inane questions at them hoping to shed some light on their processes.

The Point
I wanted to start a small boutique company that focuses on designing interesting sounds for all types of media applications, film, TV, video games etc. The direction is more on sound effects, but is open to an entire world of sounds, everything from foley acoustic sounds, to high tech interface sounds, surreal ambience’s to microscopic tiny mechanical sfx. It really is us trying to create high quality cutting edge sound effects. Our true love has always been electro acoustic music where a single precisely placed, and extremely unique sound can have a tremendous emotional impact. This is very similar to our approach.

Richard, melodies are missing from your tracks, can you explain why this is a conscious decision?
Yes, I have always considered my music to be more focused on sounds and textures. I would say that I am more of a sound collage artist. It’s quite obvious when you listen to my recordings you can hear layers and layers of complex sounds, which are sometimes synthetic, and acoustic. I love trying to use alien sound scapes to take the listener into entirely different realms of the mind. I try to stay away from using conventional instruments, structures and melodies. I am more interested in having the sounds tell the story.

Josh, what do you make of Richard’s lack of melody?
Richie is like a voltage controlled switch. He can make a sickly sweet, sappy, and tear jerkingly beautiful melodic song with little or no rhythmic content or he can make a song that sounds like the inter workings of space elevator. Maybe via osmosis I can influence him to somehow mix the two. =)

Could you describe the life cycle of a sound from beginning to end?
We have started creating sounds hundreds of different ways. It will never start the same way. Sometimes we will sample something that is completely insane, like fireworks, or burning trees, or huge mechanical utility fans, and playing them like steel drums. We try go try to come up with some really left field sounds, and try to go in the not so typical approach to making the sounds. I might start out by making a kick drum on the Cwejman S1mk2 then run it through an Eventide H-8000 for detailed frequency modulation then run that into the Arp-2600 Spring Reverb, then finally coat the final sound in the Kyma system for really intelligent FFT time spectral blurring and smearing of the sound to create maybe a completely strange new sound. Like making an entire 5 minute ambient track out of only using 1 second of sound. We really have a completely different approach to what kind of sound we want to create, and hopefully we will inspire composers, sound designers, anyone interested in experimenting with sound. The sounds that we ware working on will hopefully work for many musical styles like Minimal techno, Electronica, Electro, IDM, Electro Acoustic, Noise, Experimental Breakcore, or sounds for Film & TV. We are basically creating sounds that are very complex and strange, and at the same time give users something really fun and useful for making music with. We also aim to try and make sounds for software and hardware companies, developing the sounds of the future. We work on many projects for some of the most well respected hardware/software companies. Our clients have included everyone from Apple Computers, Microsoft Software and Gaming Division, Sony, and literally hundreds of corporate media companies.

How do you guys compliment each other in this endeavor?
There are many benefits to working with another partner. First you have a second set of ears that hears thing from a completely different prospective. So having second opinion is always great when you have been working on a project long period of time. Having someone come in and listen to what you have been working on with a fresh pair of ears will usually reveal some things that you may have overlooked or not have thought about. Plus you have someone that you can bounce ideas off of. Having an extra hand help out with editing files, and file sorting is great. I have worked with Josh for many years in the record industry and we have a great relationship with him. He is an excellent programmer/sound designer. He has always brought really innovate ideas to the table, and is great with problem solving in really tricky situations. He is also very dedicated and works very hard, and cares about the quality of the work.

What should users expect out of your Free Downloads section?
We wanted to give away sounds every few months so users have something to play around with. I love hearing what other artists and composers do with our sounds. Hearing how other people use these sounds will teach us a lot about how we can make new sounds in the future that will even be more interesting and useful for anyone interested in using sounds that are really unique. So the whole idea was to give away a selection of sampled sounds that could be used either as sound effects or as percussion sounds for electronic drum programming, or sprinkled into a music composition/sound design project. It’s really completely open, and we have no rules as to how the sounds should be used. The most important thing is that we want to inspire everyone to make cool music with these sounds.

These sounds will range from everything from field recordings, prepared & exotic instruments, unique convolution impulses, and samples from our ever-growing collection custom acoustic and electronic instruments. We are also planning on releasing a completely new sound design library that will be sold on the web site early later next year. Giving away these free samples will give people an idea of whats to come and maybe stimulate interests in our other future libraries.

They have a Sound Design Library available as well as an open Remix Contest sponsored by Native Instruments and Sony. You can also read about their last Library: The Electronic Music Manuscript in a previous article Justin wrote!

visual_Output – Friend in Town

A dear friend came into Chicago and while I showed him around, he took loads of pictures which can be found: Here. As you can tell, he snuck in some pictures of my setup and a fraction of Justins. I think he captured our environments in their natural state. By that I mean, he has exposed Justin as a vampire who’s studio is lit only by the humming glares of computer screens and LED’s. Justin also programs upside down. Usually with a cape.

Tiptop Audio: Z3000

Ok, I know I’ve said that Trash_Audio wouldn’t become a news source, rather a page dedicated to inspiration and artistry. Obviously we’ve strayed and I don’t give a crap because in promoting certain gear and music we’ve been able to help our friends succeed from the gear they create and the music they make. To further drive in the point that we’re now some sort of twisted news source, you can check out a nice review of the BRAND NEW Tiptop Audio Z3000 smart oscillator over at: Noisesource’s Blog.