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Live audio_Output: Sanctum

Coming up this Sunday in Chicago is a pretty interesting experimental/electric group known as Sanctum. Their official description mentions “combining harsh sounds with the more beautiful and light” but you can hear for yourself on their myspace page and the official site here.

Update: Africa Hates Trash_Audio

I’m not sure if this qualifies as Africa or the Indian Ocean but we’ll take it!! There has been sole visitor from Mauritius for a while and if it weren’t for this blog, I would have no idea where/what it is. Go ahead, click on that link and pretend you knew all about Mauritius since grade school. Don’t forget to be condescending towards everyone who didn’t know which has to be 99% of the population. If you are this person, drop an e-mail to the right. If you are not this person, feel free to drop and e-mail and say hello!

Oh right… we’re an audio blog or something. So this is Justin’s Cwejman acting as a pillow for my Doepfer.

Africa Hates Trash_Audio

‘Hate’ is not an appropriate word more like, ‘indifferent’. Although these are the most recent 500 and Surely we’ve had Africans before, something makes me miss them now. And Surely, other countries are ‘indifferent’ at us but a whole continent? And don’t call me Surely.
*Update: Those google ads on the right are the worst pieces of shit. They’re not even deceiving or annoying and that’s why they’re annoying.

Arturia: Recession Fun Times!

As a manufacturer, what do you do when we’re in a recession? One idea might be to think of some crazy deal that is bound to draw attention(I’m writing about it aren’t I?) and potential sales. Thankfully they didn’t disguise it as NUCLEAR SUMMER BLOWOUT!! While these synths are great recreations of their analog sources and I was actually considering one, I found out something that makes me want to go on a killing spree. FUCKING dongles. Here is a fun read of some trouble shooting associated with them: yay!
That was a trick! There is nothing fun about dongles!
I still have my Logic 6 dongle and it STILL owns me. Some sessions are on my box in D.C. and since I was already planning a visit there, I thought I’d bounce everything and bring it back to Chicago. When I arrived I loaded everything up and NOPE! You forgot your dongle in Chicago you tool! GAGGGH.
Find this deal: Here

Live: Trifonic + Mr. Projectile in San Francisco June 26th

Our buddies Trifonic are having their debut gig in San Francisco tonight at the Red Devil Lounge. While this may be their debut performance as Trifonic, they’ve been playing been playing around this blue dot for some time. If I lived remotely close to SF, I’d drag Justin with me to see this. They’re even bringing out Mr. Projectile to make the night the most brutal show in San Francisco. EVER. Ok so maybe these guys don’t specialize in brutality but rather in elegance and technicality. What else are you going to do on a thursday night?

You can download their album, here and be that person who yells out songs they want the band to play.

*Update* Here’s Trifonic’s album embedded for listening, buy it from their site if you like it!

Plan B ELF Series

Plan B has announced pricing for its ELF Series a couple weeks back and since we’re not an up to date news source, here it is. I travel with my modular regularly and I’m always scratching my eyes out trying to figure which modules to leave home due to space constraints. Enter the ELF Series. I’m looking forward to throwing a bunch of ADSR’s in my box! And the price are small as well! No word yet on prices of the planned summer/fall release.

Model – Description – Retail
23 – Analog Shift Register -$165
36 – Leveler – $60
37 – LFO – $160
38 – ADSR – $130
38A – ADSR Expander – $55
39 – Wave Splicer – $100
40 – Headphone Preamp – $75

You can find Plan B Products at Noisebug.

video_Output: Nine Inch Nails, Live From Rehearsals…

Here is NIN performaing 1,000,000 (From The Slip) live at recent rehearsals for their upcoming tour. Go ahead, spot some gear…

Another video was just released, this is ‘Letting You’

And finally, ‘Echoplex’ featuring more gear…

Visual_Random: Richard Devine & Jeswa

Remember Jeswa or Richard Devine off our Workspace and Environment series? Of course you do, cause I just linked you. Take a look at their modular setup from back then (around 8 months ago) and compare it to how it stands now, you’ll realize that addiction is a disease. I’m not proud when I say I have even supplied their dirty habit with modules from local listings. As you can see, their setups have more than doubled between the both of them with Jeswa having a monster case and Richard carrying around a Cwejman alongside 3 G6’s. You can check out the visually updated article at Elektron: here and listen to all that gear be compressed into a teeny weeny mp3: here. Be sure to check out their ‘gear’ section which is essentially anything that has ever made a noise.

Richard Devine passed the word that he and Josh Kay/Jeswa went to Duncan Laurie’s studio in Rhode Island this weekend for seemingly awesome times. I remember we all talked about ‘not really wanting much more’. Lies. We will lie. We lied to each other and to ourselves. We will steal your money and starve ourselves for modules. We will think about how much that vacation would cost in relation to how many modules we can get. We will accept gigs that pay in modules. But also, we’ll let you play with them.

audio_Art: The Steampunk Modular Synthesizer

With the amount of steampunk stuff being cranked out, I thought I would see something like this sooner…

More info about how it was built: matrixsynth, make:

More photos and a video with sounds from space (19th century space) ahead!


This picture was taken sometime last year when we were in Logic 7 and I’ve forgotten about it until Justin posted it up on his myspace page recently. Whenever I leave Justin’s place I usually leave a little present. Pointing his shower head towards him, obstructing paths with cardboard boxes, putting random objects upside down, or the said picture. I hope he’s not documenting everything I’ve done to him… and I still wonder what this sounds like…..

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