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This picture was taken sometime last year when we were in Logic 7 and I’ve forgotten about it until Justin posted it up on his myspace page recently. Whenever I leave Justin’s place I usually leave a little present. Pointing his shower head towards him, obstructing paths with cardboard boxes, putting random objects upside down, or the said picture. I hope he’s not documenting everything I’ve done to him… and I still wonder what this sounds like…..

Fuck it! We'll do it live! – Polyfuse

Here are some shots from this past weekend. I found out I was performing with Justin when he sent an e-mail to Jesse and I saying we were in his ‘band’. I guess it’s supposed to operate like Prodigy: He makes the tracks and we dance around like assholes. The gear list goes something like: Access Virus Indigo, Access Virus Polar, Doepfer Case filled with goods, Moog MF-104z, Korg padKontrol and a Macbook. The colored photos are by Bridget Driessen and the Black & Whites photos by Allison Tenn. I’m still looking for pictures from our improvised acid set on sunday that included a TR-808, X0Xb0X, Sherman Filterbank II, Moog Delay, AD-9….

Harvestman Tyme Sefari Featured in PC World

I would like to give props to Scott Jaeger of Harvestman Electronics for making gear lust worthy enough to be featured in PC World Magazine. He was featured in the Workspace and Environment series a while back. It must be a trip having your instruments being sported on a random but seemingly popular magazine. On a related note: I recently took his Malgorithm Bit Crusher and Polivoks Filter on a two month tour that wrecked 3 sound systems in Europe. That being said, I would totally recommend them!

Click here for the article!

This is a video that made me dream about throwing a Tyme Sefari in my system for an extended amount of time. And definitely thought about throwing my economic stimulus package his way. Speaking of which, I still haven’t received mine…. Who do I put in a headlock to get this money quicker?

first look at the tyme sefari from loopcycle on Vimeo.

audio_Output: X0XB0X meets the Atomizer

Yesterday I did two small software upgrades to some gear. I installed the Evilx0x (.5) firmware on my x0xb0x and also found there was an update for the Virus TI 2.7 Beta software, it’s now at Beta 4. I was happy to find that the Atomizer is now a lot more stable when using it in Logic 8. So with the two upgrades, I decided to test them both out at the same time. On the x0xb0x, the new firmware lets you do some new interesting things while it’s playing such as various swing modes and shortening of the pattern to 8, 4, 2, or 1 steps in length. The Atomizer effect on the TI is basically a live audio slicer/freezer kind of thing and the mod wheel controls which frequency’s will be effected by this, left untouched it will slice the whole frequency spectrum, and as you move the mod wheel you can chop just high frequency content, or just low frequency content…

Anyway, I recorded everything I was doing as I was figuring it all out, here are some random chunks:

x0x meets atom – 1
x0x meets atom – 2
x0x meets atom – 3
x0x meets atom – 4

Cat + Synths..

“Hi, I am sleeping. Oh I mean, I KAN HAZ SLEEP, or I CAN HAZ SYNTHESIZER, or… fuck it, we’ll do it live.”

x0xb0x: Waiting List = Eternity (Updated)

Most people are probably pretty familiar with the x0xb0x by now. If not, basically it’s the closest TB-303 clone you could possibly get/make created by ladyada. The kits to build these have just been discontinued To attain one of these clones you have to be put on a waiting list for an indefinite amount of time, but you can still build one, you just have to source all the parts yourself (Which could be a little difficult with some of the rare components you’ll need).

With that said, I’ve just found on the fourms this nicely modded x0xb0x created by a character by the name of Subatomic, and it sounds mental:


More info here.

Add us on Twitter

Just a quick update, Surachai and I are both using Twitter now, so if you use it too, add us! I am (user name) justinmcgrath and Surachai is of course (user name) surachai. Also, I’d like to get a show of hands (via email on right) of all of the people living in the Chicago area. We’d just like to send out event notices for possible upcoming Trash_Audio events. We’re not quite sure what this will entail, it could be anything from a small gathering with beer, to a show, or a 25,000 person analog modular rave. Now, back to my helicopter…

*update: Sorry, I am still using Web 1.3, added actual useful links to our accounts.

visual_Output: Totally Wired

I found a message in my e-mail saying that I might be interested and yes I am! There are too many worthwhile things to list from the video that if I’d be describing every single frame. So instead of that, press play…

You might be interested in the trailer for my forthcoming documentary called ‘Totally Wired’, which is about Andreas Schneider and his infamous analogue store in Berlin, Germany, called ‘Schneider’s Buero’. The doc explores the relationship between the boutique builders and gear- lusty musicians who make Schneider’s Buero an interface in its own right. Doc features some heavy inventors like Wowa Cwejmann, Dieter Doepfer and Ken Maccbeth as well as musicians like Ricardo Villalobos, Daniel Miller and Junior Boys.

Niamh Ahern
Director, ‘Totally Wired’

Trailer for ‘Totally Wired’ from Niamh Ahern on Vimeo.

Access Virus TI – Software Public Beta 2.7

Just released today by Access, the version 2.7 Public Beta of the Virus TI Software which now includes:

– The Atomizer (Glitch/Beat chop effect, controllable via keyboard)

– Extra USB output, bringing the total USB outputs to three. (Using this removes the ability to use the TI as an audio interface)

– Support for multiple Virus TIs on one system!

Coming to future Beta/Release versions: USB Audio Input and Virus Control Center software which will let you overwrite ROM banks, make backups, and install OS versions.

Image via Flikr/Matrixsynth, original here.

On a side note, I have been a long time Virus user starting with the Virus A then the B (Indigo 1) and I’ve just picked up the Virus TI Polar. I can defiantly say that the integrated/plugin aspect of the TI system has really increased my productivity and my work flow. It really does work just like any normal plugin with the added benefit of having the full hardware right in front of you and total patch recall on song load. On previous versions of the Virus, I was mainly using it in single voice mode and recording each part into the computer. Now I take full advantage of using the multitimbral capabilities as well as the various output configurations. My typical setup has the main analog outputs of the Virus normalled to a DBX386 tube preamp while having the two (now three!) USB outputs running parallel to this in coming from the plugin in Logic.

Also, I’ve got two tracks made primarily with the virus TI streaming here: if anyone is interested in hearing the sound of the TI.


I’m playing a secret ambient show in Chicago tonight with minimal gear, Virus TI + Waterphone.

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