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Just Aphex Twin swinging a piano around…

“Aphex Twin – Barbican, London 10th October 2012. It’s a bit dark so it’s probably difficult to tell but that’s a grand piano being swung back and forth across the stage like a pendulum.”

Elektron: Doing it weird.

Elektron has just posted their second short film to date, this one to tease at the upcoming 4 Voice Analog Synth they have coming out soon. I admire their willingness to be different when they could have just had a guy with a bad haircut show us some great new features. Do it Elektron!

Tradition & Future

Edit: Because I know you’re going to do it anyway:

POLYFUSE: Live videos from nowhere…

First, a residual solo piano piece inspired by my recent album release La Petite Mort.

And second, a random electronic thing I’ve played live a few times now but have never recorded officially. The only thing I have to say about this is that it was made with only the Virus TI2 running through a DBX386 tube DI, the computer was just used to record audio. The virus is not supposed to do what I am making it do, but what I am doing could really be a new feature if Access thought about it a little bit.

Sound of Close Encounters of the Third Kind

For Close Encounters of the Third Kind, however, Steven Spielberg decided to do something different. Like Alfred Hitchcock filming a terrifying attack scene in the middle of the day, Spielberg wanted to film his big reveal in an eerie silence. For the video below, critic and Slate contributor Tom Shone spoke to Spielberg about the sound design of that scene, when Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfuss) first encounters a UFO. (He made the video for his students at NYU, but posted it on his blog over the weekend.) Spielberg tells Shone how he and sound editor Frank Warner scored the scene with almost complete silence—you literally hear crickets—to enhance the suspense and bring out all the “particulars” of the scene. Since they didn’t mix in booming timpani or a roaring engine, they could focus the audience on details: the clanking of nearby mailboxes, the hiss of the car engine overheating, a dog barking somewhere in the distance.

Full Article on Slate

How To Destroy Angels – Keep It Together

Sleepy gear porn…

Cyrusrex – Below

Our friend and previous Workspace and Environment participant Cyrusrex released this video a few days ago.

“Live Recording of Tonight’s Modular Ambience. Sleepy Little piece. Used in this Recording: Various Modular Gear, TB-303 Devilfish, Strymon BlueSky + TimeLine, Eventide Space, Moogerfooger Delay.”

Depeche Mode – In-Studio Collage 2012

Gear porn.

H3000 Factory Ultra-Harmonizer

H3000 Factory Ultra-Harmonizer native plug-in – Devine Presets from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

Just released today Eventide’s H3000 Factory Ultra-Harmonizer Native Plug-in for AAX, VST, and AU is a re-creation of several algorithms from the H3000 that combine pitch, delay, modulation, and filtering in a modular interface. Video link here of some of my artist presets I created, some serious sound mangling going on here!

Eventide H3000 Factory

Mu5ca-diN3 – Late Night Modular Patch

“Mu5ca-diN3”- late night modular patch from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

Modular track I recorded late last night. Everything clocked from one intellijel Dixie to a Doepfer A-160,161, MakeNoise Brains, Pressure Points X 2. Clock division gates sent out from the 4ms SCM, and RCD. Beats courtesy of the CycleBox II and TipTop BD808 kick. Make noise phonogene processing the cwejman S1 analogue percussion zaps. String layer and and lead created with a Cwejman VM-1 and VCO2RM with the help of a intellijel uScale quantizer/MMF-1/ washed through a bit of reverb from the Eventide Space, and Tiptop Z-DSP, Z-5000.
Note: No drum machines or computers used in this video.

Nathan Johnson – Looper Score

LOOPER Nathan Johnson Score Preview 1 – Field Recordings from Nathan Johnson on Vimeo.

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