Richard Devine: Percussion Box by Electro Lobotomy & MakeNoise Shared System

Experiment with the percussion box by Electro Lobotomy and MakeNoise Shared System from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

Experiment with the percussion box by Electro Lobotomy and MakeNoise Shared System. Sending CV/Gate triggers from the percussion box by hitting the metal rods to alter the timbres. Audio sources are just the sine wave outputs from the MakeNoise DPO and two intelljel dixie’s running into two Optomix’s. The two outputs are then is sent into the Echophon and phonogene then through the eventide space pedal. The output signal from the percussion box is running into the Grainsburg VCA then from there into the Mungo g0 granular processing module creating the crispy high end granulated textures.

Morton Subotnick And Joan La Barbara On Q2 Music’s ‘Spaces’

Halfanese: 8 Bit Animation

Rejected short Halfanese animated and I sound designed. No, you can’t have the 10 seconds of your life back.

8 Bit Animation from Halfanese on Vimeo.


Donaldcrunk – Ethereal Patches

Jason Degelman is a regular in our community and his recent videos/patches are gorgeous!

Kamagraph Records Profile
Donaldcrunk Soundcloud
Donaldcrunk Youtube Channel

Making How To Destroy Angels

Go see Alessandro on tour with How to Destroy Angels. Now. It is one of the most beautiful visual productions I’ve seen.


Alessandro Cortini: Forse 1

More info soon…


Beginning this June, Important Records will be releasing a series of vinyl records and a subsequent cd box-set of Alessandro Cortini on the Buchla Music Easel. The first album, ‘Forse 1’, will be issued as a double LP. It will feature Alessandro playing an original Buchla Music Easel with a mastery and intimacy unlike anything previously released. It’s obvious from these recordings that Alessandro has spent a great deal of time exploring, experimenting, and pushing the Easel to its limits. I think the readers of your site will be really enthusiastic about these recordings as they showcase what the Easel is capable of, and the talents of Alessandro. We are very excited about these releases and pleased that they will coincide with the BEMI Music Easel reboot this June. The masters have been submitted and the artwork is being finalized as we speak.

A teaser video for the album will be available soon and a track from ‘Forse 1’ will be included in the next Important Records podcast on soundcloud.

Suit & Tie Guy + WMD = ?

No clue what this is but I’m excited to see manufacturers collaborating.


Richard Devine – Buckeye Creek Farm

Multi-channel field recording of 12,000 bees at Buckeye Creek Farm.

Multi-channel field recording of 12,000 bees at Buckeye Creek Farm. from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

Richard Devine Soundcloud
Richard Devine Vimeo

Vladislav Delay – Shark Reef Studio

A previous interviewee of the Workspace and Environment series, Vladislav Delay has a new studio.

Vladislav Delay has been searching for the better and more personal sound since he started producing records in 1997. Through several studios (two in Helsinki, one in Berlin) his experience and the collection of equipment has grown and his current Shark Reef studio in Hailuoto, Finland is a testimony of that development.




Vladislav Delay

Carl Oliver – Experiments

Beautiful mind bending experiments from Carl Oliver to start off your week. More on his youtube channel linked below.
Carl Oliver Youtube