POUPPÉE FABRIKK Remixed by Polyfuse

Pouppee Frabrikk aka Henrik Bjorkk Nordvargr gets properly remixed by one of our TRASH_AUDIO crew, Justin McGrath aka Polyfuse. You can buy the entire EP below.

Pouppee Fabrikk

How To Destroy Angels Remixed By Sonoio

If you’ve seen How To Destroy Angels live, you’ve heard a song a bit out of place, a little brighter, catchier, and if you’ve been following our site – familiar. The uniquely pitched snares, massive rolling bass, and pop song structure is a recurring theme in one of our member’s projects: Sonoio aka Alessandro Cortini. Sonoio gave How to Destroy Angels a proper remix and they have performed it live for the past few weeks.


Harvestman – Malgorithm Mark ][

Video Summary
Input – Mono/Stereo
Output – Mono/Stereo
Mix – Controls the Balance Between Original (Dry) & Processed Signal (Wet)
Bit Depth – Highest Quality is 16Bit Fully Clockwise
Nyquist/ Sample Rate – Highest Quality is 48kHz Fully Counter-Clockwise
Waveshaper – 4 buttons with 4 modes = 256 Unique Combinations

Description from http://schneidersladen.de
The BigDaddy of all voltage controlled bitsrusher modules, the Malgorithm is back! The revised MarkII version offers a much better audio quality with 48kHz sampling rate and 16Bit depth, illuminated buttons instead of the tedious toggle switches, a brand new wave shaper and all that comes in stereo!

Bit crusher with adjustable sampling rate of max. 48kHz and up to 16Bit depth, both parameters can be controlled by 0-5V voltages and the CV inputs have a polarizer. The Bit reduction is non-integer and continuous in the Mk2 version i.e. you can get “between the bits” and there are no more audible steps when modulating.

After that the signal can be processed by a digital waveshaper that´s different modes can be activated with four illuminated buttons – this results in 256 possible conbinations for digital distortion madness.

The Malgorithm Mk2 can operate in stereo and thus has each two audio inputs and outputs. The input level and the wet/dry mix can be adjusted manually and with a CV.

2 audio inputs (L+R), 2 audio outputs (L+R)

CV inputs for controlling the input gain, the Bit depth, the sampling rate and the effect amount

Richard Devine: Gestural SFX with Intellijel Planar Module

Creating Gestural Sound Effects with the Intellijel Planar Module from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

I setup this patch to work on a sound design project for a client, which needed unique transformer like power ups and electrical like swooshes. I borrowed the patch idea from another fellow sound designer friend Joseph Fraioli who came up with the original patch. I then took that and further added and tweaked a few things to adapt it to this project. The planar X/Y CV out is controlling the pitch of three different sound sources, intellijel cyclebox, and two intellijel Dixies. There is also multiple outs going to three different delay modules, Synthesis Technology E580, MakeNoise Echophon, and Doepfer BBD. This is just a short excerpt from that session of recordings.

Grayscale – Eurorack Alternative Panels

ome beautiful alternative faceplates for modules with controversial appearances. The topic of changing the appearance has been a longwinded conversation within the modular community (Does it affect the way you work? Is it disrespect the manufacturer?) and I have to point out there are no right answer, only preference. The eurorack format is truly modular, even the faceplates!


Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 10.40.43 AM









Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 10.42.09 AM






















Richard Devine: Percussion Box by Electro Lobotomy & MakeNoise Shared System

Experiment with the percussion box by Electro Lobotomy and MakeNoise Shared System from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

Experiment with the percussion box by Electro Lobotomy and MakeNoise Shared System. Sending CV/Gate triggers from the percussion box by hitting the metal rods to alter the timbres. Audio sources are just the sine wave outputs from the MakeNoise DPO and two intelljel dixie’s running into two Optomix’s. The two outputs are then is sent into the Echophon and phonogene then through the eventide space pedal. The output signal from the percussion box is running into the Grainsburg VCA then from there into the Mungo g0 granular processing module creating the crispy high end granulated textures.

Morton Subotnick And Joan La Barbara On Q2 Music’s ‘Spaces’

Halfanese: 8 Bit Animation

Rejected short Halfanese animated and I sound designed. No, you can’t have the 10 seconds of your life back.

8 Bit Animation from Halfanese on Vimeo.


Donaldcrunk – Ethereal Patches

Jason Degelman is a regular in our community and his recent videos/patches are gorgeous!

Kamagraph Records Profile
Donaldcrunk Soundcloud
Donaldcrunk Youtube Channel

Making How To Destroy Angels

Go see Alessandro on tour with How to Destroy Angels. Now. It is one of the most beautiful visual productions I’ve seen.