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Crush live extract 2 from Natasha Barrett on Vimeo.

Natasha Barrett Pictures

Critter and Guitari: Pocket Piano GR

There are a few things that make the Pocket Piano sound like a toy: Battery operated, built in speaker, portability and wooden keys. But the Pocket Piano’s Philadelphia construction, Chicago materials, wide range of sounds, 9V power and a 1/4″ output make it more than a toy and into a very functional instrument. Here’s a run-through of the seven modes in the GR version and some of their capable sounds. No reverb or any processing aside from YouTube’s shitty compression.

$175 for the standard six mode silver version
$220 for the seven mode green version
Critter and Guitari

POLYFUSE Live, TWO different sets this Saturday (Chicago) (Update!)

This Saturday (July 30th) in Chicago I’ll oddly be playing two shows in a row. Surachai is joining for both. The first is at the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival and will be us doing some dark-ambient (but not TOO ambient) music. The second is at the AHHH!!! Music Festival and we’ll be doing the full out Industrial / Punk / Dark-Acid set with lights and modulars. Two very different experiences, come to both! Tons of amazing artists are playing at both of these events.

The guys putting together the AHHH!!! Music Festival currently have a kickstarter page going to help raise funds for their event. There’s some nice bonuses for donating, please check out the site for details. They are ALMOST at their goal, but time is running out, help if you can!

(The kickstarter funding was cancelled due to a small change in the festival, due to an issue with having part of the festival outdoors, everything is now moving indoors, the festival is still going on, full details here.)

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival:
2515 N Milwaukee Ave, 8pm


Facebook Event

AHHH!!! Music Festival:
Simone’s Bar, 960 West 18th St.

Saturday July 30th – 1pm

2:00 pm Rock Falls
3:00 pm- Bob Rok and DJ Mar
3:45 pm- Close Hits
4:45 pm- Natalie Grace Alford
5:45 pm- Lechuguillas
6:45 pm- Philip Morris
7:30 pm- Moonrises
8:30 pm- Magic Milk

AHHH!!! Music After Party
Saturday July 30th –9PM
Free- 21 and up

After party schedule:
Front room:
10pm-3am- Ghetto Division curates

Back room:
9:15pm- Margot/The North
11pm- Polyfuse
1145pm- Margot/The North
12 midnight- VALIS
1245: Margot/The North/Clit Talk (feat. Kool Kunts Klan)

Other events throughout the day include
Giveaways and raffles from:
Sailor Jerry Rum
Lucky’s Barbershop
Studio One Tattoo
Smoking Buddha Shop
Live painting, face painting and side walk drawing by
Yollocalli Arts Reach

Facebook Event
Main Event Site

Undead Instruments – timeFrogII

Undead Instruments – timeFrog II – Inertial Sensor Gestures from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

The timeFrog II is a powerful and flexible MIDI device dedicated to music computer and MIDI applications.

-The spin/inertial sensor provides a totally new kind of control surface, which opens new way for playing with parameters.The 8 endless encoders, 4 potentiometers and 6 buttons form a functional and compact.

– There is also a embedded 4 steps sequencer: 4×4 steps x 6 voices

– This patch was setup in Ableton Max For Live using only two instances of SonicCharge’s Synplant software synthesizer. These two patches where customized and
designed to work with the timeFrogII. Creating for some very unique musical gestures. All sequencing and note generation is from the timeFrog controller.


Workspace and Environment: Joseph Fraioli

Joseph Fraioli has released albums on Planet Mu, Sublight and his own Jafbox Recordings and now runs his own sound design company. You probably know him better as Datach’i. Enjoy!

I was born in Mount Kisco, New York and now live in Brooklyn, New York and have been here for just over 11 years. I was spending so much time in brooklyn and the city that it just made sense to move here.

I’ve been involved with making music since when I got my first guitar from my cousin when I was 10 years old. I eventually started experimenting with it to get new sounds using different tunings and pedal configurations, messing with the tremolo bar, etc. just because I wanted to hear something new. I first discovered sound design when I was 16 and saw a making of Jurassic Park on PBS where they had an interview with Gary Rydstrom. It blew my mind how he combined different animal sounds to make the t-rex and different dinosaurs. It really stuck with me. Years later in 2001, I got my first opportunity to create sound for picture for an installation at the museum of modern art in new york. It was then I realized my passion for sound design for picture. As if all the while I was creating sound for images I had in my head.

In general what keeps me motivated is finding new sounds and developing / implementing new processes.

My favorite pieces of gear would have to be my eurorack modular system and my Pacarana Kyma system. The modular is so great for original source generation. Like every module is an idea and a patch becomes a cohesive thought. The possibilities seem endless and I like how you cant recall anything. Once you take apart a patch thats it, it forces you to be creative in a different way. With Kyma, I love how I can make sound into silly puddy: bending and stretching conventional sounds into something new and different. What really gets interesting for me is using Kyma and the modular together. Another go to processor for me is the Eventide Orville. Such a deep machine especially with the vSig software.

I’ve been really into GRM tools v3 and sound hack pvoc kit lately. Love having granular, pvoc and spectral shapers available as plugins in Pro-Tools to morph and alter sounds with recall.

Workspace and Environment
I like an almost sterile and blank slate feel in the studio the best. It helps me listen, think and feel relaxed. All the gear in there is very purposeful to how I like to work. Ergonomics are pretty important. I love my bungee chair, all I have to do is spin it around and I have access to everything.

Well, I haven’t released music in a bit but the city certainly does have an effect on my work. It’s often either a direct inspiration from my surroundings or escape from them.

Extra Curricular
These days I’m more involved with non-personal projects, I create sound design for advertising and film. I started my own small company called jafbox sound a few years ago and aim to bring innovative feature film quality sound design into all types of media.

jafbox Sound

Pitchfork TV: Behind the Scenes July 2011

This past weekend a couple film crews assembled, shot and recorded six bands from the Pitchfork Festival for Pitchfork TV. Generally I try to avoid location sound work for many reasons but the Yours Truly crew are professional which means they have their shit together and Kyle from Giant System, a friend for years, is as creative as he is a hard worker. This is just random video I shot to try to document our process. Mixing happens this week…

Giant System
Yours Truly
Pitchfork TV

Surachai – To No Avail

Sarah Sitkin is one of my favorite visual artists and am privileged enough to call her a friend. You may have seen her work for John Frusciante, Venetian Snares, Otto von Schirach, Captain Ahab and most recently SONOIO. Despite the playfulness and vivid colors, I always saw a darker side to her work and wanted to exploit it. I sent her the album, it’s lyrics and minimal direction – she went to work and produced some of the most breathtaking work I’ve seen.

I suppose this is the official announcement of a new album to be released in September under an undisclosed label. It’s title is To No Avail and is planned for digital and vinyl release.
Sarah Sitkin Flickr

Tip Top Audio – Polyphonic Modules

Here we go, first polyphonic module to go to pcb prototype! – Gur of Tip Top Audio introducing his first polyphonic design on Muffwiggler.

Tip Top Audio

Richard Has Too Many Friends…

Hilarious thread at Muffwiggler