Sonoio – NON

On December 8th, through the Sonoio facebook page, Alessandro Cortini announced that he was working on an Xmas present for everyone and how did he come through! Today, Sonoio released ‘NON’, an album of reinterpretations by a list of artists I’m proud to be a part of. The album is free with the option for a hi-definition upgrade and comes with custom art for every track composed by Caspar Newbolt of Version Industries. This gift might come from Alessandro but I’m hi-jacking it and slapping my name on it – eat it.

Big Black Delta
Turk Dietrich
Implex Grace
Mat Mitchell
Richard Devine
Christopher Bissonnette

In other Sonoio news, a second batch of SuONOIO’s are available for pre-order at but like the first run, they’re selling fast and will be out of stock in no time! Here’s a NSFW review of the SuONOIO we did a couple months back. Shirts, CD’s and posters are also in stock and like the SuONOIO, moving quick.

SONOIO Facebook

Twisted Tools – Analogue Microcosm: A Sound Library by Richard Devine

“Analogue Microcosm” Analogue Modular Sample Library.

Analogue Microcosm was designed by Richard Devine in conjunction with
Twisted Tools. This Twisted Tools sample-pack will include a custom
Reaktor sampler along with kits for Battery, EXS24MKII and more.

Over 570 unique analogue, royalty free sounds.
Includes Sample kits for Battery, EXS24MKII and many other formats.

“Included is the Twisted Tools MP16 Sampler”

• 16 Voice Polyphonic Sampler
• MPC Pad style layout
• Unique parameter and modulation settings for per voice
• Grain delay effect per voice
• Beat repeat effect
• Two LFOs per voice
• Kore and Maschine Templates included
*Change Beat Repeat to Note Repeat feature.

Available now for $39 from Twisted Tools!

Elektron’s Short Film Featuring Octatrack

It’s not very often you see high budget Hollywood quality promotional videos for music gear. Here we have Elektron doing just that to launch their new product, the Octratrack. There’s a really great 80’s feel to this video and it kind of reminds me of that legendary Apple commercial.


Giant System

003 White/Light from Kyle Obriot on Vimeo.

My co-worker and neighbor Kyle Obriot and his crew has been shooting, editing and releasing these beautiful videos of local Chicago bands under the name of Giant System. As of right now they have 22 videos spanning from drone to metal, all of them excellently crafted and fitting to the styles of music.
In most of the videos you can see the bands are performing live and a DAW recording the performance. These sessions are then taken and mixed by Zach Goheen who was one of our first victims for our Workspace and Environments series.

Giant System makes motion pictures of bands playing their songs in their spaces. Each episode is shot live in Chicago with a small hardworking crew of folks who are stoked to be creating something unique with each band. This project is Kyle Obriot’s baby and the god-child of Justin Schmitz. The two have been working on films together since ’04, Obriot as the director and Schmitz as the Director of Photography.

Giant System

Mark Deutsch and the Bazantar

Modular Synthesis in Flash via Patchwork!

Well, THIS certainly looks promising! Ever since I saw the great Audio Tool running in Flash, I knew weirder and more inovatve things would quickly follow, and now it seems we are seeing one of the first modular synths built in flash that will have purpose outside of a web browser. So here is Patchwork created by Peter van der Noord!

Patchwork is a Flash application for realtime modular sound synthesis. You can connect basic sound generation or modification modules to create either music, effects or utter noisy crap. Although at the moment it has an interface for creating a so-called patch, you will in the future be able to run your creations standalone, which means: in your own site or game.

Read more about Patchwork and Try it for yourself!


Also, As of right now Peter is answering questions about his creation on Reddit.

Trash_Audio NAMM BBQ

Justin and I are going to NAMM 2011 next month to be predictably bored/ horrified of the entire NAMM experience but like earlier this year, we’ll be throwing parties over the weekend. The convention itself is a freak show but if you really want to see some shit, come to our parties. As for NAMM the convention, we managed to get passes and have plan to do some interviews and some other stuff to make our site look professional.

Exact details remain to be hashed out but expect a couple parties the weekend of January 14/15 2011. To RSVP and receive information, e-mail us at If you don’t RSVP and show up, you’re going to end up at the bottom of the pool.

Here is some unfortunate evidence from NAMM 2010….

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Richard Devine – Make Noise RENÉ (and a few other things)

Clock Trippin, Poly Rhythm RENÉ from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

Now go back to your forums and talk about how an unpure waveform really annoys you or how a minor detail on a module prevents you from making music. Shut up, make noise.

POLYFUSE – Output, New Analog / Acid album…(updated)

A while back I released an album called No One Will Come To Save Us that was my first venture into an all hardware and mostly analog setup. I simply used a computer to record the stereo output of the mixer. Back when I made that first album it was bit of an accident as I was never really into the idea of just using hardware. I didn’t think the results would be very good for some reason. But sure enough, I hooked everything up almost as a joke or a toy to play with and quickly found that the output was far different then what I could achieve on a computer. Every aspect changed; the writing process, the overall sound and most importantly the interaction. I ended up recording a full length first album quite quickly and from that point on would just turn on this separate ‘acid’ studio for fun (without recording) or for random impromptu live videocasts. One of those video casts lasted around two hours and was the first one I actually recorded audio while playing. You can find that recording on a free release called Live Analog Session.

Anyway, that was long winded. What I am getting at is that this is sort of the third release in a series that I plan to continue doing…

No One Will Come To Save Us
Live Analog Session

One more thing. The bonus version of Done Undone is simply the raw recording of what goes from my mixer into the computer. It just includes more content at the start and at the end. The real version of the track also includes a bit of the audio recording from the camera that was rolling mixed in. Here’s a video clip of when I was actually making that track (I’ve since replaced that not-so-great mixer)