Look at this Moog

It’s so big that this is the only way it would fit. Moog Voyager XL, pre-order at Big City Music

Full resolution (and correctly oriented!) image
– More photos: here and here.

Harvestman – Stillson Hammer Overview

* The Stillson Hammer has received a firmware upgrade. Click: HERE to see the new addition.

Well that anticipation and hype was short lived! I received my Stillson over this weekend and dived into its feature heavy innards. The Harvestman Stillson Hammer is a burst generator with six outputs and manual trigger button. Using the Stillson Hammber, MATHS and the QMMG is a deadly combination that can conjure up some wicked rhythmic results.

Here are is a recap with some notes:

3 Knobs – All with CV capabilities
Clock Frequency – Determines how fast the clock moves
Event Count – Determines how long the sequence will play. Fully Clockwise = 31 pulses
Output Span – Determines how many outputs will be used. 1 minimum, 6 maximum.

TRIG – Manually activates the sequence. Accepts gate/pulse CV.

Output Select options:
FWD – Sequence will start at 1 and end at the value set by Output Span and repeat
PEND – Sequence starts at 1, hits the value set by Output Span then reverses
RAND – Sequence starts at a random output and may hit the same gate multiple times in a row

Manually selects which gates to activate using the Frequency knob. Pulses are sent out when gate is selected and deselected. Use of the Frequency CV is recommended in this mode.

Alternative Output modes
Hold down the Output Select knob for 2 seconds to activate.
LEDS will invert (Selected pattern will be unlit)

In these modes, the output will stay lit as the next output is selected
Inverted Random mode can activate multiple gates simultaneously

Alternative THRESH Mode
Activates one step at a time using the Frequency knob

CLK Output – Sends a pulse at the rate of the Clock Frequency

Harvestman – Stillson Hammer available at Analog Haven

Synth Meet 8 – Waiting List

Trash_Audio and Xart are hosting the 8th Synth Meet in Chicago on September 18 and 19th. We’ve received an insane amount of response and while you’re still welcome to RSVP, have a waiting list because we’ve met our capacity. If someone bails, you’ll be notified in the order we received your request.

Division 6 (Washington)
Five12 Inc (New Mexico)
Flight of Harmony (Washington)
Gorilla Box (California)
Harvestman (Washington)
Make Noise (North Carolina)
Malekko (Oregon)
Mattson (Washington)
MegaOhmAudio (Illinois)
Pro Modular (New York)
STG (Illinois)
Tip Top Audio (California)

You can RSVP to trashaudio@gmail.com with “RSVP for Synth Meet 8″ in the subject and I’ll put you in line!

Camping with Harvestman

Taken from Scott’s Facebook…

“This was the first feature-complete prototype of the Donut. The PCB had some serious routing issues, so it never worked correctly and caused me a great deal of frustration. It was also the only module in my junk bin with a panel and no hope of rehabilitation into something musically useful.

The first shot immediately sheared all of the knobs off of the module, as the panel came away from the board assembly. Four of the pot shafts were snapped off as well. I only recovered about half of the knobs. Despite scoring two direct hits on the tact switches, I recovered most of the parts from all 5 switches. The force of the projectile impact blew most of the surface mount parts (0805 size) off of the board, I wasn’t able to find any of them except for the crystal and a single electrolytic capacitor.

Load: Remington 125gr SJHP .38 Special +P (some garbage that had been laying in the back of my safe for a while). The brass and the recovered module fragments have been saved for use in an art project. I tried to pull a bullet from that tree stump but I couldn’t do it without damaging the tools I had on hand.”

Harvestman – Stillson Hammer

Above is a few faceplates of modules that Harvestman is currently working on except the one on the right, the Stillson Hammer. It has arrived to Analog Haven and is available now from Analog Haven. An overview will be posted sometime next week.

Official details:
Burst generator with six outputs. A manual button press (or external gate input) will start a “burst” of repeated gate events coming out of a selected range of outputs. Burst frequency (time between gate outputs), output span (from 1 to 6 outputs), and event count are all voltage controllable. The pattern of output transition is also selectable: normal forward sequential travel, pendulum (forward, then backward), and random patterns are available.

Apparently there is a Stillson Hammer used in this piece below by The Harvestman. I can’t identify it in the example but this track is amazing on its own.
082710 piston delay by harvestman

Harvestman – Stillson Hammer
Analog Haven – Stillson Hammer

Folktek Collection Volume 1: Kontakt Library

Folktek, makers of some amazing one of a kind instruments have just released an amazing sounding sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt. The library includes a huge batch of instruments they have created over the last twelve years! Check out the sound samples and get more details on their site, this is a pretty unique library that could have a lot of potential uses. The library is available now for download for $149.79. Folktek was also featured in one of our workspace and environment articles, check that out if you want to hear about their process.


A grand total of 64 virtual instruments
1.74GBs of data
16-24 bit 44.1khz Sounds
Works with Kontakt
For Windows & Mac OS
Over $30,000 worth of Folktek instruments sampled
Abstract, Ambient, Noise, Percussive & Synth VSTs.

Folktek Collection Volume 1
Workspace and Environment: Folktek

Chicago – August

Richard Devine came into town this past weekend to play a STS9 after party, he brought a module I requested – the Doepfer A101-3 Vactrol Phase Filter. Of everyone I know with a system, only two people come to mind (Richard being one of them) who own this module and they speak very highly of it. I’ve never heard it in action before and I know many of you haven’t either. There are some examples of how we used it but not a proper run through. Anyways, here’s some random things I did this month.

Pro-Modular will be joining the manufacturer roster at the Synth Meet 8. I’ll write up a complete list in a few days because the list is growing. If you’re interested in coming, write an e-mail to trashaudio@gmail.com and I’ll send you the information.

Joe Vanhouttegem – Blonde Fire

A friend sent this to me last night and on so many levels this is the best thing I’ve seen recently. The song is recorded by The Hickey Underworld. NSFW unless you work here.


Massive advanced warning. I’ll be opening up the tour in Chicago and Detroit on the 24th and 25th of September. I’ve been informed that the tickets are selling like crazy, hence the advanced warning. Hopefully I’ll see some of you there.

SUBCON Beyond FEST 2010

SURACHAI (Chicago & Detroit)

9/24 – Chicago – Double Door
9/25 – Detroit – Blondies
9/26 – Toronto – NEU+RAL
9/29 – Montreal – Cafe Campus
10/1 – Washington DC – Club 24
10/3 – Brooklyn – Knitting Factory

Facebook Event Page/ Ticket links

Set Times:
SURACHAI : 9 – 9:45
BANGALORE : 9:45 – 10:30
DEAD VOICES ON AIR : 12:45 – 1:30

Chicago Buchla Clinic

This past weekend Xart & Trash_Audio hosted a Buchla Clinic and invited Jon Schatz of Buchla and Associates from Berkeley, California to join us. We quickly put him to work by upgrading firmware, handing out orders as well as answering questions. Thanks to everyone that came, especially you guys from Boston and D.C. See you all in September for Synth Meet 8.

Photos by Xart