Make Noise – BRAINS

Make Noise just announced a product that a couple of friends and I helped beta test, BRAINS. When combined with Pressure Points (1 or 2 chained together), it turns the pressure sensitive controller into a 4 or 8 step sequencer that utilizes the touch plates for performance orientated patterns. If you have a Doepfer A-151 sequential switch, the pattern length can go up to 24 steps with 2 Pressure Points. Don’t forget that Pressure Points also has gate outs making it a feature heavy sequencer. It features some strange things that I’ve never seen in a sequencer controller such as the Touch-Clock which, among many things, quantizes your interaction with the Pressure Points plates to an incoming clock so you’re always triggering on time. The standard sequencer modes are here as well such as Reset, Run, and Direction.

Read more about it here: Make Noise BRAINS

New releases today: Render:Error and Polyfuse on the Fixt store

Two new releases today at the Fixt download store. The first is a collaboration between Surachai and I (Render:Error). The second is a sort of maxi single from me…

Render:Error – First

“Polyfuse and Surachai: professional sound designers by trade, accomplished electronic musicians by hobby. Both have received acclaim for their respective musical outputs, Polyfuse for his Acid/Techno/Industrial Dance that makes you lose it on the dancefloor as though controlled by a voodoo doll and Surachai for his self-named Plague Metal, a non-Euclidean geometry of tortured analog electronics and brutal cyber metal. After having run the Trash Audio blog and their own Shade:Red music label together for several years, one would expect some sort of collaboration between the two, and indeed there was, some time ago. Now, after languishing on a hard drive for years, this first single from the Render:Error project has seeped through a crack in the pavement to infect the citizenship. You can run, you can cover your ears, but it will do no good – Render:Error will find you, and you will obey.”

Polyfuse – Dagger Hero

“Over the past three years, Polyfuse has taken the Chicago underground by storm with his expertly-produced take on the modern Industrial genre, meeting somewhere between the frenetic, sharp-edged Acid Techno of yesteryear and the superbly-textured Electronic Rock of modern acts such as NIN. Last year, in between experiments in long-form dark ambient and jagged, minimal analog Acid, the remains of an aborted 2007 debut album were released for free. Now, Polyfuse is preparing for the release of the fully-realized followup, The Speed Of Forever, and serving as an advance warning comes this three-track teaser single with album cuts “Dagger Hero” and “Never Repeat These Words” and exclusive B-side “Floor”. With a sonic structure as threatening as the deadliest military hardware these compositions give testament to the fact that a repertoire of considerable force is being manufactured within the borders of the Windy City, and the eventual onslaught will change the face of modern electronic music.”

Pittsburgh July 2010

Prometheus Burning invited I, Parasite and Surachai to play at their release party in Pittsburgh this past weekend. They also had a number of local multimedia artists to display and sell their works as well. This was my first in depth look into Pittsburgh and as always, I was shooting in my chaotic documentary style and probably focused too much on Diesel. For more information on the events of the passed night, view the previous post: HERE.

SuONOIO – An instrument by Harvestman and Alessandro Cortini

Alessandro has just announced SuONOIO, a small synth that will be available as one of the physical releases packages offered with the release of Sonoio, his latest project. Harvestman was commissioned by Alessandro to make a small versatile synth with tons of functionality only the Harvestman could pull off. Additional information to follow….

The Harvestman

For an overview of a few of Harvestman modules, watch these videos: Malgorithm, Hertz Donut, and the Piston Honda.

I know something you don’t know…

Alessandro Cortini has a few special announcements he’ll make soon but for now all you get is a glimpse. Also, there is an open discussion over at the Sonoio Facebook page where you can ask questions. Link is below.
Facebook Sonoio Page

Trash_Audio Daily Commute

The Trash_Audio team is late for work! This is basically what goes through my mind on a daily basis.

All of the audio is original and not altered from the camera. This is probably what downtown Chicago would sound like if we were being invaded by outside forces. Explosions, gunfire, people flying out of building, military and fake breasts will be all over downtown Chicago for the next month because Transformers 3 is shooting.

Sonoio (Alessandro Cortini) – Not Worth Remembering Teaser

sonoio2 from Alessandro Cortini on Vimeo.

Alessandro Cortini and I have been putting together teasers for his upcoming project’s album called Sonoio which comes out on July 28th 2010. Sign up below for updates and additional information. This is the second teaser, the first one we did is: Here! Enjoy!

Inception – Sound Design

One of the best movies I’ve seen that had amazing room for creative sound design. While watching the movie yesterday, I definitely noticed that the team went beyond the calling of standard sound design. This video is a great summary of how the sound department approached into populating the soundscapes of Inception. I hope a longer version of this video surfaces!

Original link: Soundworks Collection – Inception

“Inception” Sound for Film Profile from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

Gorilla Box Cage Available now

Gorilla Box’s first product, the Gorilla Cage, is now available at their Online Store (Product Page). This is targeted towards DIY folks who would like the constructed rack but want to find their own power supply. Gorilla Box is also selling a number of miscellaneous utility products to customize your Eurorack system including colored screws and caps. Other product releases will be announced soon like that complete Gorilla Cage with the Tip Top power supply.

Here are the specs of the Gorilla Cage:
– Custom made for Gorilla box by Vector Electronics. This is without the power system, just the rack.
– Comes with flat black metal anodized backplate with bussboard screw holes prepunched. The large hole on bottom of prototype not included in final rack. backplate is solid black anodized at the bottom.
– Black front handles easily removed with a screwdriver.


Surachai + Justin = Render:Error

The Pain