New Free Polyfuse Release…

I’ve just wrapped up a quick Polyfuse release titled ‘No One Will Come To Save Us’ that is a complete diversion from how I would normally make music. Typically I would do everything on the computer, in Logic, and record any outside elements in. This time I tried something new and went for the ‘all hardware’ approach, so no computer was used. I picked the most minimal setup possible and used it throughout the whole album: x0xb0x, TR-808, Moog Prodigy, Grundig G5 (A shortwave radio), Line6 DL-4 pedal, TubeWorks RT-901 overdrive pedal, Alesis Ineko and a TC Electronics M300 all plugged into a small 10 channel mixer. From there I just improvised and recorded long sets which I then cut the best parts out of to put on the album. Anyway, it’s all done now, it’s streaming on my site and it’s completely free! Get it here…


Also, I’ve decided to make one of my previously released albums free now. ‘The Night That Laid Still’ is an EP + Remixes and a high resolution video. You can get that at the link below. This release is a completely different side of me and is mostly atmospheric/ambient music with touches of violin, upright bass, and pianos.

- The Night That Laid Still

This Week: Comfort Zone

This week will be a strange one. Out of the three events I have going on, I’m only comfortable with today. I’ve played at and seen some amazing shows at Ronny’s before – It’s a shithole that everyone loves.

Tomorrow, I have a radio interview at WCRX 88.1 FM at Columbia College located downtown Chicago and is a student run show. What’s strange about this is that the radio host thought Surachai was a complete band and when I warned him it’s just me, he continues to write ‘you guys’ in his e-mails. So, I’ll just have to trick Justin into coming and say he’s my drummer, whoever else wants to come can be assigned a role.

The strangest is on Friday. I’m playing a show at a venue that wrote me a myspace message: “hey do you need anything? and btw, do you have a pa system?” Uhhhhhhh… maybe I can share my in ear monitors with someone that comes to the show.

WCRX 88.1 – 10PM Tuesday, September 15th – You’ll need VLC to listen

Surachai Muxtape

Schizophrenia 4: A Personal Video

Justin and I debated about whether this video is relevant to Trash_Audio or not, both of us were on the same side of keeping it for private viewing. I’m not sure how we both lost arguing to ourselves but probably had something to do with ‘whatever’ or ‘I don’t care’. I could go into the details of my first impression, immersion and experience of Detroit and the Schizophrenia party but everything has been said before and will be repeated. I’ll just say I had an experience of a lifetime with my closest friends. Thanks to everyone for not destroying our hotel room and being a part of the most polite party I’ve been involved with.

This video is not for you.

Temporary Post – Polyfuse + Surachai This Weekend

Plans have changed!

Thursday, September 3rd – Chicago – Tacoskull has added Surachai to their lineup! Polyfuse + Surachai = Trash_Audio!

Friday, September 4th – Detroit – Schizophrenia has added Surachai to their pre-party lineup!!

See you crazy people tonight and this weekend!

TacoSkull Information

Schizophrenia Information

If you were interested in seeing me tonight in Akron, Ohio please still make it out there to support Eustachian! It will destroy you!

Crowphonics: Cro-1

During our last event, Trash Audio Synth Meet 3, there were a few things that caught my eye and strangely it wasn’t the abundance of 3U or 5U modulars for some reason it was the Crowphonics Cro-1 mk1, aka the Scarecrow. Simply, it is another squarewave noisebox. I was never into noiseboxes in general, a self contained squelching box sounds limiting but as you can tell from the video, the box is quite versatile. It pushes out a beautiful frequency range that loves to make your chest resonate. It features 4 oscillators, some audio, some LFO’s for controlling various parameters such as pitch and Attack/Release but the feature that gets me blowing my rape whistle is the Power Starve. This knob emulates a dying battery by limiting the power going into the box making all the functions change personalities. It creates wonderful subtle noises in the background I’ve never heard before anywhere else. Yes, its made of wood and its 97 British Pounds which equals about 150 bucks. That’s a deal considering you can have this process external audio.

- Crowphonics

Tip Top Audio Z5000k is processing the Crowphonics signal before hitting the computer.

Totally Wired

Strangely, Xart handed me this dvd earlier today while at his studio and when I got home I received this e-mail:

Dear Friends,

It gives me great happiness to announce at last the release of ‘Totally Wired’, a film about Schneiders Buero, now available on DVD from Amazon

To thank you for your patience and support, a 10% discount is available to you with the following code: FRLD3JPV

The film will also be available from HERE and in Schneiders Buero, Berlin.

All Tweets, Forwards, Adds and Posts would be greatly appreciated!

I hope you enjoy the film and look forward to your feedback.

Niamh Guckian, Director, ‘Totally Wired’.

For sneak peaks and trailers, please visit Here

Totally Wired on Twitter: Here

Sneak Peek from ‘Totally Wired’ – Ken Macbeth from niamhguckian on Vimeo.

Harvestman: Hertz Donut

This is nothing terribly new as The Harvestman Hertz Donut Oscillator been announced and anticipated for quite some time but finally it’s ready to be…. pre ordered. September, 7th 2009 marks the day where analog purists will start to question their equipments efficiency and functionality when this beast gets released. As with all Harvestman products, there are many special features which take its modules one step further and this oscillator is definitely a little more than a bleep producer. In layman’s terms (aka the only terminology I’m familiar with) the module has a primary oscillator with a secondary modulation oscillator to enhance/destroy your sound. The secondary modulation oscillator can be routed to your primary frequency – creating FM synthesis within one module, shape – creating a psuedo waveshaping effects, and amplitude – which creates AM synthesis. All in one module.

Listening to the audio sample below I’m asking whether any of my single modules, be it digital or analog – hell, even my computer can do this? Up front, no. If I spent a great 30 minutes to patch something up, maybe… but hell I could’ve been using that time to be melting faces off.

Well, I have to clean myself off and try to go about my day… with that whole socializing and relating to other people on an emotional level.

- Technical info: Here

- Purchasing info: Here

Stupidtriangle by harvestman

Leaving Our Apartments

It’s that time of year where Justin and I make our rounds into the night. We’d love for you to come out with us – First one is this friday.


August 21st, 2009 – Chicago, IL – Chelsea House Garden Ballroom (w/Millipede, Aphorism)- Info

September 3rd, 2009 – Chicago, IL – Castle Tacoskull (Schizophrenia PrePreParty w/Sickboy) – Info

October 3rd, 2009 – Chicago, IL – Kinetic Playground – Info


September 3rd, 2009 – Kent, OH – Europe Gyro (Schizophrenia PrePreparty w/Eustachian) – Info

September 4th, 2009 – Detroit, MI – (Schizophrenia Preparty w/Xanopticon, S/M, Rtype) Info

September 14th, 2009 – Chicago, IL – Ronny’s (w/in the age of terminal static) – Info

September 18th, 2009 – Chicago, IL – Mortville (Xrin Arms, EYESEARSNOSE) – Info

October 17th, 2009 – Los Angeles, CA – Droid Behavior (/w Kid 606)

October 23rd, 2009 – Chicago, IL – Reggie’s Live (w/ Venetian Snares, Wisp) – Info

* Pending: October X, 2009 – Los Angeles, CA – The Smell (w/Captain Ahab, Eustachian)

* Pending: October X, 2009 – San Francisco, CA – 5lowershop (/Eustachian)

^ If you are interested in booking Surachai and Eustachian on the West Coast in October, send an e-mail to

X-art Studios hosting Bi-monthly Sessions

I received this e-mail from Xart:
“Chicago modular/noisebox Jamhub sessions!

Gear show and tell is great, and I had a great time meeting all of you! I think it time to ‘jack it up’ a notch in our local modular /noisebox community. I am going to volunteer to host bi-monthly Sunday Improvised Jam Sessions.
The idea would be to plan a theme + setup our playing rules + jam session etiquette and meet for 3 hours and play . . . We can also expand this to a improv silent film night, etc. I would like to propose we do this in the late afternoon/early evening on Sunday as a productive close to the weekend. I want to keep this as low-tek and accessible as possible to get people out of their apartments/home/bedrooms and make some noise. After doing some research on the best way to set this up (In an urban space) I came across the JAMHUB. Fukcing brilliant. idea that will reduce the need for excessive volumes and allow each person to be set to the same volume and each musician decides how loud each person should be, no more battle of the egos ! (or pissed of neighbors!)

I made some calls as it is expected to ship in early September. I will set up the fist JAMHUB improv. session at the X-ART studio as soon as we get it in.
We will obviously have a limited number of ‘seats’ for each session, but I want to get to the point where I set this up bi- weekly with a rotating group of people. Anyone interested?”

If you are, send an e-mail to

Trash_Audio Synth Meet 3: Victory

I’m declaring victory! We saw the entire range from noise boxes to full on modular systems in plenty of different formats. If it makes noise, we’re into it. Thanks to all that came out and to Rob who hosted the party at his studio. Also thanks to Justin who accidentally the entire meet but I’m giving him a break because driving from Tennessee in stormed traffic sounds way worse than hanging out with modular dudes. I’m just going to say it because I’m the decider: We have the best noise crew on the planet.

Oh and if you’re a modular/noisebox/pedal/synth manufacturer, I highly suggest you get in touch with me at for the next meet.