Harvestman Malgorithm Overview

Harvestman Malgorithm Bit Crusher

Volume drastically changes the response of how the Malgorithm interacts with the incoming signal.
Bit Crusher – Bit Depth goes from 1 to 8 bits.
Nyquist (Sample Rate) – 20kHz max.
Devil On activates the Volvulus modes – 8 total can be achieved through the 3 switches.
Rectify acts an overall distortion/waveshaper
Using an LFO as the source audio creates interesting results.

This Malgorithm in the video is the latest revision and here are the differences between the new and old:
Maximum bit depth has been extended to 10 bits. Maximum sampling rate is doubled.
The ‘devil’ section works a little differently: when engaged, the Bit Depth control changes function and becomes a modifier for your selected devil function. The rectify switch adds some high-frequency garbage in this mode instead of strictly rectifying the signal.

Harvestman – Hertz Donut Overview

Harvestman Hertz Donut Dual Oscillator

Primary Oscillator
3 waveforms: Sine, Triangle, Saw, and Pulse which has it’s own dedicated output and requires the Destination button to be held for it to activate.
All waveforms can be affected by the Waveform Discontinuity knob which is a waveshaper
To enable FM on the attenuated Frequency jack for the primary oscillator, hold down the Primary waveform select button.
All lights on = Linear
No lights = Exponential
Sync In for external audio rate signals

Modulator Oscillator
3 waveforms: Sine Triangle, Saw and can be LO (LFO) or (HI) Audio Rate modes.
Like Primary, Pulse has it’s own dedicated output.
Destination sends the modulator signal to the selected parameter. Frequency, Shape, and Amp.
Modulation Index determines the amount of signal being applied to the modulation.
Like Primary, to enable FM on the attenuated Frequency Jack, hold down Mod
XOR output.
To activate the XOR output hold the Destination button until XOR is lit.
Tracking determines how accurately the modulation finds the target: Bad, Worse, Stupid.

Harvestman – Piston Honda Overview

Harvestman Piston Honda Wavetable Oscillator

Waveforms can be scanned manually and also with CV.
Rom A – Noisy Waveforms
Rom B – Additive Waveforms
Rom C – Classic Waveforms
Rom D – Bosch Gardens
Morph Discontinuity determines length of transition.
Higher value knob settings on the the morph discontinuity cause sharper transitions.
Lower values cause the transitions to be smoothed.
Holding the Wave Discontinuity button (lights on) smooths out digital artifacts.
External signals can be processed.
In this mode the frequency knob acts as a pseudo volume/gain control.
Rom Select can be selected manually or with gates.
Hard Sync and FM are both achievable by sending audio rate (Hard Sync) or LFO (Hard Sync and FM) signal to the Frequency jacks.

Magnetic Stripper

Here is some serious next level gear porn from our Workspace and Environment participant Magnetic Stripper. His article can be found: HERE. The top video was mooched off of Matrixsynth if you couldn’t tell by the green Youtube skin. The bottom video is of his live setup. I’m glad someone is doing that but personally I’d have to say fuck touring at that point.

The Creators Project

There’s an amazing amount of interviews being conducted at The Creators Project that span the music, film, art, design, gaming, and fashion worlds. The range of workspaces the artists in which the artists create are as diverse as our Workspace and Environment series from the minimal pedals of Nick Zinner to the massive 8 person setup of Richie Hawtins live shows. The interviews themselves are technically great. What would you expect from Vice magazine, the people who brought the Vice Guide to North Korea?

Nordvargr & Surachai: Wilderness of Torrents

Wilderness of Torrents

A friend messaged me tonight saying while he was browsing his invite only torrent site, he came across my latest album with Nordvargr. You’ll see us at 6th place (click on the image for the larger version) with a torrent that is 28 files large. I was given the file and saw that the uploader purchased a box set, scanned the booklet and took shitty pictures of the CDs, patch and box.

You can download the album in two different higher quality formats with the properly digitized artwork HERE. If you want a CD, I have a few left, just e-mail trashaudio@gmail.com if you’re interested.

Displaced and Disorderly

displaced and disorderly

Saturday July 24th
Prometheus Burning presents:

Live performances by:



Art exhibitions by:

Industrial & Electro DJ sets by:

4016 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201
21+ event – Doors at 9:00pm

$10 in advance / $12 at door
Tix @ Eides and Slacker or via email

Cheap Passive Multi-Functional Module

Well, it’s actually… a potato. but I like to call it “passive multiples & mixer with fixed attentuator” – Muffwiggler forum

potato module


A user on the Muffwiggler forum wanted to modify his QMMG (quad multi mode gate) into a Dual Multi Mode Gate and posted this picture for kicks. Honestly, I wish he would do this and video tape it. I’d then sell it on the synth snuff market and Nicholas Cage would come after me.


Tip Top Audio – Z3000 MKII

Z3000 Features

Among the updated features include an extended frequency response that pairs perfectly with the Z-DSP, Blue LED’s, and a waveshaper. Read about it at: Tip Top Audio