Cheap Passive Multi-Functional Module

Well, it’s actually… a potato. but I like to call it “passive multiples & mixer with fixed attentuator” – Muffwiggler forum

potato module


A user on the Muffwiggler forum wanted to modify his QMMG (quad multi mode gate) into a Dual Multi Mode Gate and posted this picture for kicks. Honestly, I wish he would do this and video tape it. I’d then sell it on the synth snuff market and Nicholas Cage would come after me.


Tip Top Audio – Z3000 MKII

Z3000 Features

Among the updated features include an extended frequency response that pairs perfectly with the Z-DSP, Blue LED’s, and a waveshaper. Read about it at: Tip Top Audio

Gorilla Box Online

After a couple months spent refining and manufacturing their products, Gorilla Box has updated their online store with prices and pictures. They are not available for purchase yet but can get on the waiting list by filling out the contact form.

The products are available separately – The Vector manufactured rack, Tip Top Audio power supply and the External Hard Case.

The Vector Rack has rubber legs in order to be tabletop as well as rack ready. The rubber legs are removable for stacking multiple Vector Racks.

Visit the Gorilla Box Store
Custom orders should e-mail:

Also available at Analogue Haven soon…

gorilla stacked



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VOLTAGE: Animated short film from Brazil

via Millipede


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Exorciser – July 2nd, Chicago

I’m not sure how bands are formed these days but I’ll tell you how Exorciser began. A friend and I recorded a track that ended up being 15 minutes of huge slow metal and he found some musicians that were interested in playing it live. The End. See you Friday.

American Heritage
Heaving Mass

July 2nd 2010
8 pm

Charles Cohen: Xart + Trash_Audio Extemporization Klinic

Xart and Trash_Audio hosted Charles Cohen and Tyler (aka Color is Luxury) from Philadelphia for a day of guided improvisation workshops and conversation. Their style of improvised electronics has been garnishing attention internationally, particularly Cohen’s mastery of the Buchla Music Easel. Here is their performance from June 19th in Chicago.

This is the medium quality version of the video. To view higher quality click on the link above.

Tip Top Z-Rails

It’s becoming increasingly clear that manufacturers are bringing alternatives to Eurorack case world. What Doepfer started years ago, manufacturers like Tip Top Audio, Gorilla Box, Monorocket and others are refining and creating new, less expensive ways to get into the Eurorack format. I’ve had my frustrations with cases and one of them is being addressed right now with these rails. The rail systems on some cases, such as Monorocket, have sliding nuts making it extremely time consuming installing modules. Doepfer cases offer the preferred rails that had stationary threads. This cuts down installation time because the modules simply fit and you don’t have to chase loose nuts. The threaded rails, however, were expensive to attain – even to manufacturers that were buying in bulk. It looks like Tip Top Audio has addressed the rail dilemma AND has developed a more stable, universal power supply for cases – These guys are on a rampage! Tip Top Audio