SuONOIO – An instrument by Harvestman and Alessandro Cortini

Alessandro has just announced SuONOIO, a small synth that will be available as one of the physical releases packages offered with the release of Sonoio, his latest project. Harvestman was commissioned by Alessandro to make a small versatile synth with tons of functionality only the Harvestman could pull off. Additional information to follow….

The Harvestman

For an overview of a few of Harvestman modules, watch these videos: Malgorithm, Hertz Donut, and the Piston Honda.

I know something you don’t know…

Alessandro Cortini has a few special announcements he’ll make soon but for now all you get is a glimpse. Also, there is an open discussion over at the Sonoio Facebook page where you can ask questions. Link is below.
Facebook Sonoio Page

Trash_Audio Daily Commute

The Trash_Audio team is late for work! This is basically what goes through my mind on a daily basis.

All of the audio is original and not altered from the camera. This is probably what downtown Chicago would sound like if we were being invaded by outside forces. Explosions, gunfire, people flying out of building, military and fake breasts will be all over downtown Chicago for the next month because Transformers 3 is shooting.

Sonoio (Alessandro Cortini) – Not Worth Remembering Teaser

sonoio2 from Alessandro Cortini on Vimeo.

Alessandro Cortini and I have been putting together teasers for his upcoming project’s album called Sonoio which comes out on July 28th 2010. Sign up below for updates and additional information. This is the second teaser, the first one we did is: Here! Enjoy!

Inception – Sound Design

One of the best movies I’ve seen that had amazing room for creative sound design. While watching the movie yesterday, I definitely noticed that the team went beyond the calling of standard sound design. This video is a great summary of how the sound department approached into populating the soundscapes of Inception. I hope a longer version of this video surfaces!

Original link: Soundworks Collection – Inception

“Inception” Sound for Film Profile from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

Gorilla Box Cage Available now

Gorilla Box’s first product, the Gorilla Cage, is now available at their Online Store (Product Page). This is targeted towards DIY folks who would like the constructed rack but want to find their own power supply. Gorilla Box is also selling a number of miscellaneous utility products to customize your Eurorack system including colored screws and caps. Other product releases will be announced soon like that complete Gorilla Cage with the Tip Top power supply.

Here are the specs of the Gorilla Cage:
– Custom made for Gorilla box by Vector Electronics. This is without the power system, just the rack.
– Comes with flat black metal anodized backplate with bussboard screw holes prepunched. The large hole on bottom of prototype not included in final rack. backplate is solid black anodized at the bottom.
– Black front handles easily removed with a screwdriver.


Surachai + Justin = Render:Error

The Pain

POLYFUSE – Live Analog Session

Every once in a while I like to hook up my ‘analog’ (No computers) setup and jam out while broadcasting the results on a videocast. Well, I was getting ready to disconnect all the gear in preparation for a big move so I thought’d I’d do one last analog session. This time I remembered to record the audio, so here it is. 1 hour and 22min of analog improvisations:

Direct Links to MP3’s:
Live Analog Session – Part 1
Live Analog Session – Part 2
Live Analog Session – Part 3

All part’s in one ZIP:
Download (183mb)


Recorded with the following:

Cwejman S1mk2
Grendel Drone Commander
Tubeworks Overdrive
Ross 10 Band EQ
Alesis Ineko
Soundcraft MFXi8

Stereo Output recorded with RME Fireface 800. Stereo two track mastered with UAD-2 Suite

Sonoio – Alessandro Cortini’s latest Project

sonoio1 from Alessandro Cortini on Vimeo.

I’ve been helping Ezio Alessandro Cortini put together some teaser videos for his latest project and album named Sonoio. In the following weeks Sonoio be posting videos, interviews and downloads that will lead to the release of the album, all of which will be found here.
For more information and up to date information visit his site:

Future Workspace and Environment : Justin McGrath / POLYFUSE (Part 2)

Tons of progress has happened since my last post about this project I got myself into! When we first started, I assumed it would take a solid year before I was able to move any of my gear in. If everything goes as planned, I could be in there by mid-September. It may not be a completely ‘livable’ place by then, but it should have electricity, walls and a floor.

Here is the new and current plan we are moving forward with. We ended up running into an interesting problem with the plumbing situation that made us take our interior room layout plan and completely reverse it. This turned out to work so much better. Now the ‘back’ of the building will be the front, and the main entry door will be a large set of french doors. We also decided not to do dual sliding glass doors as we originally planned. Mainly because I really need the wall space for equipment and shelving. The other big change that happened is with the lofted bedroom area. In the original plans we thought this would only be a 10’x8′ room, but we are now extending the room into the other garage half of the building. So it will almost double in size and become a lot more usable.

From left to right are three rooms. Kitchen, bathroom and soundbooth. The soundbooth is about 5×7 feet or so. No drum recording will be happening in here, but that’s ok because I never do that kind of stuff. However, this room has an extra door on it that will lead out into the garage half of this building. So in the event that I need to record in a really big space, I’ll be able to open this door and run a snake out into the larger garage room. Of course I’ll have to figure out some means of acoustic treatment for that scenario, but this space will still be isolated from the main control room.

We’re still finishing up the interior framing and we’ll be running electric, CAT5e ethernet, and audio cables for an XLR / TRS patch panel in the sound booth. After that we’ll do all the drywall, lighting and maybe even a ceiling fan or two.

Future Workspace and Environment: Part 1