Video_Output – Arlovski 360: Episode 3

I found out how to embed high quality youtube videos, so you can watch the ones below in their still crappy-but-it-will-do quality. I want to point out that neither Justin or I recorded the narrater who sounds like he’s in a fucking bathroom! Take that! Anyways – this is the last one I’m going to post here until they’re all done because these videos have nothing to do with what this blog was intended for and simply just annoy me. Questions and comments are welcome as always.

Tip Top Audio Z3000 Oscillator – FM

I saw a box waiting for me at my apartment, plugged in whatever was in it and behold you get a Trash_Audio post. If you want a proper and thorough review of the z3000, get it from Noisesource cause he’s got his shit together. Also, at Tip Top Audio there are some great demos on the academic side of the oscillator. I, on the other hand, am in the middle of this Arlovski thing and only had a second to play with it in between waiting for OMF’s and reference videos.
Whenever I hear demo’s of people using killer gear for evil (prog rock solos), I want to rip off my jaw and jam it down my throat. Yes this video is annoying and probably is not much better than a flaming 70s solo played in my mom’s basement but it’ll have to do for now. No its not edited nor planned but you may hear something you’ve never heard before… but probably not cause you guys have heard it all. Yes skip through the video because you can’t really see what I’m doing anyhow. Yep the patch is too complicated to explain but essentially its the Cwejman VM-1 plugging into the FM inputs of the z3000 (the module blinking green). No you can’t tell that the waveforms are thick as fuck and will crush you cause its streaming video.
It has features I’d actually use like the CV Thru that can daisy chain multiple oscillators and essentially bypass a mult, adjustable FM input that lets you decide what degree of chaos you want to allow seep in, digital tuner for internal and external sources that actually may encourage me to make melodic music soon – especially while on the road and not in front of a laptop. I don’t see this oscillator ever leaving my setup simply because its so much more than an oscillator – It’s a weapon of choice.

*Update: I got to spend a few more minutes with it and have a more controlled session I’d like to share. Swirling bass in a field of delays; CRUSH

z3000 – fm hell from surachai

Video_Output – Arlovski 360: Episode 2

With your noodle arms and patch cord legs, I know you music tech guys (emphasis on guys) are all huge Mixed Martial Arts buffs. Considering that we’re all indoor kids here at Trash_Audio, I can say that we cant bench press our laptops. I’ve had a number of people write to me saying how they would kill to be in my position (both arms above my head holding a boom mic and following Arlovski) but I just ask ‘why?’ I mean would you really want to be around people that could kill you with their bare hands? Every single one of the people we interview could decimate us and I feel if these episodes don’t show them in a good light – they will. Ok, sarcasm aside – these people are the among the most genuine, caring people I’ve ever been around but being around Justin and Corey on the other hand….. *sigh* Anyways, I dare you to read the youtube comments on these videos and come out sane.
Again comments and questions are encouraged here. And I’ll say again that I don’t know how or if the music will licensed after this project is done. If they’re not bought out – I’ll most likely give them away here…. for your souls.
Five more episodes to go. Team TRASH GO!

I got in trouble last time for posting a direct link to the .mov file but you know what? If they can’t upload a proper HD version onto youtube, I’ll just have to link you to a higher quality version – one where you can actually hear reverbs and bass : View Here.

Beater…with a heater, please….

Who needs some beats? Can you pay with a trashed up car?

via Craigslist, Chicago….


Video_Output – Arlovski 360

This is a picture of Corey Mixter and I losing our minds at LAX while catching a red eye flight back to Chicago earlier this week. Going from perfect hoodie weather to performing acrobatic maneuvers in order to survive icy sidewalks is a lot to handle at 5 in the morning. The fact that two people were responsible for the production of this video while on the road has to be some sort of achievement, right? Or is it just a sign of the times – that production companies can consist of anyone with Final Cut and Logic.

We worked on this project in so many locations (including bumming around at Noisesource’s residence) and on such an insane time schedule that I’m surprised that it a) was released on time and b) we are alive.
I’m particularly interested to see the feedback we get from this website as youtube comments are the lowest denominator in logic and coherence. That’s right! I’m calling Trash_Audio readers smart. I’m also going to assume that many readers of this blog don’t particularly know too much about the MMA scene (like me) and would love to hear what you people have to say about it. Comments and questions are welcome!

If you want to see the original .mov file send an e-mail and I’ll give you a link.


There are some reasons for the lack of updates lately and the main one being that I’ve been busy with other projects – so much so that Justin was hit in the crossfire. I’ve been following around a MMA fighter Andrei Arlovski, who lives a few blocks away from me in Chicago, for a 7 part documentary web series. Andrei has a massive championship fight January 24th and naturally they want to build the hype by having every episode released weekly leading up to the fight. I think I can speak for Justin when I say that we’re the last people who thought they’d be involved with MMA fighters and trainers but here I am in L.A. with Corey Mixter (amazing film maker/producer) staying at a hotel and running around L.A. doing location sound for interviews. Here is the teaser, I’ll shutup…

Chicago, TONIGHT!

There’s a rather large show happening tonight just blocks from Trash headquarters: Venetian Snares, Otto von Schirach, Cyrusrex, DJ NAHA, and Surachai. I will be attending, I hope Surachai will be kind enough to sign my MIDI Specification poster.

Details: TONIGHT! (December 5) • 8:00 PM • Ages 17+ • Reggie’s Live • 2105 South State Street Chicago, Illinois 60616. More info here.

video_Output: Trifonic – Parks On Fire

Trifonic has just released their new video for the track ‘Parks on Fire’ which is off their debut album Emergence. It’s a beautiful piece of work done by video artist Scott Pagano. Be sure to also check out our previous Workspace and Environment article with Trifonic.

“Parks on Fire is the latest short graphic film creation of digital artist Scott Pagano. It is an exploration of the complex, interpenetrated, and reflective relationships of structure, form, and motion that both bind and conflict the natural and manmade worlds. The experience is a visual and aural expedition through a series of uniquely explicated environments. Stunning synthetic worlds of micro precision evolve and meld in to landscapes of natural forms evoking the achingly unknowable sublime that is here captured, redefined and expressed via intensive digital reprocessing. Sound and image drive each other to create the uncanny sense that both are emerging from the same dammed-but-divine ethereal engine. The effect is one of technological fear yet wonder, spiritual unease yet solace, and ultimately a feeling of hope born from the beauty of it all.”
Neither-Field (The work of Scott Pagano)

Workspace and Environment: Toecutter

All I have to say is “gabber flute”. This is the infamous Dave Toecutter from down under.

I started in about 1999 after asking Bomb20 through email what programs he uses (I cringe to think of this after how many people have irked me by asking the same!) I started cutting up stuff in SoundForge XP which I got a demo of. What initially motivated me was the give-a-fuck punk of late 20th Century D.H.R. and Culturcide (Texan band from the 80’s). I started in my parent’s house in 1999, then an apartment with the computer by the bed in 2000. In 2002 moved into a massive warehouse venue, sharing with 7 others and the computer by the bed, then in 2005 I moved into a room in an old stable in an industrial district in South Sydney. Now I live in a house further south, but near the train line, with no studio to speak of.

Where can we find your work?
Toecutter, Soulseek is the best spot, I have no website ATM.

What are your current favorite pieces of hardware?
I like the SP404 and Kaos Pad II. They were really cheap second hand.

What are some softwares or plugins you prefer?
MDA Combo is a classic distortion for me, apart from that I am using the simplest audio filter in Abelton at the moment, and that’s about it. I just found a freeware side chain compressor which works in Ableton, which should help me get that Vengaboys sound I crave.

How does your physical space and surroundings influence your workflow?
I am not sure as I don’t usually have a chance to reflect as I move often without choice from one studio to another.

Could you describe what you might think your ideal location would be?
Free, not too cold, about the size of a cell, with other people around to sleep and eat with.

What was the first piece of hardware you remember obtaining? The last?
First: Boss SP303 Dr. Sample, Last: Boss SP404 Dr. Sample.

What is on your current wish list?
None. But I could use a Gabber Flute – I saw one in France once at Boris Cavage’s house, but only as a gimmick. Also a friend has a circuit-bent toy pistol with a filter/pitch shift attached which sounds awesome – great little noisemaker!

Do you have a mobile studio setup?
It’s the same as my live set-up, AUD$200 PC Laptop running SoundForge 5.0, Abelton 4 and 6, WinAmp and FruityLoops 1.3, SP404 and Kaos Pad II.

Where were you born and how did you end up in the location you currently reside?
I am about 35 km. from my place of birth, but I don’t have time to explain the second half of the question.

Have you ever heard your music being played at a public place?
Yeah, national radio in Australia while I was at work at Kinko’s in 2004.

Are you involved in any music/sound work outside of your own projects?
From time to time I do pieces for performance artists or fashion shows. Nothing to brag about.

Explaining the picture above…:
The speakers are Mackie HR824, nice! Borrowed from Core:Tex Labs!
The harddrive on the chessboard is all my files backup from 2004 – which is not much actually!
The RAW harddrive is about to go into my PC which I have at The Barn, which was my studio for about 3 years
The Berringer mixer atop the left speaker is for live shows, when i am not running my gear in a line from laptop – through sp404 to Kaos Pad2. It’s when I need a mic. and I bring along an auxillary sampler – usually the Boss SP303 which you see to the right of the Laptop keyboard
The Monitor is because the monitor on the laptop is fucked, resulting from too much Brown Ale in NCL, UK
There is a small harddrive which is what I tour with – lot’s of samples for my Abelton Live set – a fucker when you forget WHY you take it to the gig – or don’t bring one of the LITTLE usb cables!!! ARGH!!
Midi Keyboard M-Audio Oxygen8 – really handy for noodling out baselines, or whatnot. Yes, I use melody, SOMETIMES!
To the right of the BOSS SP303 is my little sound card SOUNDBLASTER/CreAtive- it also has optical in and out, which is handy for capturing from old minidisk recordings.. aaauurghh… it was handy for 5 minutes…
The Yellow case is all the connecty bits you need for being an audio guy.
It’s mostly RCA to JACK converters. I think I am going to get a tattoo of one of those suckers!
Oh, and the I-Lamp you see on the corner of the desk is what my girl and I do all manner of electronic chores on, NOT making music! (just to put your fears at rest, I DO NOT use MAC!)

Toecutter Myspace

Venetian Snares – Otto von Schirach – Cyrusrex – DJ NAHA

I’ll be opening up for this tour in Chicago. Bring your moshing shoes cause faces will be melted! I don’t want to sound like a d-bag but the cliche “tickets are going quick, get yours now!” applies in this case.

Buy Tickets Here! Friday, December 5 • 8:00 PM • Ages 17+ • Reggie’s Live • 2105 South State Street Chicago, Illinois 60616
More info: HERE

From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Venetian Snares is known for making experimental electronic music often in odd numbered time signatures (often 7/4). He is an unusually prolific artist, having released records on the History of the Future, Isolate/DySLeXiC ResPonSe, Addict, Zod, Distort, Sublight, Low-Res, Planet Mu and Hymen record labels.

Ipecac recording artist Otto Von Schirach is an IDM and breakcore artist from Miami, Florida of Cuban/German descent. His style is more sporadic and noisy than other artists in the genre, and his visual aesthetic leans on the heavy metal side rather than electronic. He has released most of his work on the Schematic and Beta Bodega labels, and was featured in the 2002 documentary Electro Dziska. Most recently he worked and went on tour with Skinny Puppy and produced a remix for Miss Kittin.

Cyrusrex has an extended history in the LA Electronic Music Scene, starting out as the sound designer for annodalleb in 1995, he quickly became recognized by the local music community. Since annodalleb, he has moved on to collaborate with KDC on DARKSKIES, worked on several projects with BOL, and Skinny Puppy. In 2004, cyrusrex completed his first release all.ofmeHyde, a well received album, featuring remixes by Venetian Snares & cEvin KEy.

NAHA is a Seattle based DJ. In her ten years behind the decks, NAHA has crafted her mixing style and technique which is as diverse as the genres she spins, including techno, breakbeats, digital hardcore, hip-hop, and jungle. She has found an amalgamation of these sounds in her specialty, breakcore. Her latest accomplishment is making the #33 spot on the international list of Top 100 Female DJs.

Fathme Records plague metal artist Surachai has been clearing dance floors for years leaving only true worshippers of metal. Providing punishing disjointed blast beats and spitting out non-time signatures, the once ‘breakcore’ categorized Surachai has been mending it’s own path. Focusing purely on melting off faces, he heavily relies on modular synthesizers to provide a crushing tower of sound. He currently runs the infamous Trash_Audio blog and shade:red record label with Justin McGrath.

Visuals by VJ DizyPixl!

Flashbulb – 8-9
Surachai – 9-10
NAHA – 10-11
Cyrusrex – 11-11:45
Otto von Schirach – 11:45 – 12:15
Venetian Snares – 12:15 – close

Detrimental Disco Wibble Tour – Venetian Snares, Otto von Schirach, Cyrusrex and DJ NAHA

Dec 5 2008 Reggi​e’s Rock Club – Chica​go,​ Illin​ois
Dec 6 2008 305 Music​ Loung​e – Miami​,​ Flori​da
Dec 10 2008 (Le) Poiss​on Rouge​ – New York,​ New York
Dec 11 2008 Elysi​um – Austi​n,​ Texas​
Dec 12 2008 The Knitt​ing Facto​ry – Los Angel​es,​ Calif​ornia​
Dec 13 2008 Histo​ric Sweet​s Ballr​oom – Oakla​nd,​ Calif​ornia​
Dec 20 2008 The Fez Ballr​oom – Portl​and,​ Orego​n
Dec 21 2008 Necta​r Loung​e – Seatt​le,​ Washi​ngton​