Tiptop Audio: Z3000

Ok, I know I’ve said that Trash_Audio wouldn’t become a news source, rather a page dedicated to inspiration and artistry. Obviously we’ve strayed and I don’t give a crap because in promoting certain gear and music we’ve been able to help our friends succeed from the gear they create and the music they make. To further drive in the point that we’re now some sort of twisted news source, you can check out a nice review of the BRAND NEW Tiptop Audio Z3000 smart oscillator over at: Noisesource’s Blog.

We Win

Mattson Mini Modular

We haven’t talked about it much here, but a while back, a new modular product was released known as the Mattson Mini Modular. This video features a demo track composed using only sounds from this tiny modular synth. I am quite a fan of modulars that fold up into suitcases/briefcases, they kind of remind me of vintage spy equipment.

The Subliminal Kid: In the Studio

Really well shot video of The Subliminal Kid tweaking a lot of gear in the studio, including: Macbeth M5N, Roland TR-909, Roland System 100 Seq, Roland RE-301 & Boss DC-2

Happy Halloween – Free Compilation

Fathme and Cockrock Disco have teamed up and released this compilation of original tracks utilizing samples from 80’s horror flicks! It comes with a folder showing what movie each artist picked. Anyone ever see the one I remixed? Blast this at your party tonight! Go forth and destroy!

Happy Halloween! We have teamed up with Cock Rock Disco to compile a horrific compilation of the very best campy 80’s horror movies ever made, remixed by some of the greatest digital grind, metal, breakcore, and electro artists from around the world. Artists including Silon Fist, Terminal 11, Vytear , The Teknoist, Sgure, Toecutter, Duran Duran Duran, Eustachian, Bong-Ra, Captain Ahab, Surachai, Dead Noise, DJ Floorclearer, Droon.
Enjoy the ride into hell, because this will be your last!

Download Here!

Flight of Harmony: Plague Bearer Demo

Because I couldn’t find any relevant demos of this module and the fact that I had only a vague idea of what Flight of Harmony’s Plague Bearer did, I decided to make a quick video of some of its functions. If you couldn’t tell by its name or its black widow color scheme, the module is meant to happily mangle your sound into oblivion. A comparison could be made to the Doepfer A-127 Triple Voltage Controlled Resonance Filter though only if the A-127 were robbing people and using the money for meth. This thing gets brutal quick and while its not exactly a filter, resonance filter or even distortion, it merges them all into a survived abortion. It also reminds me a bit of the Sherman Filterbank 2. It’s a pretty frankenstein module which is perfect because I have a freak show of a modular system. Also, I have no idea why my video has the quality of a 70’s porn but I like it! Modular sluts unite!

The signal path is my Cwejman VM-1 sine going into the Plague Bearer into your ear. The first sound you hear is the dry signal then immediately after, the Plague Bearer gets its way. The LFO’s are from the A-143-3 Quad LFO and Livewire’s Dalek Modulator. The repetitive 8 beat sequence (sorry!) is being pendulum-ed by my A-154/A-155.

Check out his mutations over at: Flight of Harmony

Wire To The Ear visits Jomox!

I just found this video of Wire To The Ear visiting the Jomox studio/factory/workspace. Watch as Jürgen Michaelis attempts to destroy his speakers with his own products!

video_Output – Justin Does Gearwire

Hello everyone, a little note before the post: The Ohmforce Groupbuy has been going so well that they had to add on additional discount levels! This is your chance to add some of the highest quality plug-ins to your system and save a guaranteed 51% in the process. Check out the previous post for current information.

I go to L.A. for a week and what does Justin do when I’m away? He manages to squeeze in three interviews with Gearwire. In the interviews Justin goes over some heavily used instruments in his setup, the x0xbox, TR-808 and a sound design monster: the Waterphone. In the videos you get a glimpse of his workspace and soon enough he will finally post his Workspace and Environment interview.

Roland TR-808 interview: Here!

Waterphone interview: Here!

Trash_Audio: One Year of Mayhem!

Trash_Audio is one year old!

I’d like to steal an entire post and say thank you to every single one of you who has come to our blog in our first year. Justin and I started out Trash_Audio to showcase how our friends work and the sort of environment this work is performed. It has connected many artists which otherwise would never be seen together and connected those within the same field that have yet to meet. We never expected such a response from the world and are thankful for all the positive feedback and criticism (which we mark as spam or send viruses to). In our everyday lives we say, ‘we should make a post about that’ almost every time we hang out. This phrase is usually uttered when we come across something meaningful to us which is has been increasing since the inception of our blog. I’ve learned about the dynamics of inspiration, the importance of aesthetics, the relevance of environment and how they are mandatory while working on any art form. I hope you’ve been able to take away something meaningful opposed to the increasingly common gear porn.

We’ve had over one hundred thousand unique visitors from hundreds of countries and from every single continent… except Antarctica! It has grown beyond our expectations and these numbers become a reality when people start spotting you randomly on the street, inviting you to events, or using the blog as a reference in normal conversation. Either way, Justin and I don’t see a penny from this blog and while we’re trying to work on that – it has no effect on the consistency of Trash_Audio.

As always I suggest writing to our e-mail on the right if you have any questions, want to talk about anything on our blog or simply want to say ‘Hello’. Justin and I answer every single one. Thank you all again and have a killer weekend. I’ll leave you with some iconic shots from past interviews.

Analogue Haven Interviews Bakis

Ultimate gear porn and extremely insightful interview of Bakis of Parallel Worlds. He was the founder of the Yahoo Doepfer user groups which sports over 1100 members and is my source for up-to-the-minute news regarding anything Doepfer. Also it helps that Dieter Doepfer and a couple other employees are active posters on the boards. The interview was conducted by, I’m assuming, Shawn Cleary of Analogue Haven. Here!