Ohm Force Group Buy

The ProtoolerBlog has gotten together with the plug-in geniuses at Ohm Force and are conducting a group buy that will get you up to 50% off. Considering that you’re not a student (whom already receive a 50% discount), this is a great way to grab some of the most beautiful plug-ins (aesthetically and sonically) I’ve ever used and obviously recommend the hell out of them.

*Updated Sunday October 27 – This group buy has been going so well that they had add on more discounts because it’s already reached beyond the peak halfway through! Currently the discount level is at 9 so as you read this, you’re guaranteed a slash of 51%!! Discounts can now go up to 60% I picked up the Ohmboyz Delay and the Quad Frohmage and saved myself over 150 Euros which is about 4,430 American dollars (not really).

Visit This Link and play around with the box to see where the group buy stands and how much it takes off of all the available plugs and bundles. Visit This Link to view all the rules associated with the buy.

These plug ins would make a great accessory to my samples below *wink* *nudge* *taps nose points to bathroom*

audio_ Output: Surachai Modular Kit

*update* – I’d like to thank everyone who has purchased the sample pack so far! Hope you’re enjoying it! Drop me a line if you have questions or comments!

Earlier this year, I was commissioned to produce a pack of samples that would’ve been sold for about $40 a download. I would’ve been compensated with $1250 (that’s about 12 Euros, 2 Pounds or 5 billion Yen) but after many months of spotty communication and general shady activity, I decided to step away and release the pack through Trash_Audio for a quarter of the price.

The samples were recorded at 24 Bit, 44,100 Khz, have a root in A and are sequenced at 120 BPM. I used only my modular synthesizer and analog delays in the production of the sample pack. I’m not proud of many of the melodic folders because of their obvious annoying riffs (which include transposed Slayer solos) though apparently these are what people are drawn to when purchasing a sample kit. Whenever I use a kit I always search for the one shot section but seeing as I was catering to an Acid/Garageband demographic, I had to include many folders I generally delete off the bat. With my preferences indulged, I included one shots, chromatic folders, REX loops and other folders. Originally these samples were to be excluded which I find particularly strange and extremely limiting. Hopefully someone finds a use for some of that melodic mess! The process took a couple weeks of refining from following their vague instructions.

Samples are arranged into the following folders: Arpeggiators, Bass, Drum One Shots, FX, Hi Hats Loops, Kick Loops, Leads, Mixed Beats, Pads, Percussion Elements, Rex Loops, Single Note Synths, Snare Loops, Synth Trails. Honestly, I have never seen sample packs with Snare Loops or Kick Loops. These files are essentially separated multitracks from a 2 bar drum sequence and in my opinion, a really strange inclusion. Then again, I’ve never used Acid or Garageband as a primary DAW, so it probably makes sense to someone.

To sum it up: for 10 bucks you get:
907 files, 592 Mbs of modular synthesizer samples.
Recorded at 24 Bit, 44,100 Khz, AIF Format

Surachai Modular Kit – $10

Download Preview: Here

Have questions or comments? Student or strapped for cash? Discounts available. E-mail me at trashaudio@gmail.com

Noisesource Builds Miniwave

While riding my bike in Chicago and between dodging cars and cracks in the road, I sometimes have internal monologues. “You know what you need right now at this very precise moment? 256 waveforms. Not 255 or 257 waveforms, THAT wouldn’t make ANY sense. WHOA CAR!” Luckily fellow blogger buddy noisesource has just finished constructing and converting a Blacet Miniwave to a Eurorack format. It’s an incredible resource for those who want to dive into building kits and stay pale. You can read about his experience on his blog over HERE. As for the complexity of the build, try to my imagine my thingmamaKIT experience x666.

Droid 6th Year Anniversary – L.A. Here I Comes

*update: I have just received the set times. Hope to see all you there!

1000-1130 eezir live pa
1130-1200 tleilaxu music machine live pa
1200-1230 eustachian live pa
1230-0100 surachai live pa
0100-0140 derek michael live pa
0140-0240 jimmy edgar live pa
0240-0340 richard devine live pa
0340-close baseck vs general malice vs slyten

I will be heading to L.A. area for the second half of October. Droid Behavior is making the mistake of having a metal act open up their night but it seems like I’ll be among my kind with Eustachian and Richard Devine. The show, for certain, will be massive! More so than the NAMM show earlier this year. As usual, I’ll be bringing one my Doepfer suitcases full of goodies and an assortment of pedals. Come out and say ‘HAIL AND HORNS!’ Get your tickets: Here!
More information: Here!


We’ve got plans……or do we?

Video is by Corey Mixter, sound by Surachai.

Before and After

Since I’ve been using my guitar more often, I too have noticed that change: my smile has increased by 7% and she totally let’s me webcam with her almost every night. Now if I can get my parents to stop dressing me and quit the redundant ‘as long as you’re under my roof’ speech.Source: The Internet – (Apparently some ad? Someone help us hunt it down)

Workspace and Environment: The Great Mundane

Greetings! I’ve been slow on the updating (not that I need to explain myself to you) because I’m moving and I’m assuming Justin isn’t because he’s elbow deep in post production. While we endure this light chaos, an artist came through with an interview. The Great Mundane responded ideally to our questionnaire. I’m sure you’re already playing the video rather than reading this so enjoy! All credits go to him. Readable interview: Here

I was born in Farmington Hills, Michigan, in 1985. I promised myself in High School that I would move away when I graduated, so I did. I moved to Chicago in the fall of 2003 and I will be here until October 2008, then I’m driving across the country to spend some time in Seattle, Portland, and San Fran and figure out where I want to set up shop. My parents put me in piano lessons when I was about 5 years old, so since 1990. When I got into 6th grade I began playing bass and continued to do so until I was a sophomore in high school. High school was about the time that I started dabbling as a composer. The majority of the work was hip hop influenced until I moved to chicago. This is where I developed my sound as an electronic musician. That being said I’ve been composing as electronic musician for 5 years.

What are your current favorite pieces of hardware?
I really have not had a lot of hardware encounters. I’m big on using whatever is at my disposal and making the best of it. I’ve had a crush on the Korg mono/poly for quite some time. I like anything warm and thick…ummm…yea.

What are some softwares or plugins you prefer?
Reason… I love that program…I’ve spent hours and hours pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to make that program put out a satisfying sound. It can really be a versatile tool if you use it’s flaws and kinks to your advantage. The limitations force me to find new ways to make the sound that I want which often results in sounds that I never expected. If I need to record or do any sound design, I’m usually rocken Pro-tools.

How does your physical space and surroundings influence your workflow?
Besides the technical aspects like the space’s size, shape and the space consuming objects, I think its really important to feel comfortable, have minimal distractions, and nice neighbors that let you rock whenever you get that urge or feel inspired. I’m very easily distracted so I also prefer to be alone while I’m working.

Could you describe what you might think your ideal location would be?
I actually really like it here in Chicago. But I’m leaving in October to explore the country and maybe find out where else I would like to be. As long as the city has a scene and the space meets the requirements I listed above I think I can make it work.

What was the first piece of hardware you remember obtaining?
I hacked a hot pink Starring Me keyboard from Target. Shit’s hot. I just picked up a Monticello organ. I found in the basement of a Jewish Community Center, and now it’s sitting in my mom’s living room because I can’t bring it with me on the road.

What is on your current ‘wish list’?
I’m really looking into the Novation remote series. Mainly for its ease of use and reliability.

Do you have a mobile studio setup?
Yea my studio is pretty mobile..
G4 Power Book
Macbook Pro
M-audio Axiom 49
Korg pad Kontroller
Korg Kaos Mini
Hacked “Starring Me” Keyboard
Pioneer DJM-707 mixer
Behringer Truth Monitors…

Do you have a setup for live performances?
Everything listed above except for the monitors and the M-box. I can usually fit everything into about 3 bags, not including my fold up table.

How many physical locations have you had your studio setup in over time and how have they changed?
Holy shit… I’ve moved it 7-8 times. I’ve moved at least once a year since I’ve lived in Chicago not including switching rooms because of break ups and new roommates. I try to keep everything pretty much the same. The gear has evolved over time but I try to keep my furniture and everything placed the same so I can maintain some sort of consistency from apt to apt.

Are you involved in any extra curriculars?
I work for Big House Castings as an Audio Engineer until I hit the road. Basically I track edit and mix commercials for VO talent. I’ve done a bit of freelance compostion/sound design work for commercials and indie films.

The Great Mundane

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Keith Emerson's Lifeless Plastic Corpse

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video_Output: POLYFUSE, Dagger Hero

Video / Teaser for upcoming EP. Lots of Cwejman S1 and Virus TI in the track.