Richard Devine

Richard Devine’s work extends into almost every facet where audio is employed. His unique music approach attracted notable artists for collaboration and remixing including Aphex Twin, Mike Patton, Nine Inch Nails, Otto von Schirach, BT, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Puscifer and more.

Richard has released several design libraries including Mechanical Morph, Transform, Pulse and The Electronic Manuscript which won 2009’s best sample library by Remix Technology Awards. He runs Devinesound, a sound design company nominated at the Cannes Lions Award for the work with Microsoft Gaming division for the Halo Believe Campaign.

His expertise and knowledge in programming brings some of the biggest companies in the world for his talents including Alesis, Access Virus Keyboards, Akai, Ableton Live, Apple Computers, Native Instruments, Izotope software, Eventide Effects Company, GRM tools, Korg, Clavia Nord, Universal Audio, Hartmann Neuron synthesizers, Roland.

With his experience and insight with everything audio, we’re proud to have Richard as a part of Trash_Audio.

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